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Bitcoin 12/11/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Pro-Crypto Group Attempts To Get Bitcoin Added As A Swiss Reserve Currency
Bitcoin is a lot of different things to different people. It is a store of wealth, a transfer of value, an insurance policy against the unknown, and even a source of hope. Soon, one pro-crypto group h...
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Other 23/10/20 13:13 by Yashu Gola
AAVE Jumps 25% on DeFi Market Comeback; Analysts Predict Bull Run
AAVE was trading higher on Friday, continuing a rebound that followed a massive 45 percent price crash between October 15 and 21. The decentralized finance token rose by up to 9.87 percent to establis...
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Altcoins 19/10/20 20:17 by Ponvang Bulus
Fan Tells Talk Show Host Alex Jones That XRP Will Become A Global Reserve Currency
A caller on InfoWars, a TV program hosted by renowned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has said that XRP will become the world reserve currency. The caller claimed that XRP is probably being manipulate...
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Other 19/10/20 19:51 by Nick James
Fed Still Mulling Over The Possibility Of A Digital Currency – Chairman Jerome Powell
The US Federal Reserve is still interested in creating a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) but is yet to make a final decision on when and how the project will be undertaken. That’s according to...
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Bitcoin 16/10/20 16:14 by Joseph Young
On-Chain Data Finds OKEx Holds $2.3 Billion Worth of Bitcoin
According to the researchers at Glassnode, OKEx holds $2.3 billion worth of Bitcoin. The report comes after the exchange temporarily suspended withdrawals on October 16. In a public statement, OKEx sa...
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Mining 15/10/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Hash Rate Rockets to New All-Time High; Up 36% in 2020
From a fundamental perspective, Bitcoin has never been stronger. The benchmark cryptocurrency has evolved from being a speculative asset to a reserve asset that is being widely adopted by retail inves...
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Bitcoin 11/10/20 00:00 by Cole Petersen
These 11 Companies Own 3% of the Bitcoin Supply; Is a Liquidity Crisis Brewing?
Bitcoin’s price has been rallying higher throughout the past few days, with this newfound momentum largely stemming from the hype surrounding Square’s recent decision to purchase $50 milli...
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Bitcoin 30/09/20 22:16 by Bernice Nyambura
Massive Accumulation By Bitcoin Whales Drives Down Exchanges’ Reserves By $5 Billion
A drop of over $5 billion worth of Bitcoin on crypto exchanges reserves in the last one year hints at heightened accumulation by Bitcoin Whales, according to data by on-chain analysis platform Crypto...
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Bitcoin 30/09/20 18:33 by Brenda Ngari
Grayscale Now Owns 2.5% Of All Bitcoin In Circulation After Increasing Its Reserves By 17,100 BTC
Grayscale Investments, LLC offers institutional investors the simplest custodial solution. Through the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), high-net-worth investors and institutions can gain bitcoin expos...
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Mining 28/09/20 22:42 by Brenda Ngari
This Prominent Financial Author Thinks All National Currencies Will Be Pegged To Bitcoin
Bitcoin has faced so many hitches in the short time it has existed. Countries like China and Russia have imposed draconian laws that prohibit the use of the cryptocurrency. As if that weren’t enoug...
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Bitcoin 19/09/20 22:03 by Brenda Ngari
Shareholders Will Now Demand Corporations Start Acquiring Bitcoin After MicroStrategy’s Mega Purchase, Max Keiser Says
Nasdaq-listed analytics software firm MicroStrategy recently made its second massive bitcoin purchase of $175 million. The firm’s total bitcoin holdings now stand at $425 million. Bitcoin permab...
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Bitcoin 17/09/20 05:00 by Nick Chong
MicroStrategy’s Stock Continues to Soar After Bitcoin Purchase
On Tuesday, the NASDAQ-listed business services company MicroStrategy bought $175 million worth of Bitcoin. This came just weeks after the company siphoned $250 million into the leading cryptocurrency...
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Bitcoin 04/09/20 01:59 by Nick Chong
Here Are the Levels to Watch After Bitcoin Plunged $1,500
Earlier this week, Bitcoin surmounted $12,000 as global markets surged as the U.S. dollar saw a notable collapse. The world’s reserve currency, though, has since reversed, dragging down global m...
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Crypto 25/08/20 07:03 by Guest Author
Crypto Market Analysis: 24th August 2020
Equity markets closed on an all-time high of 3,389.78 on Wednesday, surpassing the record of 3,386 set on February 29th. Despite this, doubts remain about the global economy, with the Federal Reserve...
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Bitcoin 24/08/20 23:21 by Erie Maxwell
This Ottawa-Based Graphics Software Firm Is Now Holding Bitcoin As A Reserve Asset
Not too long ago we learned that the billion-dollar financial services firm MicroStrategy had decided to move half of its stockpile of reserve cash into Bitcoin. Now another promising new company has...
