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Bitcoin 07/06/21 23:51 by Collins K.O
All About the Bitcoin Mayor, El Salvador, and the Electric Bitcoin 2021 Conference
Mayor Francis Suarez ‘the bitcoin mayor’ on Friday, broke records as the first mayor to host a star-studded bitcoin conference. The pre-event announcement which shattered the city’s record of s...
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Crypto 07/06/21 01:36 by Taylor Scott
eToro Is The Latest Crypto Exchange Moving To Miami
The ‘Miami Migration’? ‘Florida Flocking’? While there is no term coined yet, eToro is looking to get their name in the mix as there is undoubtedly more attraction routinely be...
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Altcoins 23/04/21 02:00 by Samuel Wan
Ex WWE Wrestler Kane, Now Knox County Mayor, Looking Into Bitcoin and Litecoin
As mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, former wrestler Glen Jacob, stage name Kane, is looking into Bitcoin and Litecoin to help his municipality. Since Q4 2020, several high-profile mainstream public co...
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Bitcoin 24/03/21 19:30 by Emily Mawia Mbua
Miami Wants to Become the Largest Bitcoin Hub in the United States
Bitcoin and the entire crypto sphere continue to gain traction from various players, including States and regional governments. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Francis Suarez, the May...
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Bitcoin 02/02/21 18:00 by Adrian Klent
Miami Residents Soon To Receive Their Salaries In Bitcoin
While some parts of the world are stifling the rise of Bitcoin, others are embracing it. The city of Miami is ready to set the tone for the future of Bitcoin, thanks to its current mayor’s pro-Bitc...
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Bitcoin 15/01/21 17:02 by Jide Idowu
Miami Mayor Considers Investing In Bitcoin With Part Of City’s Treasury Reserves
Bitcoin has continued to gain individual investors’ attention; institutions, even government officeholders, seem not to be left out. The top cryptocurrency by market cap, dubbed the decade&#...
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