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Crypto 11/06/21 13:15 by Zex PR Wire
Quantum Works Brings Transparency and Validity to Blockchain Gaming
There’s a strong push in the gaming industry to leverage the unique technical capabilities of cryptocurrencies to improve the overall gaming experience. The integration of cryptocurrencies into...
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Other 07/06/21 16:43 by BitcoinPrbuzz
Prasaga And Quantum Generation Partner Up To Change Space-Based Communications
Prasaga has announced its partnership with Quantum Generation to bring sharding to space-based communications. The partnership will reportedly leverage the fully scaling Prasaga DataGrid Blockchai...
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Altcoins 05/04/21 22:06 by Reynaldo Marquez
How a stake pool managed to produce Cardano’s first Quantum block
Cardano inventor and IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson has celebrated the production of the platform’s first “quantum block”. Created by Cardano’s stake pool called Onyx, the operator ...
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Altcoins 23/01/21 11:56 by frank
CFX Quantum Token – One Month, Seven Exchanges
The Newly Recognized Player in the DeFi Industry Cryptocurrency and Blockchain aficionados dream of debuts like this. It’s fabled: mass adoption and platforms welcoming with open arms. Few ever ...
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Bitcoin 19/12/20 08:40 by Guest Author
Heal Thyself with Leela Quantum Tech’s ‘Plan B’ Bitcoin Edition Quantum T-Shirt
Leela Quantum Tech (LQT), a company working on improving the health and wellness of the population by using advanced technologies to create easy-to-use products has launched a special Bitcoin edi...
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Other 19/08/20 15:24 by PR DESK
The CFX Quantum Active Marketing Plan is Focused on Millenials
CFX Quantum’s marketing strategy is mainly focused on Millennials, young adults who are receptive of innovation, and skeptical about the legacy financial system. Most of them were old enough to rem...
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Bitcoin 27/05/20 09:48 by John Kiguru
Macro Trader Cites Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Unlikely To Hit $1M In The Next Decade
Many in the crypto community have over the years made $1 million Bitcoin price predictions. A majority believe this will happen within the next decade. The prediction has been preposterous, but one o...
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Crypto 30/12/19 19:26 by News Desk
The Russian government took a step towards the blockchain: what are the prospects for 2020?
As it became known this week, roadmaps for blockchain technology and quantum sensors were sent by the Russian government for revision. The corresponding statement following the Global Technology Lead...
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Crypto 08/12/19 18:03 by Guest Author
Four Crypto Projects to Keep Tabs on in 2020
The cryptocurrency world has more than its fair share of self-proclaimed clairvoyants. Whether it’s traders predicting great things for a digital token that’s set to launch, or a journalist toutin...
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