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Other 28/05/21 21:53 by Reynaldo Marquez
Why The VeChain Foundation Met With China’s Government Officials
Via its official Twitter handle, the VeChain Foundation confirmed a meeting with government officials from three important Chinese districts. Representatives from Shanghai, Changing, and Huangpu visit...
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Bitcoin 11/07/20 09:22 by Nick Chong
This Eerie Shanghai Composite Fractal Predicts Bitcoin Will Surge Past $10k
Bitcoin was once branded as an asset that was uncorrelated from the rest of the financial markets. Look no further than a survey of institutional investors by Fidelity Investments. It found that a goo...
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Crypto 29/11/19 11:43 by Lubomir Tassev
Crypto Employees in China Work From Home to Avoid Government Pressure
Not too long after embracing blockchain, Beijing has made it clear, one way or the other, that it didn’t mean Bitcoin. Increased scrutiny over the cryptocurrency sector and harsh measures agains...
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Other 28/11/19 16:57 by Samuel Wan
Binance CEO Responds: No Office in China, No Raid, Lawsuit Not Definitive
Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, responds to allegations that their Shanghai office was raided last week. In an interview with Nugget’s News, CZ maintain...
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Bitcoin 22/11/19 10:35 by Nick Chong
Chinese Central Bank Confirms Anti-Crypto Sentiment: Blockchain, Not Bitcoin
The Shanghai branch of the People’s Bank of China has just commented on crypto yet again. According to the announcement, published on Friday, the branch of the Chinese central bank has observed ...
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Bitcoin 21/11/19 21:00 by Rick D.
Right on Cue: Schiff Resurfaces to Celebrate Bitcoin Price Drop
For someone lacking interest in Bitcoin, Peter Schiff has a funny way of showing it. As the price leading digital assets is dropping today, the gold bug has once again commented that such moves are ev...
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Crypto 21/11/19 18:30 by Thomas Delahunty
China Crypto Crackdown? Sources Say Binance Shanghai Office Raided by Police
Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s Shanghai office has abruptly closed its doors, several sources close to the matter told the Block. According to the sources, the exchange’s Shanghai ...
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