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Bitcoin 26/11/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Rally Isn’t Just Institutional Driven, Emerging Markets Are Voting For Revolution
Bitcoin very well has the potential to be the successor to the dollar and the next global reserve currency. For now, the store of value narrative and acting as a hedge against inflation has drawn inst...
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Altcoins 25/09/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
Here’s Why Ethereum Rival Avalanche May Be a Bull in Making
Avalanche started trading on Binance with a bang. The latest Ethereum rival saw its native token, AVAX, rising by more than 1300 percent in its first hour of trading on September 22. A jump from $0.85...
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Bitcoin 21/09/20 09:28 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Could Soar If The Bank Of England Decides To Implement A Negative Interest Rate
Bitcoin stands to attract more investments from British Banks and citizens following an announcement by the Bank of England which is considering implementing a negative interest rate. In a bid to ...
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Bitcoin 24/07/20 12:00 by Nick Chong
S&P 500 Prints Signal Seen Before March’s Crash: Will Bitcoin Suffer?
Bitcoin’s price action has become increasingly dependent on that of the S&P 500 over recent months. The correlation is so strong that it has been observed by analysts who do not actively wat...
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Bitcoin 09/07/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
How a Fragile Monetary System Could Influence Bitcoin in the Coming Months
The economic events seen throughout 2020 have helped Bitcoin secure its position as both a currency and a store of value. To thwart the effects of immense economic turbulence resulting from the ongoin...
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Bitcoin 26/06/20 20:30 by Tony Spilotro
How Bitcoin is The Answer To Venezuela’s Stuck-At-Sea Oil Supply
Bitcoin solves many problems, from monetary policy mishandling to acting as the first decentralized store of wealth. But could it also be a solution to Venezuela’s sanctioned and stuck-at-sea oi...
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Bitcoin 23/06/20 20:00 by Tony Spilotro
Economist Warns of Warp Speed Dollar Decline, How Will Bitcoin Respond?
The United States is in turmoil, and the dollar is weakening slowly, but steadily. But an economist is warning that the decline may soon kick into warp speed. If it does, what might that mean for Bitc...
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Bitcoin 03/06/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
Peaceful Protestor Recommends Buying Bitcoin On Live TV To Opt Out Of Failed Monetary System
Following the pandemic and its impact on the economy, the mental health, and tensions of all global citizens, things in the United States have reached a boiling point. Widespread protests have erupted...
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Bitcoin 19/05/20 21:14 by Olivia Brooke
Did the Fed just prove that Bitcoin is a safe haven against the dwindling and ever-inferior fiat?
Yesterday, the Fed gave Bitcoin some noteworthy publicity that did not only strongly infer its unrivaled value but also reinforced the rather unfortunate reality of the current state of the United St...
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Bitcoin 19/05/20 09:00 by Nick Chong
Turkey’s Economic Tumoil Shows Bitcoin Is a Better Bet Than Emerging Markets
Bitcoin and the S&P 500 may have strongly recovered from their March lows, but it’s been a dismal quarter for the world’s economies. Unemployment has skyrocketed, consumer confidence i...
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Altcoins 14/05/20 02:00 by Ali Martinez
Why Bitcoin Could Be Stronger Than Ever After COVID-19 Pandemic Passes
In its latest State of Bitcoin report, Delphi Digital explains that Bitcoin will benefit the most from the pledge made by central banks around the world to do what is needed to keep their economies af...
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Bitcoin 12/05/20 23:29 by Ponvang Bulus
Michael Novogratz On Bitcoin After Halving, ‘This is Perfect Timing’
The third Bitcoin halving has come and gone with a colossal adventure to it. This has caused a bit of confusion in the crypto community as to what will happen next. In the midst of the confusion, how...
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Bitcoin 11/05/20 18:49 by Brenda Ngari
Paul Tudor Discloses He Has 1%-2% Of His Assets In Bitcoin, Calls It A ‘Great Speculation’
Just last week, the cryptocurrency market got excited with the news that pioneer Wall Street hedge fund manager Paul Tudor was buying bitcoin (BTC) to hedge against inflation caused by quantitative e...
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Altcoins 09/05/20 06:00 by Nick Chong
Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin Roars Past $10k, Halving Days Away, Ethereum 2.0 Nears
Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits.itcoin has been one of the best-performing assets in financial markets over the past week, managing to rally as high as $10,100 — a price around 25% hi...
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Bitcoin 24/04/20 13:00 by Nick Chong
There’s a Brutal Twist Behind $1 Million Bitcoin Price Predictions
If you told an early Bitcoin adopter ten years ago that the cryptocurrency would one day hit $1 million, they would’ve laughed. Ten years ago, a single coin traded for less than $1.00; at times,...
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Altcoins 15/04/20 13:49 by Brenda Ngari
Ripple Granted Exemption From Holding A License In Singapore Thanks To Its Frictionless Remittance Solutions
Ripple’s payment solutions have gained traction in recent days as more customers leverage the solutions to power fast payments worldwide. These remittance solutions have earned Ripple recognition f...
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Bitcoin 11/04/20 08:00 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin: This Financial Trend “Could Not Be More Bullish” for BTC
After March’s 50% crash, there are many reasons to be bearish on Bitcoin. As seen by the recent decrease in the crypto market’s liquidity and some traders publicly throwing in the towel, the c...
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Bitcoin 24/03/20 17:52 by Edwin Kinoti
What’s Sending Bitcoin to a New All-Time High in 2020? – Hint: It’s Not Halving
Multiple governments have recently adopted various measures to contain the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic from quarantines, lockdowns, mass testing and travel bans among others. All these actions a...
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Altcoins 02/03/20 22:25 by Ponvang Bulus
Ethereum Is No Different Than Fiat Money – Anthony Pompliano Asserts
Co-Founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano has fired back at the Ethereum community for saying ETH is money. On his Off-chain page on Substack, Pompliano said ETH is no differe...
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Bitcoin 10/12/19 18:00 by Thomas Delahunty
Bitcoin Not Threatened by Cryptocurrency Launched by Laureate-Advised Firm
Amidst regulatory uncertainty, U.K.-based Saga hopes to introduce a global digital currency that lawmakers and consumers alike find agreeable. The “stablecoin” (think Tether) is pegged to ...
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Crypto 10/12/19 15:53 by Anatol Antonovici
Nobel Winner-Backed Saga Launches Libra-Like Global Coin
London-based blockchain firm Saga announced the launch of its Saga token (SGA). The digital unit represents a global currency that complies with regulators’ requirements. Saga Advised by Nobel Priz...
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Bitcoin 09/12/19 11:45 by bitcoinist.com
US SEC Re-Opens Infamous Bitcoin Scammer Case
According to recent documents, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) believes that the case against the serial Ponzi scammer, Renwick Haddow, has yet to be properly solved. The U...
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Other 04/12/19 23:30 by Jamie Redman
The Fed’s Money Creation System Is Fueling One of the Biggest Heists in History
Since mid-September, the Federal Reserve has injected three trillion U.S. dollars into the hands of private banks and Wall Street. Despite the fact that massive amounts of money was created out of thi...
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Other 18/11/19 12:30 by Avi Mizrahi
Crisis Fears Rise as Global Debt Hits a Record $250 Trillion
The world’s total liabilities continue to grow rapidly as a new report reveals global debt is now over a record $250 trillion. For many investors and market watchers this raises the specter of a...
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