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Crypto 20/07/21 19:27 by Adrian Klent
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Urges ‘Quick’ Action to Address Stablecoin Market
In recent times there has been considerable attention paid to cryptocurrencies by regulators globally. There have been increasing talks to understand the sector and regulate it accordingly in order t...
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Altcoins 02/07/21 00:29 by Asad Gillani
Messari Report: USDC Is The Most Dominant Ethereum-Backed Stablecoin
The growth of USDC in 2021 is more tremendous than that of Tether. The Ethereum-based USDC stablecoin is gaining immense traction as the experts deem it as the most dominant asset. In coming weeks it...
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Crypto 30/06/21 15:07 by Eduardo Próspero
The USDC Stablecoin Will Soon Expand Its Reach To 10 More Networks
The second biggest stablecoin by market capitalization is already a multi-blockchain project. Soon, though, USDC will live almost everywhere. According to Coindesk, it will soon be available in, &ldqu...
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Altcoins 24/06/21 16:46 by Olivia Brooke
Is The Tether Bitcoin Price Manipulation At Play Again?
The bear market has triggered analysts’ to formulate many conspiracy theories, one of them revisits the debate about Tether pumping the price of Bitcoin and manipulating the market using the US...
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Crypto 25/03/21 16:00 by Mark Hampton
Stablecoin Issuers Need to Think Fast to Avoid the SEC’s Net
Tether is in some bother with the SEC. It has the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, an organization composed of the SEC, the CFTC, The Fed and The US Treasury announcing late last ...
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Altcoins 19/02/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Binance Coin (BNB) Overtakes Tether For Third-Ranked Crypto Asset
Yesterday, Binance Coin closed at around $200 a coin, and within another 24 hours, the exchange token is already trading at another $100 higher. The surge in price and corresponding FOMO has also caus...
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Bitcoin 11/02/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Stablescoins Act As “Rocket Fuel,” Propels Bitcoin To Another ATH
Bitcoin today blasted through local resistance and set an all-time high price record. The powerful move came after a short-lived drop downward yesterday, providing enough short-sellers to pose as fuel...
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Bitcoin 26/01/21 12:00 by Yashu Gola
Severe Liquidity Shock Ahead for Bitcoin Market, Warns JPMorgan
A piece of excerpt allegedly taken from a JPMorgan & Chase’s report is warning its clients about a potential “liquidity shock” in the Bitcoin market. The extract praises the cryp...
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Altcoins 24/01/21 22:38 by Adrian Klent
Network rivalry builds up as Ethereum users run to Tron for lower fee charges
Tether users on the Ethereum network have taken to their heels as Ethereum’s network fees hit rooftop levels yet again. According to new data, Tether-based transactions on the Tron network are star...
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Altcoins 04/01/21 10:48 by Mr Oak
XRP Keeps Losing Spots On The Crypto Ladder. What’s Next?
Ripple’s XRP didn’t have the best of years last year and now the start of this new year isn’t also looking good for the digital coin. XRP over the past years has gone toe to toe with the bigges...
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Altcoins 02/01/21 23:06 by Mr Oak
Tether (USDT) Is Blowing Up On Tron And Here’s Why
2020 was a record-breaking year for the Tron decentralized network as the network saw a major expansion into Defi, amassing millions of new users alongside the journey. Tron saw a series of integrati...
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Altcoins 31/12/20 17:19 by Yashu Gola
Tether (USDT) To Face Do or Die Situation in 2021: Messari Report
Tether is the cryptocurrency industry’s biggest threat in 2021, says a report penned by Messari’s Founder Ryan Selkins. The 134-page thesis ventured into the stablecoin’s emergence a...
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Bitcoin 02/11/20 11:46 by Olivia Brooke
CryptoWhale Warns Against The Crippling Effect Of Bitcoin’s Current Bull Run
Buying Bitcoin during a bull run has been a constant topic of debate among crypto-traders and investors. As market sentiments collide, the result has been evident in these numerous “hot takes,” c...
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Altcoins 16/10/20 19:00 by Tony Spilotro
TD Buy Trigger Could Cause XRP To Rip Against Bitcoin
Bitcoin has recently been picking up steam, stealing some of the capital and thunder from the DeFi trend and Ethereum. XRP, however, continues to lag behind both top crypto assets and linger sideways....
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Altcoins 09/10/20 20:40 by Erie Maxwell
Bloomberg researchers predict Tether to surpass Ethereum by next year – here’s why
In their monthly crypto outlook report for October, Bloomberg researchers have concluded that before the end of 2021, Tether (USDT) will overtake Ethereum to become the second most valuable cryptocur...
