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Other 12/03/21 10:17 by Ponvang Bulus
Citing Facebook’s Trajectory, Pundit Says Trillion-Dollar Chainlink Market Cap Is “Doable”
Chainlink (LINK) took the crypto space by storm in 2020. After rising to a high of almost $20, it rose to become the 5th largest coin by market cap. Although it has since dropped to the tenth positio...
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Bitcoin 02/12/20 13:42 by Erie Maxwell
Bitcoin Guaranteed to Stay Above $20,000 by July 2021, States Analyst
Bitcoin had a major bull rally towards a new 2020-high at $19,484 and only a few hundred dollars away from the all-time high at around $20,000. On November 25, the digital asset had a notable 2% pull...
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Mining 15/11/20 08:24 by Erie Maxwell
Bitcoin Retakes $16k, But This Prominent Market Pundit Says It’s In Bubble Territory
Bitcoin price has been on a wild run since October 7 after bouncing off a low of $10,546. On October 21, the digital asset broke its correlation with the stock market and major indices like the S&...
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Altcoins 10/11/20 16:09 by Brenda Ngari
XRP To Outperform Bitcoin Next Year As Price Indicator Bets It Will Have Its “Best Year Since 2017”
XRP’s multi-year-long stagnation phase could soon come to an end. According to a price indicator that has gained traction among investors, the crypto asset is set for a stellar performance in 2021....
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Bitcoin 11/09/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
Financial Advisory Group: Bitcoin Would Be 40% More Valuable Without Manipulation
There are two sides to every coin and to every argument, and the same goes for Bitcoin. Some argue that without manipulation, the crypto bubble may never have taken place, and the asset would still be...
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Other 05/09/20 16:24 by Ponvang Bulus
Why Chainlink’s Price Could Drop Further As Network Usage Declines
The cryptocurrency market has been on a decline for most assets. While the dip is mostly a shock to most, it seems there is a rational explanation for Chainlink’s downward trend. According to an an...
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Bitcoin 01/09/20 19:30 by Ponvang Bulus
Why This Pundit Sees Bitcoin’s Market Cap Surpassing Apple’s Within 7 Years
A pro-Bitcoin crypto analyst Timothy Peterson says Bitcoin’s market cap is “likely” to surpass that of Apple, S&P 500’s stock with the most eminent market cap within 7 years from now. Thi...
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Altcoins 30/08/20 16:41 by Ponvang Bulus
Why This Analyst Doesn’t See Ripple’s XRP Hitting $1 Anytime Soon
An investment analyst, Timothy Peterson says Ripple’s XRP is not likely to reach $1 and much less likely to reach $10. The analyst who uses value estimates to project the future performance of digi...
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Bitcoin 18/08/20 10:07 by Brenda Ngari
According To This Analyst, There’s a 30% Chance That Bitcoin Reaches $17,000 By Year-End
Bitcoin has been in a consolidation phase in recent weeks. Despite the long-term outlook for bitcoin remaining overwhelmingly bullish, it seems that the short-term progress is being hampered by the s...
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Bitcoin 14/07/20 23:16 by Brenda Ngari
Investors Expect Chainlink To Reach $10 Before Bitcoin Recaptures $10,000
The native token of decentralized oracle network Chainlink, LINK, has been on a tear the past couple of weeks. The cryptocurrency stole the spotlight earlier this week after skyrocketing to a new all...
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Altcoins 14/07/20 16:43 by Adrian Klent
Can Chainlink’s Market Cap Surpass That Of BCH and BSV Combined? This Asset Manager Thinks So
The Investment Manager at Cane Island Alternative Advisors Timothy Peterson is among many cryptocurrency personalities who have been very bullish about Chainlink. In a very bold tweet, Peterson said ...
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Bitcoin 08/06/20 22:41 by Lorenzo Stroe
This Historical Pattern Shows Bitcoin Could Be Weeks Away From $75,000
Bitcoin has been trading sideways for the past month and was rejected from the $10,000 resistance level again. There is obviously a lot of uncertainty in the market, however, it’s important to reme...
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Bitcoin 03/06/20 21:20 by Brenda Ngari
If This Key Indicator Proves Accurate, August Will Be The Last Time Bitcoin Trades Below $10k
The benchmark cryptocurrency broke above the psychological $10k level on May 2, achieving a new high above $10,400. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency succumbed to profit-taking as it dropped sharply ...
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Bitcoin 06/12/19 21:00 by Rick D.
Number of Plus Balance Bitcoin Addresses Hits All-Time High, is the Bottom in?
There are currently more Bitcoin keys with at least one satoshi associated with them than there has ever been before. The number of plus balance addresses is even higher than it was at the peak of the...
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Bitcoin 04/12/19 17:57 by Christine Vasileva
Analyst Who Perfectly Called Bitcoin Price Sees Bright Future Ahead
Cane Island Analyst Timothy Peterson maybe one of the only analysts to have accurately predicted the end of year bitcoin price . His analysis back in March this year, stated that the leading cryptoass...
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