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Crypto 20/07/21 18:28 by Asad Gillani
Anthony Di Lorio To Leave Cryptocurrency Space For Philanthropic Initiatives
The Co-founder of the second-largest cryptocurrency in the industry, Ethereum, is set to cut ties permanently with crypto. According to the latest news, Anthony Di Lorio plans to sell his newest ventu...
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Bitcoin 06/07/21 21:26 by Asad Gillani
Ukrainian Local Bank To Launch Bitcoin Trading Feature In The Latter Part Of July
With the progress on crypto-related legislation from the Ukrainian Government, Bitcoin trading is about to experience a greater move. An important local e-bank, Monobank, plans to launch a BTC debit c...
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Mining 01/07/21 00:23 by Asad Gillani
NFL Star Tom Brady Determined To Stake Big In The Crypto Field
The crypto bug is seemingly proving to be having a big bite on the sports industry as Tom Brady joins other sports celebrities pursuing a dream in the blockchain sector. The quarterback of the Super B...
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Crypto 26/06/21 13:56 by Adrian Klent
111 Unregistered Crypto Firms In The UK Might Pioneer The Next Bear Market
Following the notice by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to cryptocurrency companies in January, the FCA published a warning to consumers against 111 crypto firms in the UK. The list which is...
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Mining 25/05/21 13:05 by Mark Hampton
HashEx: 20 Million Users Might Be Threatened by SafeMoon’s Critical Vulnerabilities
The SafeMoon DeFi protocol is the latest project to have vulnerabilities revealed in its smart contract code. A recent audit conducted by analysts from HashEx, a blockchain security consulting firm, h...
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Altcoins 21/05/21 16:25 by Olivia Brooke
Amid Network Rivalry, Tron’s Justin Sun Appears To Be Keen On Becoming A Gargantuan Ethereum Whale
As the cryptocurrency market continues to move sideways, market participants take steps into securing their wealth by either selling or buying more. The culture of buying the dip amongst key players ...
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Crypto 20/05/21 15:31 by Olivia Brooke
Coinbase Sends Shock Waves to Investors After Offering A $1.25 Billion Convertible Bond Sale
Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency platform has revealed its plans to offload a large chunk of convertible debt or senior notes. The new development came as a surprise to investors as Coinbase reve...
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Bitcoin 28/04/21 20:46 by Olivia Brooke
Bitcoin Has Officially Passed Tesla’s Test, Elon Musk Reveals
Yup, you heard that! The third-richest man in the world has confirmed that the most valuable cryptocurrency has proven itself, in what he claims is a “stress test.” As it turns out, Musk ...
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Bitcoin 14/04/21 19:58 by Steven Msoh
74% Of U.S Investors Believe Bitcoin Is A Bubble: Bank Of America Survey
Bitcoin’s institutional adoption has been off the charts in the past year, with Wall Street finally jumping aboard the Bitcoin bandwagon. However, a new report has revealed that only a few believe ...
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Bitcoin 10/04/21 11:40 by Adrian Klent
Bloomberg Analysts Unlock New Ultra-Bullish Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2021
Bitcoin’s second-quarter price predictions reveal that observers and analysts were only scratching the surface months ago, when they betted on Bitcoin leaping only a few dollars higher than its...
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Bitcoin 09/04/21 17:44 by Adrian Klent
One Of America’s Largest Real Estate Company Has Invested In Bitcoin
California-based real estate giant Caruso Properties has decided to jump on the growing cryptocurrency roller coaster as it now accepts Bitcoin as payment for rent on its properties across the United...
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Bitcoin 22/03/21 18:20 by Adrian Klent
Google Searches For Bitcoin Explodes In Turkey After Lira Crash
Google searches for “Bitcoin” have soared in Turkey following the drop of the Lira against the US Dollar on Monday. Analytics has revealed that searches for “Bitcoin” on th...
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Other 19/03/21 20:21 by Olivia Brooke
Morgan Stanley reportedly set to buy Bithumb exchange for over $400 million
American multinational investment bank and financial services company Morgan Stanley is rumored to be bidding for leading South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. According to the country’...
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Bitcoin 19/03/21 12:00 by Yashu Gola
Morgan Stanley Eyes Bitcoin Exchange Acquisition After Crypto Rallies 1,500%
Key Bitcoin Takeaways A South Korean media outlet reported that Morgan Stanley plans to acquire Bithumb, a local bitcoin exchange. The news surfaced two days after the American banking giant decided ...
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Altcoins 16/02/21 23:26 by Steven Msoh
Coinbase Launches Ethereum 2.0 Staking Waitlist
Coinbase has announced that the waitlist to earn staking rewards with Ethereum 2.0 is now live. The exchange will allow its users to stake any amount of Ethereum and earn a yield of up to 7.5% in ann...
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Other 13/02/21 17:55 by Mr Oak
Chainlink’s Network Activity Could Explode as LINK Turns Bullish
Chainlink’s on-chain metrics have revealed that its network is up by 10 times two years consecutively, doing so at a consistent level with a steady pace. The digital coin at press time was trading ...
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Bitcoin 02/02/21 18:00 by Adrian Klent
Miami Residents Soon To Receive Their Salaries In Bitcoin
While some parts of the world are stifling the rise of Bitcoin, others are embracing it. The city of Miami is ready to set the tone for the future of Bitcoin, thanks to its current mayor’s pro-Bitc...
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Bitcoin 16/12/20 23:13 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Passes $21,000 as Jaw-Dropping Rally Continues
Bitcoin bulls have taken over the crypto market after weeks of consolidation. The leading cryptocurrency broke past $20,000 a number of hours ago, pushing past this key technical level for the first t...
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Crypto 14/12/20 18:19 by Jide Idowu
Nexus Mutual Boss Loses $8 Million Worth of Cryptos To Cyber Attack
Hugh Karp, the founder of popular decentralized insurance protocol, Nexus Mutual has reportedly lost over $8 million worth of cryptos to an attack. The platform’s official Twitter handle announ...
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Bitcoin 05/08/20 19:44 by Vincent Mislos
2 Persons Charged For Illegal Drug Sale Transacted In Bitcoin
Two Costa Rican citizens have been charged with illegal sale of opioids using Bitcoin in the dark web, court documents revealed. The grand jury in DC indicted David Pate and Jose Hou, a pharmacist...
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Altcoins 11/06/20 16:00 by Adrian Klent
Cardano’s Shelley Protocol Upgrade On the Right Path as Search Metrics Explode
The highly innovative Cardano Blockchain has been one of the most talked-about Blockchain this year, as data from Google trends have recently revealed that interest in Cardano has peaked at the highe...
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Bitcoin 23/04/20 21:40 by Tolu
Data Reveals Bitcoin Hodlers are Accumulating Over $500 Million Worth of BTC Daily
As Bitcoin’s halving draws closer, Bitcoin holders are increasingly adding to their portfolio, in anticipation of the event. The Bitcoin market is consistently receiving hundreds of millions of dol...
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