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Other 20/07/21 16:24 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Seascape Network and Binance NFT Release Exclusive Zombie Mystery Box NFTs
20th July 2021, SINGAPORE – Leading DeFi and NFT gaming platform Seascape Network is working with Binance NFT, enabling the integration of BSC for exclusive NFTs from their upcoming Zombie game...
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Crypto 17/07/21 19:11 by NewsBTC
In the Post-Pandemic Era, Crypto Savvy Fans Have Found a New Way to Get Closer to Their Favourite Stars
The past eighteen months have been hard for everyone on our planet. A global pandemic has prevented us from experiencing social contact to the fullest, creating a void waiting to be filled. As a resul...
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Other 17/07/21 18:55 by PR DESK
RareMall: Diversity is the Key to The Future of Digital Creation
The entire world turns towards the NFT marketplace because the future of digital collectibles exchange relies on the NFT marketplace. However, most marketplaces are still underutilized as they featur...
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Crypto 16/07/21 16:21 by Livine Sanchez
Spacelens is Merging the Worlds of e-commerce and NFTs Through Blockchain
Cryptocurrency is being used for so many things these days, one of which is payment for goods and services. Time magazine accepts bitcoin for subscription payments and WeWork has also hopped on the t...
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Other 16/07/21 15:00 by NewsBTC
$8m USD in NFT Sales, $38k price for an NFT?! What are Wicked Cranium NFTs?
According to data from NFT market analyst NonFungible, NFT sales have nearly tripled in value since Q3 2021, rising from a 7-day average of $16.8 million worth of sales, to just over $44.3 million. Th...
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Crypto 14/07/21 13:02 by Livine Sanchez
Carl Koenemann Explains Why Cryptocurrency Is Here To Stay
Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard of cryptocurrency, even if they don’t know what it is. In a nutshell, a cryptocurrency is a new-age form of money. The only difference...
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Other 12/07/21 20:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
How This IOTA DEX Seeks to Offer a “Unique” DeFi Experience
IOTA has undergone one of its most important milestones since its inception, on April 29th the Chrysalis Network went live. Improvements in efficiency, security, and scalability were deployed. While d...
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Other 12/07/21 15:25 by Mark Hampton
The Inevitable Rise of NFTs Has Only Just Begun
NFTs have enjoyed considerable press and attention this year, overtaking DeFi as the hottest trend in crypto. However, with the explosive levels of growth within the sector, NFTs naturally invited ske...
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Other 10/07/21 19:49 by NewsBTC
Bunicorn set to integrate Chainlink’s VRF to secure its NFT Collectibles’ Randomness for Yield Farmers
Bunicorn, an emerging AMM on Binance Smart Chain announces its readiness to integrate Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This move should help secure its VBUNI NFT Collectibles bringi...
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Other 10/07/21 12:14 by PR DESK
BigWin is Exploring Provably Fair Mechanisms Through NFT + Lottery
All game players desire a fair chance of winning, while transparency and fairness are the major problems. From a technical perspective, it’s understandable to doubt the fairness of online lotte...
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Crypto 09/07/21 17:31 by Adrian Klent
Cryptocurrencies Could Dominate Japan As Plans For The Digital Yen Is Pushed To 2022
Japan, which is currently considered to have the most progressive regulatory stance on cryptocurrencies, may in as soon as two years see cryptocurrencies dominating investment and payments in the cou...
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Other 06/07/21 12:03 by PR DESK
Rage.Fan to Airdrop limited edition NFTs at Wembley Stadium for EURO2020
Rage.Fan, a fan-first Decentralized Fantasy Sports platform, will airdrop limited edition NFT mints during the EURO 2020 semifinals and final matches to be played at Wembley Stadium on 6, 7, 11 July ...
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Other 02/07/21 21:02 by Guest Author
Non-Fungible DeFi (NFD) – Unified Platform Offering The Best Of NFT And DeFi
Non-Fungible DeFi (NFD) has launched an unrivaled protocol that combines both NFT and DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform provides DeFi’s passive income opportunities, in addition t...
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Other 29/06/21 20:18 by PR DESK
Rappers And Influencers Embrace NFTs At Tory Lanez BET After Party, Hosted By YAAAS
SINGAPORE, June 29, 2021 – Rapper Tory Lanez threw a BET after party presented by YAAAS, a brand new NFT marketplace for music artists and social influencers, at a private mansion in Bel Air la...
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Crypto 29/06/21 20:01 by NewsBTC
Which Blockchain Companies Will Spark Mainstream Conversations
Bitcoin never leaves the news these days, with every new story or major mention having the ability to move the price, from crypto crackdowns to Elon Musk airing his thoughts on Twitter. Yet, one thing...
