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Bitcoin 07/05/21 19:31 by Tony Spilotro
Broken Parabola: Mapping Out The Bitcoin Bull Market And More
Bitcoin price has been hanging around the mid-to-high $50,000 range for weeks now, with neither side – bears or bull – making any headway. The sideways action has resulted in a break in th...
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Bitcoin 23/04/21 18:00 by Tony Spilotro
Parabolic Bitcoin Price Structure In Danger: Cycle Climax Or Risky Reset?
Bitcoin price is now below $50,000 for the first time in a month, and despite the still-high prices the market is in a panic. There’s now widespread fear that the current market cycle has peaked...
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Bitcoin 21/04/21 19:29 by Tony Spilotro
“Exponential Decay” Of The Dollar To Benefit Bitcoin Long-Term
Bitcoin is now reeling after a rejection prevented further highs around the time Coinbase Global went live on the Nasdaq. The same stock market has also been booming alongside crypto – both mark...
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Other 02/04/21 21:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
Is VeChain on the cusp of a parabolic rally? This analyst responds
In a poll conducted via Real Vision’s Twitter handle, an overwhelming majority has voted that VeChain (VET) is the most undervalued cryptocurrency on the market. With 140,000 users participating...
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Bitcoin 01/03/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Crypto Analyst: It’s Crunch Time For Ongoing Bitcoin Parabola
Bitcoin price has now had one of its largest pullbacks dollar for dollar in history, putting the entire parabolic uptrend in jeopardy, according to one crypto analyst who has warned the top could be n...
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Bitcoin 17/02/21 22:14 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Shoots Through $52,000: Here Are What Analysts Are Saying
Bitcoin just shot through $52,000 despite weakness in the altcoin market over the past day. The cryptocurrency is up 7.5% in the past 24 hours, outperforming a majority of other large-cap altcoins as ...
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Bitcoin 17/02/21 15:16 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Sets New All-Time High Above $51,000 As Veteran Trader Confirms ‘Parabolic Advance’ Is Underway
The world’s most valuable crypto asset soared to a new lifetime high this morning after breaching the psychological 50,000 hurdle on Tuesday for the first time ever. The crypto asset set a record h...
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Bitcoin 21/01/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Career Trader Subtly Hints Of Bitcoin Parabola Breakdown With Fractal Diagram
Bitcoin has fallen below $35,000, and while given the asset’s recent highs sounds like a sizable correction, the price per BTC is still nearly 1000% higher than where it was less than one year a...
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Bitcoin 05/01/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Uptrend From $20K Has Been Lost According To Parabolic Indicator
Bitcoin price is still trading well above $30,000 after a nearly $5,000 retreat from highs set at the turn of the new year. But during the first decent-sized correction in the cryptocurrency since $20...
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Bitcoin 02/01/21 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Momentum Likely to Continue as Bulls Shatter Critical Resistance
Bitcoin has seen some massive momentum throughout the past few days, with the cryptocurrency’s price rallying to new highs over $30,000 as its uptrend turns parabolic Where the cryptocurrency t...
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Bitcoin 26/12/20 19:31 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin’s Next Impulse Move Could Send It Rocketing to $40,000: Analyst
It has been on a wild ride the past few weeks, with buyers being in full control of its price action as it continues rising on a nearly daily basis Where it trends in the mid-term will undoubtedly de...
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Bitcoin 24/12/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Analyst: Bitcoin Parabolic Trend Is “Close To A Breakdown”
Bitcoin price has been in a strong uptrend since Black Thursday that turned fully parabolic in Q4, resulting in a new all-time high. But according to an analyst, the first-ever cryptocurrency is close...
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Bitcoin 17/12/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Breaks Record For Longest Weekly Uptrend Ever, According To “Parabolic” Indicator
Bitcoin had a major breakout last night, taking the asset to a price well above $20,000 to close out what has been a stellar year for the cryptocurrency. Although 2020 was a monumental year for many r...
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Bitcoin 14/12/20 18:09 by Tony Spilotro
Max Pain: Why Bitcoin Could Trade Sideways Until April 2021
Bitcoin price action is currently confusing crypto traders and analysts and the reaction after reaching a new all-time is not what anyone expected. The leading cryptocurrency by market cap was thought...
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Altcoins 24/11/20 18:36 by Cole Petersen
XRP Could Be Forming a “Blow Off Top” as It Continues Pushing Higher
XRP has surprisingly been one of the best performing altcoins throughout the past few days, far surpassing the gains seen by Ethereum over the past month and even outperforming Bitcoin’s gains s...
