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Bitcoin 15/05/20 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Open Interest Recovers Following Yesterday’s $30m Liquidation Spree
Bitcoin has seen some immense volatility throughout the past several days and weeks, with its multiple bids to break through the $10,000 region all proving to be unsuccessful as it continues hovering ...
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Altcoins 14/05/20 13:15 by Guest Author
OKEx Dashboard Now Available on skewAnalytics
OKEx, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced a new partnership with skew, a real-time data analytics provider for Bitcoin and Ether derivatives, Options, Futures and Perpetual swap...
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Bitcoin 10/05/20 21:15 by Cole Petersen
$275 Million: Bitcoin Traders Face Mass Liquidation Following Latest Selloff
Bitcoin witnessed some immense volatility yesterday that caused it to shed over $20 billion off of its market cap. This capitulatory decline came about shortly after the crypto navigated into the five...
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Bitcoin 08/05/20 20:02 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin’s Bullish Force Hits Fever Pitch As Options Open Interest Surpasses $1B For First Time In History
Since BTC’s incredible rebound from the Black Thursday market rout in March, the pioneer cryptocurrency has been incredibly bullish. Bitcoin’s recent rally has ignited new hopes for a full-flown ...
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Crypto 30/04/20 03:00 by Cole Petersen
Binance Sees Record High Trading Volume as Investors Flood into Crypto
The crypto market has been able to add on over $20 billion to its total capitalization, with the upswing seen today by Bitcoin and many of its smaller counterparts marking a full erasure of the losses...
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Bitcoin 27/04/20 16:46 by Lorenzo Stroe
Bitcoin Implied Volatility Almost Back To Pre Sell-Off Levels
Bitcoin has seen one of its biggest peaks of volatility in the past 2 months after the collapse of the entire global market in March. According to the crypto statistics platform, Skew, Bitcoin has se...
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Bitcoin 24/04/20 11:35 by Joseph Young
Historical CME Pattern Suggests Bitcoin Rally to $7.7k is Likely to Brutally Reverse
The Bitcoin price rose to as high as $7,770 on major cryptocurrency exchanges on April 23. The abrupt upsurge coincided with the expiration of CME’s BTC futures contracts for April. Data from Sk...
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Crypto 14/04/20 12:20 by Edwin Kinoti
Stablecoins Emerging as one of 2020’s Biggest Crypto Moonshots
Stablecoins are increasingly becoming key components in the world of cryptocurrencies. The asset-backed virtual currencies are not only growing in number but also on valuation. Now, stablecoins are l...
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Bitcoin 03/04/20 14:00 by Yashu Gola
Institutional Trade Volume Hits Local High as Bitcoin Jumps over $7,000
Futures linked to the bitcoin market experienced a spike in their volumes this Thursday as the cryptocurrency’s spot rate broke above $7,000. Crypto statist Skew highlighted that trading activit...
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Bitcoin 29/03/20 19:18 by Brenda Ngari
There’s Only A 4% Chance Bitcoin Sets A New All-Time High In 2020
The probability of bitcoin hitting a new all-time high of more than $20,000 by the end of 2020 is a mere 4%. This is according to data relayed by analytics firm Skew, which monitors the bitcoin (BTC)...
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Bitcoin 09/12/19 19:00 by Emilio Janus
What Happened To Bitcoin’s Promised Influx Of Institutional Investors?
The next big bitcoin bull-run was supposed to be led by an incoming swathe of institutional money. Lured in by potential profits unheard of in traditional investment products, and reassured by truste...
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Bitcoin 19/11/19 17:27 by Christina Comben
Bitcoin Will Enter New Bullish Cycle in March 2020, Analysts Confirm
China anti-cryptocurrency FUD is sending BTC into a slump as it enters its third week of sell-offs. Don’t worry though, says skewAnalytics, Bitcoin will be bullish long term next year. Bitcoin Will...
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