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Bitcoin 24/03/20 23:07 by Brenda Ngari
Peter Schiff Gets Hit With Hard Facts After Saying ‘Only Fools’ Are Going For Bitcoin
Once again, the CEO of Euro Pacific and widely-known crypto hater, Peter Schiff, took to Twitter to lambast the flagship cryptocurrency. This time, Schiff claimed that “only fools” are opting for...
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Bitcoin 04/03/20 21:41 by Tolu
Peter Schiff Advises Selling Bitcoin As Fed’s Rate Cut Fails To Spark Rally
In his usual manner, popular economist and Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff has again tried to discredit Bitcoin. According to him, the best thing for Bitcoin holders to do is to abandon their p...
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Bitcoin 01/03/20 20:28 by Lorenzo Stroe
Recent Gold Price Plunge Boosts Bitcoin’s Safe-Haven Stance
Bitcoin has been in a daily downtrend for the last two weeks and most news headlines have been talking about how Bitcoin is definitely not a safe-haven because it hasn’t been able to recover while ...
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Bitcoin 27/02/20 07:03 by Tolu
Bitcoin Vs Gold: Peter Schiff Says Bitcoin’s 2020 Performance Over Gold ‘Means Nothing’
Popular Gold bug and Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has come out again to cast doubt on Bitcoin. In his usual fashion, Schiff has tried to argue that Bitcoin’s worth is questionable and also that it i...
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Bitcoin 18/02/20 17:32 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Skeptic Peter Schiff Just Admitted That Bitcoin Is A Profitable Investment
Gold bug Peter Schiff has long criticized bitcoin while hyping the precious yellow metal. Every time bitcoin sees a minor correction, Schiff is quick to spew more hate on the king of cryptocurrencies...
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Bitcoin 29/12/19 05:53 by Lorenzo Stroe
Bitcoin Struggles To Eclipse $7,500 While Other Markets Rally Into The End Of The Year
After Bitcoin’s small bounce and rally up to $7,695, the digital asset has seen very little follow through and remains at around $7,400. BTC has been trading sideways for a week now and trading vol...
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Bitcoin 16/12/19 22:26 by Tolu
Is Bitcoin A Gigantic Pump and Dump Bubble That’s Bound To Pop?
The argument about Bitcoin and whether or not it has any real value that should be trusted has been raging for a long time and will likely continue raging. Recently, American TV personality John Stos...
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Bitcoin 13/12/19 08:38 by Tolu
Bitcoin ‘Running Out Of New Buyers’ – Peter Schiff Asserts
Popular American economist and stockbroker Peter Schiff is well known in the finance industry for his economic savvy. However, in the cryptosphere, the accomplished CEO and Chief Global Strategist of...
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Bitcoin 22/11/19 08:32 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Price Headed To $1,000, Claims Bitcoin Critic Peter Schiff
On Thursday, bitcoin dropped below $8,000 in a vicious sell-off that engulfed the cryptocurrency market. This drop marked an almost 50% retracement from its year-to-date. But, with the dwindling trad...
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Bitcoin 21/11/19 21:00 by Rick D.
Right on Cue: Schiff Resurfaces to Celebrate Bitcoin Price Drop
For someone lacking interest in Bitcoin, Peter Schiff has a funny way of showing it. As the price leading digital assets is dropping today, the gold bug has once again commented that such moves are ev...
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Bitcoin 21/11/19 20:27 by Christine Vasileva
Peter Schiff Doubles Down on $1,000 Bitcoin Prediction
Bitcoin (BTC) deepened its correction to $7,600, wiping out close to $600 within a day. The fall was expected, as November saw diminished enthusiasm for trading. Gold Bug Schiff Clings to $2,000-$1,0...
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Bitcoin 21/11/19 18:57 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Readying to Drop 85% to $1,000, Schiff Says
Right on cue, Peter Schiff, a prominent cryptocurrency critic, has come out to bash Bitcoin (BTC). This time, the prominent libertarian investor has suggested that the leading crypto asset is preparin...
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