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Altcoins 28/06/21 21:19 by PR DESK
Orion Protocol Adds Deeper ORN Token Utility By Launching USDo Stablecoin
Orion Protocol, a layer 2 crypto solution for decentralization of liquidity sources, has today announced the introduction of its USDo (U.S. Dollar pegged) stablecoin. The coin is minted by staking OR...
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Other 16/06/21 01:30 by PR DESK
Orion launches AMM solution, Orion Pool: aggregating swap pools and CEXs into one decentralized platform
Orion’s automated market maker (AMM) solution, Orion Pool, is scheduled for launch on June 22. This will make Orion Terminal the only trading portal supporting decentralized access to both swap poo...
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Crypto 21/05/21 22:46 by Ponvang Bulus
Orion Protocol Becomes First Partner to Integrate Binance Bridge into its Trading Terminal
Orion Protocol has made history as the first to project integrate Binance Bridge as a step towards interoperability. The integration brings Binance Bridge into Orion Protocol’s trading terminal via...
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Altcoins 13/04/21 15:14 by Tokoni Uti
Orion Protocol To Implement Polkadot Into Orion Terminal, Following Integrations With Cardano, Ethereum
The Orion Protocol has been on an integration run of late, during which time it has integrated Cardano, Fantom, BSC, Huobi’s ECO Chain, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Elrond into its system. Now, the net...
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Altcoins 02/04/21 22:22 by Tokoni Uti
Cardano’s Blockchain Strikes New Feat With First Liquidity Aggregator
The Orion protocol has made history by becoming the first liquidity aggregator for the Cardano blockchain thanks to its newest partnership. On April 2, 2021, the protocol announced a new partnership ...
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Other 08/03/21 15:16 by Erie Maxwell
Orion Protocol and COTI Team Up to Increase Defi Liquidity and Drive Greater Adoption
It seems that there is no stopping the current rise of decentralized finance (DeFi). Following its surge in popularity in 2020, billions of dollars have been locked on various DeFi platforms and more...
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Other 23/02/21 23:48 by Livine Sanchez
DeFi Orion Protocol Launches Staking Calculator
There are many ways to earn money within the crypto industry, such as mining and trading tokens. However, with the rise of DeFi platforms, staking has become more popular than ever. Staking benefits ...
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Other 22/02/21 16:04 by Livine Sanchez
Orion Protocol: A New Way Forward
The Orion Protocol story starts with a successful DYCO and the evolution of a non-custodial trading platform that helps provide versatility for digital assets. The context? A world where fintech is k...
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Crypto 21/12/20 15:39 by Livine Sanchez
Orion Protocol: The Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Aggregator
Fragmentation is one of the main barriers to entry in the crypto space, with an often bewildering array of tokens spread across hundreds of exchanges. Exchange aggregators, both centralized and de...
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Crypto 03/11/20 11:52 by Thomas Delahunty
Meet the Projects Pushing Stablecoin Adoption
In the last year, stablecoins have gone from representing just a tiny fraction of global cryptocurrency trading volume to more than half of it. This, because more users than ever before now use stable...
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Altcoins 13/08/20 20:04 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Corion Foundation Set to Link Different Stablecoins and Cryptocurrencies in the Market Through its CorionX ERC20 Utility Token
With the continued crypto adoption in the global market, different crypto projects are developing in accordance with their mission and purpose. As a result, very few if any have interactions between ...
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