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Altcoins 05/10/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
XRP Up-Move To Leave Bitcoin And Tether Traders “Sidelined”
XRP continues to lag behind the rest of the crypto market, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has resulted in the altcoin losing the third-ranked spot to the stablecoin Tether. But all that’s so...
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Altcoins 03/10/20 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin’s Black Swan: What Happens If The CFTC Targets Tether Next?
The unthinkable just happened: Bitcoin derivatives trading platform BitMEX is being targeted by the CFTC for a variety of charges, and the company’s CTO has already been arrested related to the ...
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Altcoins 29/09/20 14:07 by Samuel Wan
Matic Takes Step Towards Solving High Ethereum Gas Fees By Integrating Tether
Matic has just announced that Tether is now available on their network. The Matic team tweeted that this would help Ethereum immensely by diverting activity away from the mainchain. 1/ The industry...
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Altcoins 26/09/20 19:37 by Ponvang Bulus
Tether’s Dominance Over Stablecoins Dips Below 80% For The First Time In Years
The leading stablecoin’s dominance has dropped below 80% in the stablecoin market, according to data from Coinmetrics. This is happening for the first time in recent years of stablecoins existe...
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Crypto 26/09/20 17:11 by Brenda Ngari
KuCoin Crypto Exchange Hacked, Over $150 Million Lost
KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. At least $150 million in bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and other ERC-20 tokens were drained from its hot wallets. Nonetheless, the price of bitcoin and ETH...
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Altcoins 18/09/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Is USDC’s Billion Dollar Growth A Sign Crypto Smart Money Is Ditching Tether?
The talk of the crypto market recently has been the sudden substantial increase of Tether printed and its potential impact on Bitcoin. But what they’ve failed to realize, is that the USDC supply...
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Altcoins 15/09/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
No, Another $1 Billion In Tether (USDT) Wasn’t Added To The Crypto Market Cap
This week, over $5 billion in Tether (USDT) was minted and added to the stablecoin’s circulating supply and market cap. A correlation with newly minted USDT and Bitcoin pumping has sent the cryp...
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Crypto 15/09/20 12:18 by Mr Oak
Toyota Backed Crypto, OMG Network, Is On The Rise, And Here’s What You Need To Know
This year, just like many previous ones have seen a lot of altcoins put up performances worth mentioning. One of such coins is OMG Network (OMG), a Toyota-backed digital project which first burst ont...
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Altcoins 14/09/20 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
How Does The Next Chapter In The Tether Printing Story Unfold For Bitcoin
If Bitcoin reacts to the recent substantial printing of more Tether stablecoins the same as it has in the past, we may finally have a catalyst for the crypto asset retesting its former all-time high. ...
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Altcoins 14/09/20 16:27 by Bernice Nyambura
Tether Prepares for Another $1 Billion USDT Swap From Tron to the Ethereum Network
Over the past week, Tether has been in the news for several reasons, the most recent of which is proof that traders are interested in trading its native token USDT on the Ethereum network, despite co...
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Altcoins 04/09/20 20:41 by Brenda Ngari
Bitfinex And Tether File Motion For Dismissal Of Bitcoin Price Manipulation Case
Tether and its sister firm crypto exchange Bitfinex on Thursday asked a court to throw out a lawsuit that alleges the two firms conspired to manipulate the bitcoin market. In their defense, Bitfinex ...
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Altcoins 01/09/20 22:22 by Brenda Ngari
Tether (USDT) Overtakes XRP Yet Again, Exceeds $13.4 Billion Market Valuation
Over the past 24 hours, Tether stablecoin has overtaken Ripple’s XRP once again to become the world’s third-biggest cryptocurrency just behind ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC). Tether now boasts ...
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Altcoins 23/08/20 17:09 by Bernice Nyambura
How Deeply Is Bitcoin’s Price Manipulated by Tether? Pretty Deep, Posits Crypto Whale
Bitcoin would be worth $2,000 today if Tether didn’t manipulate its price during the 2017 bull run which saw Bitcoin reach an all-time of $20K, according to a “non-biased” crypto tradin...
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Altcoins 22/08/20 07:01 by Nick Chong
Crypto Tidbits: Dave Portnoy Drops Bitcoin, Tether Supports Ethereum’s OMG Network, DeFi Still Hot
Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. It’s been quite a week for the Bitcoin market. In the past seven days, the leading digital asset has traded at both $12,500 and $11,400, facing vo...
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Bitcoin 22/08/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
Here’s Why This Surprising Crypto Just Flipped Bitcoin Trading Volume on Coinbase
The vast majority of the crypto tokens that have been seeing parabolic runs as of late are relatively new, being launched on platforms like Uniswap where traders are apt to throw money at projects rel...
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