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Crypto 16/07/21 16:21 by Livine Sanchez
Spacelens is Merging the Worlds of e-commerce and NFTs Through Blockchain
Cryptocurrency is being used for so many things these days, one of which is payment for goods and services. Time magazine accepts bitcoin for subscription payments and WeWork has also hopped on the t...
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Crypto 15/07/21 13:24 by NewsBTC
Bitop Exchange – Powerful Trading Platform for Cryptocurrency Traders
Cryptocurrency has been a disruptive tool revolutionizing gaming, banking, gambling, and our financial systems. There has been a tremendous interest in the cryptocurrency world in the past few years. ...
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Other 15/07/21 12:09 by NewsBTC
How Pontem Network Aims To Unlock Facebook’s Diem Full Potential
There are many initiatives in the blockchain industry that can complement one another rather than serve as competition. For example, the much anticipated Facebook-backed Diem blockchain is a project g...
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Altcoins 14/07/21 17:21 by Ruholamin Haqshanas
TikTok Bars Crypto Ads — Why This Is Bad News For Dogecoin?
The Chinese short-form video-sharing app TikTok has recently updated its advertising policies, banning certain types of promotions. The now-verboten themes encompass plenty of financial services and ...
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Other 14/07/21 12:45 by PR DESK
Watch Skins – Wearable NFTs and the “Phygital” Revolution
People have a strong affinity for collectibles because they give them a sense of identity, personality, independence, and luxury. Thanks to technology, the world is witnessing a new form of showpiece...
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Other 12/07/21 16:14 by Livine Sanchez
What Is Fueling The Constant Growth Of Binance Smart Chain?
Competition is healthy in any technological industry. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are no exception to this unwritten rule. The growth of Binance Smart Chain throughout 2020 and 2021 has been rema...
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Crypto 09/07/21 11:04 by NewsBTC
Inside the Crypto Market: Industry Formation Using the CoinsPaid Example
The crypto market evolved exceptionally in the years 2014 to 2021, and the question of whether this industry will survive no longer exists. Instead, we are questioning where it’s heading and how...
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Mining 01/07/21 13:05 by NewsBTC
Overview of XQR – A New Generation Social Network with Mining and Crypto Cashback
Digitalization allows people to optimize and accelerate many processes. For example, we have messengers for rapid communications and electronic wallets to make quick payments for goods and services. U...
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Altcoins 25/06/21 19:01 by Livine Sanchez
World’s First DeFi Neobank, Scallop, is launching soon
Cryptocurrency has grown tremendously over the past years, with decentralized finance (DeFi) becoming one of the emerging high-value subsectors. According to DeFi Pulse, the total value locked (TVL) ...
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Other 22/06/21 18:26 by Livine Sanchez
Flare Finance Partners With XinFin Network
While the cryptocurrency space is still evolving, several platforms are working endlessly to make the experience welcoming for new users. Making it simple for new users is bound to help them get acqu...
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Other 19/06/21 18:06 by NewsBTC
EarnX Is Changing the Game with NFTs
It’s not often that NFT platforms come into the picture that offers the value of tangible utility that can be put to use quickly. Enter EarnX, a subsidiary of Yearn Classic Finance that is looki...
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Crypto 16/06/21 17:51 by PR DESK
AAX Crypto Exchange Makes $10M Reservation to Back Solana Community
AAX, a crypto exchange powered by London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Technology, is supporting Solana and its ecosystem to increase the adoption of the fast-growing blockchain ecosystem. In reservati...
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Other 14/06/21 14:51 by NewsBTC
The Best Decentralized Derivatives Experience — the Octopus Protocol Vision
Less than six months into 2021 and we’ve witnessed unprecedented growth in the market cap of the crypto market. With premier coin Bitcoin reaching new all-time highs and currently struggling to ...
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Other 01/06/21 11:21 by Guest Author
ARNO Uses NANO Tech To Bring Better Investment Products
ARNO is a decentralized project that is focused on the creation and delivery of high-tech innovations. The project is a NANO technology created to serve investors. The ARNO reportedly has the pote...
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Other 27/05/21 19:33 by Guest Author
AI-Powered Decentralized Financial Platform, TribeOne – “BE YOUR OWN BANK”
If you are not a part of the crypto industry yet or are an existing crypto enthusiast, here is a fantastic project that would magnetize you to make it big. Introducing TribeOne, the world’s firs...
