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Altcoins 17/09/20 09:51 by Guest Author
What Is So Special About Bridge’s TRON-Based Oracle Network?
The Bridge Oracle IEO, which sold out in six hours on September 15th on BW.com, kicks off the introduction of TRON network’s first Oracle System and has already led off excited chatter over the cryp...
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Other 02/09/20 12:00 by Nick Chong
Chainlink Competitor Band Protocol Surges 15% Higher: Here’s Why
After a strong retracement from its all-time high price, Band Protocol (BAND) is back in business. The Chainlink (LINK) competitor has surged 15% in the past 24 hours alone according to data from Coin...
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Altcoins 02/09/20 07:12 by Guest Author
JustSwap Looks Set to Revolutionize DeFi in TRON Ecosystem
JustSwap is TRON’s brand new decentralized Token exchange protocol that allows the instant exchange of TRC20 tokens and also assures more credible and affordable DeFi Operability on TRON. TRON has ...
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Altcoins 31/08/20 15:59 by Ponvang Bulus
Tron Enters Strategic Partnership With Band Protocol To Power Its Rapidly Growing DeFi Space
Tron has completed integration with the cross-chain data Oracle project, Band protocol in a recent partnership. This will improve scalability for all Tron developers by bringing high-throughput, cust...
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Other 16/08/20 15:35 by Guest Author
OKEx Oracle: A Secure, Signed Price Feed for DeFi Applications
The global crypto trading giant OKEx has announced the implementation of OKEx Oracle, a secure signed price feed that serves as a source of reliable on-chain crypto prices for DeFi projects. By making...
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Altcoins 08/08/20 10:04 by Yashu Gola
Oracle Tokens Continue Rallying Even as Bitcoin Uptrend Pauses
Oracle tokens LINK and BAND continues heading higher despite a bearish correction phase in the rest of the crypto market. The rallies show traders’ growing speculation of the DeFi cryptocurrenc...
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Crypto 06/08/20 13:00 by Yashu Gola
BAND Price Doubles on Coinbase Listing Hype; What’s Next?
BAND, the native token of a decentralized oracle of the same name, surged by up to 100 percent this week. The rally appeared in the days leading up to BAND’s listing on Coinbase Pro, a US-based...
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Crypto 25/07/20 19:43 by Olivia Brooke
As DeFi Stays Blazing, ‘Chainlink Will Lie At The Heart Of The Crypto Revolution Going Forward’: Weiss Ratings
Across all existing decentralized finance platforms, there has been a monumental speed in utilization. Despite other digital currencies underperforming, DeFi tokens have outperformed and this is bein...
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Crypto 23/07/20 05:00 by Nick Chong
One of Chainlink’s Competitors, Band Protocol, Secures Partnership With Top Crypto
Over the past few weeks, crypto investors have largely focused their efforts and attention on a select set of players. These include Cardano and Chainlink — two altcoins near the top of the leaderbo...
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Crypto 22/07/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
DeFi Crypto BAND Explodes 384% QTD on Booming Adoption
BAND, the native token of the Band Protocol, rose by as much as 384 percent in the third quarter. The supersonic price rally appeared amid the ongoing DeFi craze – and also following Band’s g...
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Other 21/07/20 19:00 by Tony Spilotro
Will Band Protocol’s Over 30% Correction Lead To A Blow Off Top?
A new breakout cryptocurrency all-star following in the footsteps of Chainlink has been on an insane over 380% rally over the last three weeks alone. But what goes up, must come down, and the over 30%...
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Other 16/07/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
Chainlink Avoids Major Dump Following New Partnership Deals
Chainlink plunged during the Thursday trading session in what appears to be a sell-off caused by profit-takers. The latest decline appeared as a part of a downside correction that started a day after...
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Crypto 23/06/20 19:50 by Samuel Wan
Chainlink to Work With China’s National Blockchain Services Network
China’s Blockchain Service Network (BSN) has announced the use of Chainlink oracles. With this, the BSN is allowing enable government and enterprise data to flow across its IRITA interchain serv...
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Other 25/05/20 17:00 by Guest Author
Digitex Futures Integrates Chainlink’s On-chain Price Oracles for Added Transparency and Reliability
Digitex Futures, the DGTX token powered, zero-fee cryptocurrency futures trading platform has announced a partnership with Chainlink to integrate the latter’s decentralized Price Reference Contracts...
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Crypto 01/05/20 18:01 by Ali Martinez
Tezos and Chainlink Team Up; Which Crypto Will Benefit the Most?
Chainlink is joining forces with Smart Chain Arena and Cryptonomic to provide the Tezos developer community with real-time data feeds via its decentralized oracle network. Now, anyone building smart c...
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Altcoins 19/02/20 11:00 by Martin Young
What Are Flash Loans And Why Are They Bullish For Ethereum?
The crypto industry has been wrapped up in the first two major exploits of decentralized finance this week. The decriers are having a field day but the outcome may actually be bullish for Ethereum. E...
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