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Bitcoin 21/10/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Peter Schiff’s Alleged Tax Evading Bank Was Targeted By Bitcoin Ransomware
Peter Schiff is one of Bitcoin’s biggest naysayers. The well-known gold bug recently had his dirty laundry aired out for all to see, as part of an alleged tax evasion case involving his Euro Pac...
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Bitcoin 22/09/20 23:14 by Nick James
Confessed “Dark Overlord” Hacker Slapped With A 5-Year Sentence For Bitcoin Extortion
Hackers using ransomware to extort money from people have turned to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, to hide their tracks. One such criminal group named “The Dark Overlord” has been terroriz...
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Altcoins 07/09/20 23:06 by Brenda Ngari
Argentina’s Borders Crippled By Devastating Ransomware. Hackers’ Demand? $4 Million In Bitcoin
The past couple of days have not been smooth sailing for Argentina’s immigration agency after a cybersecurity breach. Hackers who paralyzed Argentina’s borders in a ransomware attack are deman...
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Bitcoin 02/08/20 22:00 by Samuel Wan
Why Hackers Are Demanding $4.5 Million in Bitcoin From a Travel Firm
Last week it emerged that travel management firm CWT paid a ransom demand of $4.5 million in Bitcoin. Initially, hackers had demanded $10 million to release the fix, saying this is likely cheaper than...
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Other 16/12/19 18:00 by JP Buntinx
Kaspersky Confirms Ransomware Attacks on Municipal Institutions Increased by 60%
New findings by research firm Kaspersky paint a worrisome outlook. Dozens of municipal institutions have dealt with ransomware attacks throughout 2019. The rise of malware and ransomware attacks has ...
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Other 13/12/19 03:00 by JP Buntinx
Maze Ransomware Affects the City of Pensacola, FL
Ransomware remains one of the biggest threats to internet users today. The city of Pensacola in Florida is currently dealing with the Maze malware strain. There has not been a shortage of malware and...
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Bitcoin 10/12/19 11:00 by bitcoinist.com
Bitcoin Ransomware Attack Hits Argentinian Government
The Argentinian government has been hit with a Bitcoin ransomware attack. According to the latest information, the hacker demanded 50 BTC to withdraw the attack. For all the positive changes that cry...
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