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Other 11/05/21 21:56 by PR DESK
PARSIQ Now Offers Compatibility For Smart Triggers With The Polkadot Relay Chain
PARSIQ announced that its smart trigger technology is now integrated with the Polkadot Relay Chain, thanks to their new partnership. The partnership will allow PARSIQ to reach a larger audience wh...
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Crypto 10/05/21 14:29 by NewsBTC
How Digital Identity is Making Blockchain More Accessible for Enterprises
In the last week of April, as the price of Bitcoin was trading sideways, Ethereum received a welcome boost after news emerged that the European Investment Bank had issued its first-ever bond on the pl...
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Other 15/04/21 23:14 by Steven Msoh
Chainlink releases new whitepaper — and it could be a game-changer for smart contracts
Chainlink has released a new whitepaper exploring new capabilities of applications and smart contracts. Dubbed Chainlink 2.0, it lays down how the project could evolve to enhance blockchain oracles ...
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Other 15/04/21 23:06 by Reynaldo Marquez
How Chainlink 2.0 Will Expand The Reach for DeFi and Smart Contracts
Chainlink the Whitepaper for its second iteration. Chainlink 2.0 has been created to allegedly take the “next steps in the evolution of decentralized oracle networks”. With one of the most...
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Crypto 27/02/21 10:58 by BitcoinPrbuzz
PARSIQ Integrates Solana Blockchain on its Platform
PARSIQ has integrated with Solana blockchain, allowing users to monitor, process, and connect to off-chain any events on the Solana blockchain in real-time. 27th February 2021, Road Town, BVI R...
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Other 29/01/21 14:27 by Guest Author
How A Little Bird Is Delivering Trust
Oracles are necessary to bring off-chain data and information into the blockchain Money’s Oracle blockchain technology is building the mechanisms used in the legacy financial system for the cry...
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Bitcoin 19/09/20 11:27 by Adrian Klent
“Bitcoin Is A Solid Store Of Value”, MicroStrategy Founder Testifies
The founder of Microstrategy, “the largest independent publicly-traded business intelligence company,” as it brands itself, has recently made remarkable comments about Bitcoin’s ability...
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Other 09/07/20 19:18 by News BTC
Interview: Colin Steil Offers an Insight Into the Cartesi Project
The Cartesi project has been making waves in the crypto and blockchain industry as it aims to make dApps more practical and scalable so that it can meet the ever-evolving real-world requirements. In o...
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