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Other 14/08/20 15:00 by Yashu Gola
KNC Climbs 20% to Hit $2; Technicals Suggest Rally Towards $2.78
Kyber Network’s native token KNC appreciated enormously on Friday, with its price hitting $2 for the first time since May 2018. The 41nd-largest cryptocurrency market cap surged 20 percent in th...
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Bitcoin 14/08/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
What Does The Dollar’s Do Or Die Moment Say About Bitcoin?
The dollar has been on a steady decline since the pandemic first struck. Weakness in the global reserve currency has allowed gold, Bitcoin, and other assets to shine. However, either a major rebound i...
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Bitcoin 12/08/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
ETF Manager CEO: Bitcoin Has Cemented Itself As A Dollar Alternative
The dollar’s recent weakness and the decline has economists calling for the death knell. Amidst the discussion surrounding dethroning the asset, other competing currencies, and even gold are bei...
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Bitcoin 12/08/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
Why This Nasdaq-Listed Company Is Going All-In on Bitcoin
Bitcoin has become a popular investment vehicle amongst retail and institutional investors, but it is also becoming a reserve asset for some companies. Per an announcement from earlier today, a Nasdaq...
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Bitcoin 11/08/20 20:54 by Erie Maxwell
This Billion-Dollar Company Just Bought Over 20,000 BTC Amid Market Turbulence
Not too long ago reports were circulating that the billion-dollar, publicly-traded MicroStrategy was considering a major purchase of bitcoin to protect against inflation. The business intelligence co...
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Bitcoin 08/08/20 20:20 by Nick James
Erik Voorhees: Bitcoin And Stablecoins Will Eventually Take The Place Of Gold And Bank Notes
There have been talks of how Bitcoin could soon take over the financial world in a grand measure, and this idea seems to be winning over more people as time goes. So far, Bitcoin has been proven to b...
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Bitcoin 03/08/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
Here’s Why a Bouncing U.S. Dollar Is Bad News For Bitcoin
The dollar sank in July to the lowest point in two years in response to more stimulus money being printed to inflate the economy. At the same time, Bitcoin spiked to the highest level in over a year. ...
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Bitcoin 24/07/20 12:00 by Nick Chong
S&P 500 Prints Signal Seen Before March’s Crash: Will Bitcoin Suffer?
Bitcoin’s price action has become increasingly dependent on that of the S&P 500 over recent months. The correlation is so strong that it has been observed by analysts who do not actively wat...
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Bitcoin 23/07/20 14:00 by Nick Chong
Gemini CEO on How the Federal Reserve Will Boost Bitcoin’s Next Bull Run
Bitcoin’s fundamental case continues to strengthen as developments regarding the next stimulus bill continue. Industry executives believe that this could act as a catalyst for this market moving...
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Bitcoin 19/07/20 00:00 by Nick Chong
These 4 Signs Suggest Bitcoin Is on the Verge of a Massive Move Higher
Bitcoin has continued to flatline for the umpteenth week in a row. As of this article’s writing, the leading cryptocurrency trades just a few basis points below $9,200. Despite the unpredictabil...
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Bitcoin 11/07/20 12:39 by Olivia Brooke
Why the U.S. Government Could Trigger the Next Wave of Bitcoin Adoption
When it comes down to curbing inflation, the government is known to rely on printing as many fiat currencies as is required, in order to keep the economy in check. The United State’s government...
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Bitcoin 07/07/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
US Senator: Digital Dollar Must Beat Bitcoin, Digital Yuan
During a hearing on the potential introduction of a digital dollar, Senator Tom Cotton claimed whatever the United States comes up with, it has to “be better than Bitcoin.” He also asserts it must...
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Bitcoin 30/06/20 16:34 by Olivia Brooke
Bitcoin spikes 18% above market rate amidst Zimbabwean dollar crisis
Cryptocurrency continues to trail through a bullish pathway in many African countries. Even with strict regulatory guidelines, Bitcoin has continued to defy the odds while raking in the numbers with ...
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Bitcoin 30/06/20 10:03 by Ponvang Bulus
Anthony Pompliano On Bitcoin: “Hard Not To Be Incredibly Bullish”
Morgan Creek Co-founder, partner and major Bitcoin bull, Anthony Pompliano says it is hard not to be bullish on Bitcoin considering the ongoing chaos in the world. Pompliano made the declaration due ...
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Bitcoin 20/06/20 07:15 by Brenda Ngari
Contentions Erupt After New York Fed Classifies Bitcoin As ‘Just Another Example Of Fiat Money’
Economists at the New York Federal reserve believe that bitcoin, the decentralized, peer-to-peer virtual currency that was created by a pseudonymous software developer around 11 years ago, is “just...
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