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Bitcoin 19/11/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Approaches Top Of Accumulation Zone, Parabolic Phase Begins With Breakout
Bitcoin every four years post-halving goes parabolic and rises to a new all-time high. The ebb and flow of these cycles each time attracts new money and participants to the cryptocurrency network and ...
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Bitcoin 14/11/20 20:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Tests Key Parabolic Trendline as Uptrend Shows Signs of Slowing
Bitcoin has seen some brutal price action throughout the morning, with overleveraged long positions being shaken out with a brief dip down to $15,700, while those panic shorting were then liquidated b...
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Bitcoin 09/11/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Five Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Dropped And Could Correct Further
Bitcoin price has been rallying for most of 2020, but over the last two months, the cryptocurrency’s momentum kicked into overdrive. Anything that goes up, must at some point come back down to c...
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Bitcoin 01/11/20 22:52 by Nick Chong
Should History Repeat, the Bitcoin Price Is About to Go Parabolic
Bitcoin has undergone a 25% rally over the past two weeks as buying pressure in the digital asset market has heated up. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades for $13,800, far above the $9,800 lo...
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Other 08/10/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Trader Warns Of “Capitulation Volume” And “Heavy Downside” Across DeFi
The DeFi space rose to incredible heights all throughout 2020 but could have come to a roaring peak over the summer months. Assets like Yearn.Finance (YFI), Uniswap (UNI), or Aave (LEND) are all on th...
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Altcoins 02/10/20 05:00 by Nick Chong
These 3 Trends Show That Ethereum’s DeFi Space Has Room to Grow
Decentralized finance coins based on Ethereum have undergone strong rejections over recent weeks. Nothing shows this as well as the price action of Yearn.finance (YFI), which has almost halved since i...
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Other 30/09/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
This Chart Suggests Chainlink’s Parabolic Rise Isn’t Finished
Chainlink volatility is increasing after the asset fell from its all-time high of $20. A 60% collapse sent the cryptocurrency plummeting, only to see a record-breaking bounce that beat any intraday th...
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Other 22/09/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
Chainlink Faces Grim Outlook as it Nears Bedrock Support Level
Chainlink’s price has been witnessing massive inflows of selling pressure throughout the past few weeks, with buyers being unable to garner any control of its mid-term trend in the time following it...
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Bitcoin 10/09/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
Analyst: Latest Bitcoin Rally Doesn’t Look Like a Bull Run
Bitcoin just crashed from $12,000 to $10,000 in the matter of a few days, and it has since been a battle for bulls to hold ground at $10,000. Unfortunately, bears may end up winning this battle, as th...
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Other 02/09/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Chainlink Monthly Finish Flashes Grand Finale Sell Signals
Chainlink has been the biggest success story in the crypto market since the 2017 bubble popped. In 2020 alone, the asset is up over 700%. From low to high the asset surged over 1200%, helping to grow ...
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Other 30/08/20 21:15 by Cole Petersen
Yearn.finance (YFI) Shows Signs of Posting Local Top Following $40,000 Rejection
Yearn.finance has been one of the strongest and fastest-growing DeFi protocols within the crypto market, which has been reflected in the price of the YFI governance token. YFI has seen parabolic growt...
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Bitcoin 25/08/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Crossroads: Indicator Signals Short-Term Top, But Final Bullish Impulse Is Possible
Bitcoin price is up well over 60% year-to-date, and has recovered 200% from the Black Thursday low. The cryptocurrency broke free from downtrend resistance, and all signs point to a new uptrend well u...
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Bitcoin 22/08/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
Here’s Why This Surprising Crypto Just Flipped Bitcoin Trading Volume on Coinbase
The vast majority of the crypto tokens that have been seeing parabolic runs as of late are relatively new, being launched on platforms like Uniswap where traders are apt to throw money at projects rel...
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Other 18/08/20 19:00 by Tony Spilotro
Look Out Below: How Far Can The Chainlink (LINK) Crash Go?
Chainlink’s bullish momentum hit a brick wall at $20 per LINK token, causing the previously unstoppable asset tumbling by as much as 25% in two days. After over 5,000% returns over the last two ...
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Altcoins 11/08/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
Band Protocol’s Strong Uptrend Backed by 42% Surge in Unique Addresses
BAND – the token associated with Band Protocol’s decentralized oracle network – has been one of the best performing digital assets in recent weeks, surging by 32x since the start of the year. A ...
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