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Crypto 03/09/20 13:27 by Nick James
US DoJ To Seize Property From Attorney Who Helped Launder $400 Million For Crypto Scammers
Something happened in the crypto industry between 2015 and 2018. This is the period within which the most blatantly successful crypto scam took place. The OneCoin scam is approximated to have obtaine...
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Crypto 10/12/19 20:30 by Jamie Redman
Accused Onecoin Co-Conspirators Fight Criminal Charges in the US
The Onecoin scam, a multi-level Ponzi scheme that acquired $4 billion from investors has been falling apart at the seams. Criminal proceedings have started against Onecoin leaders and one alleged asso...
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Crypto 05/12/19 02:30 by Jamie Redman
Onecoin Websites Suspended as the $4 Billion Ponzi Crumbles
The MLM monitoring publication behindmlm.com revealed on Dec. 1 that the infamous Ponzi scheme Onecoin’s website onecoin.eu has gone offline. According to the domain host Eurid, the onecoin.eu d...
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Crypto 02/12/19 16:00 by Christine Vasileva
Just In: OneCoin Website Shuts Down, Scheme Still Operational
The OneCoin website is finally down – further unraveling one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in the crypto space. The portal that offered “educational packages” was a remnant of the sch...
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Crypto 16/11/19 18:27 by Anatol Antonovici
BREAKING: George Bush’s Son Received $300K From OneCoin Scammer
Neil Bush, son of former US President George H. W. Bush, was paid $300,000 by Ruja Ignatova for attending a meeting related to her fraudulent cryptocurrency known as OneCoin, according to law360, citi...
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