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Altcoins 08/12/19 07:50 by Jamie Redman
Bitcoin Cash Represents 93% of November’s Crypto Spending in Australia
News.Bitcoin.com recently reported on web portal Bitcoinbch.com’s in-depth report, which detailed BCH outshining BTC retail spending in Australia by a wide margin during the month of September. ...
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Mining 06/12/19 09:00 by Jamie Redman
Mining Chip Maker Ebang Next in Line to File for US IPO
Ebang, the ASIC chip and mining rig manufacturer based in Hangzhou, China is allegedly filing for an initial public offering (IPO) in the U.S. following Canaan’s recent Nasdaq listing and Bitmai...
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Bitcoin 23/11/19 17:43 by Jamie Redman
Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Shatters Records Amid Spot Market Turmoil
Bakkt’s bitcoin core (BTC) futures product saw another all-time high as the spot market price of BTC plummeted under $7,000 on Friday morning, Nov. 22. Bakkt saw 2,728 contracts traded ($20 mill...
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Crypto 20/11/19 12:42 by Emilio Janus
How Many Trades Do Crypto Exchanges Actually Process?
How many trades are actually processed per month, day, second on crypto exchanges? The answer is anybody’s guess, because no matter how many times CoinMarketCap, or other aggregate platforms, ad...
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Bitcoin 19/11/19 14:30 by Aayush Jindal
Bitcoin Medium Term Outlook: Here Is Why BTC Could Test $6.5K
Bitcoin price is currently in a downtrend below the $9,100 pivot level against the US Dollar. The price is trading well below the $8,500 support and the 100-day simple moving average. There is a cruc...
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