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Bitcoin 29/05/20 14:10 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Will Peak Over $100,000 In Just Two Years, Kraken’s Jesse Powell Predicts
Jesse Powell, a highly regarded market guru and the CEO of Kraken cryptocurrency exchange said the price of bitcoin could surpass $100,000 as early as 2022. This would be an appreciation of over 1000...
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Bitcoin 29/05/20 09:38 by PR DESK
BitcoinPOS – A Better Way to Transfer Value
Bitcoin was created as “ Peer-to-Peer electronic cash”, according to the whitepaper. However, the oldest and leading cryptocurrency has over time fallen short of the expectations its creator had ...
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Bitcoin 19/05/20 21:14 by Olivia Brooke
Did the Fed just prove that Bitcoin is a safe haven against the dwindling and ever-inferior fiat?
Yesterday, the Fed gave Bitcoin some noteworthy publicity that did not only strongly infer its unrivaled value but also reinforced the rather unfortunate reality of the current state of the United St...
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Bitcoin 18/05/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
The Federal Reserve Chairman Just Made the Ultimate Case for Bitcoin
For the first time since its creation, Bitcoin is now trading within an immense period of global economic instability. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused governments and central banks across the glob...
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Bitcoin 14/05/20 11:13 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Downplays S&P 500 Correlation, Hits $9.7K as Gold Rise
Bitcoin closed above $9,700 in hopes to wipe out its pre-halving crash amidst growing risk-off demand. The cryptocurrency broke its short-term correlation with the S&P 500 after the Federal Reserv...
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Bitcoin 13/05/20 14:13 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Rises Alongside US Stocks Futures ahead of Powell’s Speech
Bitcoin edged higher ahead of the New York opening bell but struggled to sustain its gains above $9,000. The gains surfaced as investors awaited the Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell’s spe...
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Bitcoin 29/04/20 14:00 by Yashu Gola
Why Bitcoin Hit $8k Ahead of FOMC Update, Wiping Out Coronavirus Losses
Bitcoin closed above $8,000 this Wednesday, wiping all its Coronavirus-induced losses from mid-March. The cryptocurrency’s move uphill came ahead of Jerome Powell’s press conference at 143...
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Altcoins 28/03/20 19:40 by Brenda Ngari
Cardano Marshals A High Level Of Brainpower That No Other Cryptocurrency Comes Close – Weiss Ratings
Cardano, with Charles Hoskinson at its helm, is a cryptocurrency project that is based on science and peer-reviewed research to achieve a highly scalable and efficient system. Cardano aims to tack...
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Mining 15/12/19 21:00 by JP Buntinx
EOSPoW Requires EOS Resources to Mine POW Coins
Some cryptocurrencies do not provide a way of mining their native asset. EOS is one of those projects, although it seems  a PoW-oriented clone has surfaced recently.  People who have an interest in...
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Mining 11/12/19 23:00 by Rick D.
China Continues to Dominate Global Bitcoin Mining, But for How Long?
New research shows that China’s dominance of the total Bitcoin hash rate continues to grow. The nation reportedly now accounts for around 66 percent of all the computing power supporting the Bit...
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Other 09/12/19 20:41 by BitcoinPrbuzz
BLOCKv Collaborates with Ben & Jerry’s to Commemorate Its 10th Anniversary with Vatom-Powered Campaign
As part of plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ben & Jerry’s, an Australian ice cream firm, BLOCKv has launched a Vatom-powered virtual ice cream hunt campaign for the company. The au...
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Mining 29/11/19 14:45 by Graham Smith
Photonics Bitcoin Mining Tech Aims to ‘Democratize’ Energy Use
Three researchers have published a paper at Cornell University’s arxiv.org proposing a system called Optical Proof of Work (OPOW) to potentially be employed in Bitcoin mining. According to the p...
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Crypto 26/11/19 01:30 by Kai Sedgwick
A History of Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms
The consensus mechanism is a critical blockchain component, providing a non-partisan means of establishing agreement as to the network’s current state. But ever since Bitcoin emerged in 2008, it...
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Bitcoin 25/11/19 17:59 by Guest Author
MintDice Offering Bitcoin Dice & Slot Games Designed with Unique Features and Provably Fair Technology
Blockchain-based online casinos have become popular of late, and notable among them is MintDice. This online Bitcoin casino has been designed with unique features for lovers of the game of chance, an...
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Altcoins 22/11/19 01:00 by Jamie Redman
Developer Launches BCH-Powered Paywall Service
On Thursday, software developer Alex Winter announced the launch of Satoshiwall.cash, a noncustodial bitcoin cash-powered paywall service. The new platform allows anyone to create a customized paywall...
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Other 18/11/19 12:30 by Avi Mizrahi
Crisis Fears Rise as Global Debt Hits a Record $250 Trillion
The world’s total liabilities continue to grow rapidly as a new report reveals global debt is now over a record $250 trillion. For many investors and market watchers this raises the specter of a...
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