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Bitcoin 19/06/21 00:30 by Best Owie
How China Bitcoin FUD Is Lowering The Cost To Produce BTC
Bitcoin FUD out of China might be helping to lower the cost to produce BTC. The news of the crackdowns on mining farms in China has rocked the market lately. Entire mining operations were shut down an...
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Mining 15/03/21 15:00 by Erie Maxwell
Crypto Mining Surge: Is Russia the Next Crypto Mining Hub
Crypto mining activities come with a challenge, it is a power-consuming task, and the problem miners are having with local authorities where crypto assets and facilities are located is energy consump...
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Mining 23/01/21 14:49 by Bernice Nyambura
China’s Bitcoin Mining Industry Get Hits by Ongoing Global Chip Shortage
A severe global shortage of computer chips used to make bitcoin mining rigs has reduced the production capacity of the rigs in China, which has the world’s biggest BTC mining rigs manufacturing ind...
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Mining 23/04/20 14:00 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Halving Could Prompt Miners to Force-Sell, Analyst Fears
The upcoming bitcoin halving event could prompt a new wave of panic-selling by miners, says a pseudonymous analyst. Some traders may manipulate bitcoin to bootstrap a bullish narrative. Popular bullis...
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Mining 22/04/20 14:14 by PR DESK
Sazmining Proves Efficiency is More Important Than Scale in Cryptocurrency Mining
It’s a common misconception for those outside of the cryptocurrency space to think that scale is the most important factor in running a profitable cryptocurrency mine. While this may be true in oth...
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Mining 05/03/20 15:07 by Guest Author
Zigmabit Launches New Cutting-Edge Endothermic Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs
Zigmabit’s New Endothermic Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs Make Industrial Scale Hardware Suitable for Use In Residences and Small Business Locations Thanks to Superior Cooling Systems and Low Noise...
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Mining 13/12/19 22:55 by Jamie Redman
2019’s Bitcoin Miners Are 5x Faster Than Predecessors
High-powered bitcoin miners and next-generation semiconductors go hand in hand and as process node technology grows, SHA256 hashrate follows. Coinshares’ recent bi-annual mining report highlight...
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Mining 01/12/19 21:45 by Jamie Redman
Despite Bitcoin’s Price Drop, High-Powered Mining Rigs Still Profit
Since BTC prices slid below the $8K price range, mining operations have been making less revenue. On Sunday, December 1, only 13 mining rigs with an average electricity cost of $0.12 per kWh are profi...
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