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Bitcoin 30/06/21 21:37 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Strategist Stands Firm Over Bitcoin Price Prediction Despite Clear Struggles
BTIG strategist Julian Emanuel reckons the price of bitcoin could return to levels north of $50,000 by the end of the year, despite the currency’s present struggles. The crypto market has been put ...
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Other 23/06/21 16:16 by Livine Sanchez
Meme.com: The Home of Memes
Memes have been an extremely popular trend for years now, bringing fun and playful atmosphere to internet users all around the globe. Some memes like the “Success Kid” and “Disaster Girl” hav...
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Crypto 09/06/21 22:54 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Billionaire Investment Banker Ken Moelis Reveals Intention To Pursue Investment In Crypto
Billionaire investment banker Ken Moelis has compared the cryptocurrency era to the gold rush of 1848, telling Bloomberg he’s monitoring the crypto space in hopes of discovering new opportunities. ...
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Bitcoin 20/04/21 21:35 by Livine Sanchez
Lucky Gift Cards: When The Pool Wins, You Win Bitcoin
Gift cards are always popular due to their flexibility. A recipient can head to the store and purchase anything they want on their own time. The giver does not have to worry or stress about finding t...
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Bitcoin 11/04/21 22:14 by Bernice Nyambura
Bitcoin Is Exhibiting Both Bullish And Bearish Signals – Which Side Wins? Analyst Tells
Barely a day after bitcoin reclaimed $60k but still failed to maintain it, to trade lower around $59,847 at press time, analysts are now expressing different views about the top digital asset’s nex...
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Bitcoin 24/01/21 16:59 by Bernice Nyambura
A Supply of 2.1 Quadrillion Satoshis Disqualifies Bitcoin as a Scarce Resource- Says Peter Schiff
Bitcoin is not as scarce as commonly perceived, according to Bitcoin Critic and gold Investor Peter Schiff. Bitcoin has a maximum cap of 21 million, but each bitcoin can be subdivided into a further ...
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Other 02/10/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
Uniswap’s UNI Could Rally to $4.75 Despite Ongoing Selloff; Here’s Why
Unsiwap’s governance token UNI has been attempting to form the lower-$4.00 region as a strong base of support throughout the past few days and weeks, with buyers and sellers largely reaching an impa...
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Bitcoin 11/09/20 10:54 by Nick James
Hackers Are Desperately Trying To Break Into This $700 Million Bitcoin Wallet
It’s been a decade since the Bitcoin network went live. Over the years, many people have lost access to their BTC stash through various mistakes or misfortunes. Some have forgotten their wallet pas...
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Altcoins 20/08/20 15:10 by Brenda Ngari
Charles Hoskinson Touts “Very Significant Performance Improvements” To The Cardano Node
Cardano has been very active with updates this year. The proof-of-stake blockchain recently launched the Shelley upgrade. The network is now planning to introduce the new Cardano node, version 1.19, ...
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Altcoins 08/08/20 21:02 by Brenda Ngari
Pantera Capital CEO: XRP Is One Of The Few Cryptocurrencies That’ll Be Really Important Ten Years From Now
As we all know, the future is quite unpredictable. The only thing that remains crystal clear is the fact that only the strongest will survive in the long-term. In the crypto space, Ripple’s XRP ...
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Bitcoin 30/07/20 12:00 by Nick Chong
There’s “Only Air” From Here to $20,000 For the Bitcoin Price: Analyst
Bitcoin has begun to consolidate after its explosive breakout on Monday. Over the past 48 hours, the leading cryptocurrency has jumped between $10,800 and $11,300, attempting to establish a short-term...
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Other 09/05/20 17:59 by Livine Sanchez
PrimeXBT: Why Attempting To Time The Market Is A Mistake
Investors and traders take positions in assets for one reason alone: to make money. Every investor or trader has heard the phrase, “buy low, sell high,” but putting this into practice isn’t alw...
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Bitcoin 16/12/19 22:26 by Tolu
Is Bitcoin A Gigantic Pump and Dump Bubble That’s Bound To Pop?
The argument about Bitcoin and whether or not it has any real value that should be trusted has been raging for a long time and will likely continue raging. Recently, American TV personality John Stos...
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