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Other 28/06/21 21:20 by PR DESK
Olyseum Launches World’s First Star-Led Experiential NFT (xNFT) Platform
Olyseum, a blockchain star-led rewards platform for enriched non-fungible tokens has launched a one-of-a-kind experiential NFT (xNFT) platform. According to the announcement, Olyseum hopes to fund...
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Altcoins 28/06/21 12:03 by NewsBTC
HOPR Is Bringing Staking and NFTs To Token Holders
The HOPR protocol has already made a splash with its unique gamified and incentivized testnets, but now they’re taking it to the next level. A recent announcement from the team at HOPR reveals t...
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Crypto 23/06/21 19:59 by NewsBTC
TFA Takes on the Football Sector with Cryptocurrency
If you spend time on social media then you’ve likely come across a number of subcultures and groups that are very active on various platforms. Among these are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and foot...
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Altcoins 23/06/21 09:30 by PR DESK
Ethernity Chain Makes Debut on Binance’s Innovation Zone
Ethernity Chain (ERN) has launched on the Binance Innovation Zone and is due to receive three trading pairs during the day. The community-oriented platform specializes in limited edition and verif...
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Other 23/06/21 00:57 by Livine Sanchez
Terra Virtua’s Mechagodzilla NFT sold for $33,700 by Blockmuse
Blockmuse wins the bidding war for Terra Virtua’s Mechagodzilla non-fungible token (NFT). As per the announcement, Blockmuse, a big Terra Virtual (TVK)  fan who has been collecting all Mec...
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Other 19/06/21 18:06 by NewsBTC
EarnX Is Changing the Game with NFTs
It’s not often that NFT platforms come into the picture that offers the value of tangible utility that can be put to use quickly. Enter EarnX, a subsidiary of Yearn Classic Finance that is looki...
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Other 18/06/21 15:09 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Binamon’s Monster Metaverse Tops ERC-721 Transactions on Binance Smart Chain
Press Release: Binamon is a complete metaverse that pits mythical monsters in an all out battle for dominance, and has recently topped the ERC-721 transactions list on BSC. 19th June 2021, Tal...
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Altcoins 18/06/21 00:10 by Best Owie
Ethereum to $20,000? Factors Behind The Bold Call
Ethereum could reach $20,000 by 2025 according to a Finder’s panel. Ethereum has since been gaining momentum, starting out at $1,000 at the beginning of the year and reaching an all time high of...
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Other 15/06/21 21:47 by Livine Sanchez
The Many NFT Services Hoard’s Marketplace Offers
Renaissance people had the Mona Lisa, but today Millenials have non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Markets to buy and sell these valuable pieces are in demand. The Hoard Marketplace made a public announc...
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Crypto 14/06/21 19:06 by PR DESK
Splinterlands Blockchain-Backed Game Announces Sell Out Of 1.5M Untamed Edition Booster Packs
Splinterlands, a blockchain-based collectible card game, has just announced that its Untamed Edition booster packs are completely sold out. The edition offered a total of 1.5 million NFT packs each a...
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Altcoins 11/06/21 21:20 by Olivia Brooke
Why Reddit’s Co-Founder Is Moving More Of His Fortune Into Ethereum And Not Bitcoin
Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, has made some interesting revelations about where some of his million-dollar fortunes are being stashed in the cryptocurrency market. Ohanian, who was a g...
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Other 10/06/21 18:28 by NewsBTC
Is The Planet the Price We Pay For Things of Beauty?
NFTs are a thing of beauty (sometimes), and sometimes they are just downright weird. But they are collectible, and they are definitely having more than a moment. NFTs have grabbed the headlines with c...
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Crypto 04/06/21 09:00 by Guest Author
Global Blockchain Technology company ByteNext successfully closes funding rounds
The use-cases of blockchain technology are continuously evolving. An ironclad utility of this technology is DeFi and NFTs. To continuously ensure that this space grows unabatedly, ByteNext is offerin...
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Other 02/06/21 11:54 by NewsBTC
Instagram’s Search for an NFT Marketplace Indicate the Era of Social Media Based NFT Platforms is Around the Corner
Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) has become the talk of the crypto town this bull season after it attracted the attention of several mainstream celebrities. This bull season has given rise to several crypto ...
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Other 02/06/21 00:32 by Taylor Scott
The Soccer Club That’s Offering Ownership Via NFT
Thought you’ve seen it all in NFTs? Think again. Sure, we’ve seen digital art collectibles, even some with tangible assets intertwined. Recently, we’ve even seen NFTs including thing...
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