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Other 15/07/21 12:44 by NewsBTC
IQ Protocol by PARSIQ to Empower DeFi Projects, Developers, And Users
Launched on the mainnet last month, PARSIQ’s new lending and borrowing IQ Protocol is the first risk-free and collateral-less solution in the DeFi industry. Innovative Protocol to Make Decentral...
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Crypto 30/06/21 12:27 by NewsBTC
Crypto Revolution in Online Casinos: What to Expect in 2021-2022
Cryptocurrencies revolutionized payment systems. Decentralized options like Bitcoin are becoming more popular every day. They offer a secure payment method with no third parties. That makes them tempt...
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Altcoins 15/06/21 12:07 by NewsBTC
Qilin Is Building a Decentralized Volatility Protocol on The Ethereum Network
The cryptocurrency and DeFi industries are known for their ongoing volatility. Sharp price drops and increases create opportunities to make money. Qilin goes one step further by providing active expos...
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Other 14/06/21 19:09 by PR DESK
Bware Labs Makes It High-Performance Decentralized Node Network Available to the Public
Bware Labs, a decentralized infrastructure that provides an interface between Blockchain APIs consumers and node providers, has released the MVP for its platform. According to the announcement, Bw...
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Crypto 03/06/21 23:49 by Collins K.O
Is Chinese Smartphone Giant, OnePlus Working On A Crypto Project?
A recent survey by smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus, has fuelled increasing suspicion that the company is prepping up plans to roll out its native cryptocurrency and native wallet service to go with ...
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Bitcoin 10/05/21 21:54 by Collins K.O
Almost $200 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin Is Currently At Risk – Report Warns
A recently published 2021 crypto report by Opimas LLC, a finance-based management consultancy firm, has revealed that approximately 3,480,000 out of the world’s mined 18.5 million Bitcoin, stands v...
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Altcoins 29/04/21 17:17 by NewsBTC
Impermax Airdropped 14 Million IMX Tokens to 35,000 Uniswap V2 Liquidity Providers
Launched in 2018, Uniswap is a decentralized exchange protocol that allows users to swap between any two ETH-based tokens. Apart from providing a simple platform to liquidity providers, Uniswap has ma...
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Other 26/04/21 13:35 by NewsBTC
The First DEX To Compensate Gas Fees Starts Offering Sky-High Rewards for Liquidity Providers
EmiSwap decentralized AMM exchange is a new powerful player on the DEX market that plans to draw liquidity from major protocols by offering 100% Ethereum gas compensation, one of the best rewarding te...
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Crypto 16/04/21 22:39 by NewsBTC
Trace Network Partners With Polygon And Infosys Consulting For Blockchain Revolution
Beyond Bitcoin, the hottest assets in the crypto markets are those that feature a robust ecosystem that supports several other essential sectors in the industry, such as DeFi or NFTs. The innovative E...
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Crypto 13/04/21 09:38 by PR DESK
Whole Earth Coin (WEC) Set for IEO to Inject New Life Into Aging Infrastructure
The Whole Earth Foundation (WEF) will be conducting IEO for their Whole Earth Coin (WEC) on ProBit Exchange starting on April 15, 2021. Backed by a team with decades of experience at major firms incl...
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Other 25/03/21 14:01 by Guest Author
Betnomi Interface Updated – Here’s What To Look Out For
Online casinos have become very common, driven by the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Betnomi is one of the most popular of these casinos, with some of the best opportunities for users to ear...
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Other 01/02/21 14:23 by Guest Author
A Look at The DYP Staking dApp and Other Upcoming Features
DeFi Yield protocol (DYP) is a revolutionary project that rewards liquidity providers directly in Ethereum. All rewards from supported tokens (DYP/ETH, DYP/USDC, DYP/USDT, and DYP/WBTC POOL) are dist...
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Other 08/01/21 18:44 by PR DESK
Carbon Emissions—Our Biggest Threat
Shipit Pro is a new blockchain aimed at optimizing eCommerce shipping all over the world, changing the way the European Union engages with third world countries and other countries beyond; in every m...
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Other 27/11/20 19:09 by Guest Author
What is MoonDeFi: The Decentralized Protocol for Automated Liquidity
Centralized exchanges have been the backbone of the crypto market for many years. They provide fast settlement times, high transaction volumes, and continuously improve liquidity. However, a centrali...
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Crypto 16/10/20 12:27 by Thomas Delahunty
Changelly Launches New Marketplace for Buying Cryptocurrency
Changelly, a premier non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, has made its mission to lower the entry barrier and make crypto available to everyone. It is with that goal in mind that Changelly d...
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Mining 24/08/20 19:18 by Thomas Delahunty
Botnet Distributed Denial of Service Attacks are Mining for Your Bitcoin
Distributed Denial of Service is known for damaging enterprises for over $2.3 million and negatively affecting the reputation of companies that had to recover from these cyberattacks. Read more abo...
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Crypto 03/08/20 10:28 by Guest Author
How Financial Information eXchange Can FIX the Crypto Market
Although crypto is undoubtedly innovative in nature, the majority of crypto exchanges are dragging behind, unable to fully realize the great possibilities of modern trading protocols. Many crypto exch...
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Altcoins 17/06/20 17:34 by PR DESK
90,000 ETH of Winnings, New Providers, and Live Casino at the Fairspin Blockchain Casino
The casino continues to expand its bonus program, gives away free spins on its social media channels, and launches tournaments by Booongo and Playson with prize pools between €20,000 and €50,000....
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Altcoins 15/04/20 14:00 by Nick Chong
Ethereum Firm Launches Controversial Product, and the Crypto Community Isn’t Pleased
Whether you’re in the Bitcoin camp, the Ethereum camp, or otherwise, privacy has long been important to members of the cryptocurrency community. Heck, Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of the first cryp...
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Crypto 27/11/19 07:20 by Kevin Helms
South Korean Committee Passes Bill Enforcing FATF Crypto Rules
South Korea’s national policy committee has passed an amendment establishing a legal framework for cryptocurrencies. It requires crypto exchanges and service providers to register with the count...
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Crypto 20/11/19 23:00 by Rick D.
Asia-Pacific Forecast to Lead Global Blockchain Healthcare Boom
Use of blockchain technology in healthcare is expected to boom over the next few years. A recent report into the industry anticipates a massive $890.5 million being spent on blockchain systems across ...
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Crypto 19/11/19 01:30 by Kevin Helms
US to Strictly Enforce Crypto Rules Similar to FATF Guidelines
The U.S. government will strictly enforce the rules on cryptocurrencies similar to the standards recommended by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has rea...
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