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Crypto 27/05/21 09:52 by NewsBTC
Ternio Fintech Blockchain Platform is Now “UNBANKED”
The popular global fintech blockchain platform Ternio is undergoing a transformation, starting with its name. Having rebranded itself to “Unbanked”, the platform is consolidating its enter...
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Other 21/05/21 10:11 by NewsBTC
Top 10 DeFi Projects in Q2 2021
The DeFi market has evolved at breakneck speed due to the potency of open finance and the minds committed to making it a reality. In 2021 alone, the total value of assets locked on DeFi protocols has ...
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Other 20/05/21 09:18 by Guest Author
Torexo Finance Helps Investors Make The Most Of Their Assets
Torexo Finance, an international investment platform, offers investors various opportunities to create value for their financial investments. Since 2016, Torexo Finance has been creating effective...
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Other 19/05/21 16:38 by Zex PR Wire
Delving Into MobilityGuru And How It Works
The MobilityGuru platform as a whole features the involvement of both the Buyers as well as Sellers. When it comes to the sellers, they can have a revenue source. To do this, they will have access...
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Altcoins 13/05/21 17:00 by NewsBTC
Cardano-Based DeFi Infrastructure Builder deFIRE Raises $5 Million In Pre-IDO Funding
Many blockchains have gained traction in the world of decentralized finance. Although Cardano is not often mentioned in this context, that situation may come to change soon. Decentralized smart order ...
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Other 13/05/21 06:13 by NewsBTC
YFDAI Releases Robust Roadmap Update for 2021
YFDAI (YF-DAI) has updated its 2021 roadmap on the heels of launching the SafeSwap Governance Token, SSGT. The launch of this token achieves a major goal set for Q2 of the year, and with more than hal...
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Crypto 12/05/21 10:00 by NewsBTC
RemiBit Gives Control Back to The Users, How Any Business Can Receive Crypto Payments
There is a misconception around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies stopping new users from entering the crypto space: they are hard to use and require technical knowledge. Most users have their first contac...
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Altcoins 08/05/21 18:16 by Livine Sanchez
Institutional Fund, AlphaBit Invests $5m in a Metamask Killer app for Bitcoin and Ethereum
Despite existing for a little over a decade, Bitcoin recently surpassed $1 trillion in market cap making it the 14th largest currency in the world. The concept and execution of the first peer-to-peer...
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Crypto 07/05/21 21:35 by Guest Author
Addressing the concerns of the Crypto trading industry through revolutionary products and prime brokerage services
As the activities in the crypto space heighten up, leading to a road of massive adoption, DeFi remains a critical driver for what we witness today. While Bitcoin has gained momentum and Ethereum is o...
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Mining 04/05/21 14:22 by PR DESK
ByBit Set to Launch Mining-as-a-Service Product for Ethereum Miners
Cryptocurrency exchange ByBit has announced that it will launch a mining-as-a-service (MaaS) product dubbed ByBit Cloud Mining in May. Notably, the firm indicated that the cloud mining product will h...
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Other 04/05/21 11:26 by Mark Hampton
World’s First Platform in web3 Ecosystem That Zap Out Scams & Bridges a Gap Between Users, Developers, and Investors
Web3 ecosystem is in the nascent stage and evolving continuously with cutting-edge products and more innovators taking a keen interest in exploring blockchain in general. But, when we talk about web3 ...
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Other 22/04/21 18:23 by Mark Hampton
EQIFI Brings DeFi Functionality to the Banking Sector
There is no room for doubt that the crypto world has grown exponentially but there are still gaps to be filled. People have got used to limited capabilities of accessing the full potential of their di...
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Other 21/04/21 22:38 by Reynaldo Marquez
How Alpha Homora v2 Will Boost Yield Farmes Gains
Via its Twitter handle Alpha Finance Lab has announced the relaunch of Alpha Homora in its second iteration. To be deployed on Ethereum, the team behind this DeFi protocol has called the event a &ldqu...
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Other 19/04/21 20:54 by PR DESK
BlockSwap Network Makes Final Steps to Begin its Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapper Pool
Blockswap network, a platform that provides fixed income products on decentralized finance with automated stake liquidity for POS chains, has set the date for the community bootstrapping event (CBE) ...
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Other 16/04/21 13:39 by Mark Hampton
PolkaCover Launches the Platform’s Demo Decentralized Application
Polkacover, the ingenious platform that bridges the gap between traditional insurance companies and crypto-insurance products has just launched its Demo Decentralized Application, demonstrating how us...
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