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Bitcoin 14/06/21 18:39 by owiebest
Why Bitcoin Is Actually “Bad For Crime” Contrary To Belief
Bitwise Management CEO Hunter Horsley was on Yahoo Finance Live to talk about why Bitcoin is bad for crime. The technology which Bitcoin runs on, Blockchain, basically has a public ledger. Transaction...
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Other 11/06/21 18:12 by Bernice Nyambura
Binance’s Subsidiary WazirX Under Probe In India
WazirX, which is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in India and a subsidiary of Binance is under investigation by the country’s financial-crimes investigative agency for allegedly violati...
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Other 10/06/21 18:28 by NewsBTC
Is The Planet the Price We Pay For Things of Beauty?
NFTs are a thing of beauty (sometimes), and sometimes they are just downright weird. But they are collectible, and they are definitely having more than a moment. NFTs have grabbed the headlines with c...
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Crypto 10/06/21 14:34 by PR DESK
Third-Party Results of Credits’ Blockchain Speed Test
In the modern world of high-speed development of blockchain technology and transitional changes in the financial sector, it is extremely important to identify the technological capabilities of the pl...
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Mining 09/06/21 17:44 by NewsBTC
How Does Bitcoin Mining Work? Is It Profitable in 2021?
Bitcoin mining received a lot of attention when Bitcoin first made its appearance, and it remains a topical issue. Naturally, things have changed quite a bit since 2009, when Bitcoin first saw the lig...
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Bitcoin 09/06/21 12:07 by eduardoprospero
Top Economist Calls Bitcoin As Legal Tender “Stupid”. Here’s why he’s wrong.
Let’s not kid ourselves, a person like Steve Hanke has enormous incentives to defend the status quo. He’s benefited tremendously from it. It could be argued that his livelihood depends on ...
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Bitcoin 08/06/21 18:07 by NewsBTC
“What is a Bitcoin Marketplace?”
In keeping with this era of evolving technology and how digitally dependent most of society has become, money has transformed in numerous ways. Traditional physical cash is no longer the only method o...
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Crypto 07/06/21 17:23 by PR DESK
Flash: The Fastest and Easiest Cryptocurrency Wallet
Cryptocurrencies are gaining increasing predominance – as investment vehicles as well as payment methods. More than 8000 digital currencies exist in the cryptocurrency market today. From instit...
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Mining 06/06/21 12:02 by Livine Sanchez
Automata Network Creates a Conveyor to Prevent Miner Extractable Value (MEV) Issues
Digital ecosystems have evolved significantly since the inception of cryptocurrencies. Today, crypto users can interact with a wide range of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products across multiple bloc...
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Crypto 01/06/21 10:55 by NewsBTC
Night Life Crypto – Making Blockchain Gaming More Attractive and Lucrative
Blockchain gaming is one of the happening spaces in the crypto industry as projects attempt to address various shortcomings that are prevalent in traditional gaming. The current breed of blockchain ga...
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Other 29/05/21 20:43 by Collins K.O
Will Nigeria Lead The Digital Currency Movement In Africa?
Nigeria’s apex regulatory bank, The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), earlier this week hinted at its plans to create a digital Naira. Godwin Emefiele, the nation’s CBN Governor, made this disclo...
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Crypto 28/05/21 13:08 by PR DESK
Multi blockchain dApp CryptoZen.NINJA shakes up Defi aggregator space
Blockchain offers a lot more than opportunities to mine and trade crypto. The innovation of decentralized applications is a perfect example. One of the most promising dApp is known as CryptoZen.NINJA...
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Altcoins 28/05/21 10:17 by NewsBTC
LABS Group Join Forces with Polygon to Improve Transaction Quality for Users on Ethereum
As you’ve heard, two good heads are always better than one. LABS Group has taken a step towards success by deploying a smart contract on Polygon Network. LABS Group is a real estate digitization...
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Bitcoin 27/05/21 18:59 by NewsBTC
The Ultimate Guide to using a Bitcoin Escrow Service
An escrow is a standard financial arrangement to add security to transactions. The agreement includes a third party with the responsibility of holding funds in safekeeping until the two parties meet t...
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Other 27/05/21 12:10 by NewsBTC
Privacy Protection: The Future of DeFi
On April 22, MakerDAO, known as the DeFi world’s ‘central bank’, in partnership with the financial supply chain project Centrifuge, completed the first real-world asset loan in DeFi ...
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Crypto 27/05/21 07:30 by eduardoprospero
What If Elon Musk Is Just Making “Noob” Crypto Mistakes?
Is Elon Musk playing 4D chess or is he just making rookie mistakes? It’s easy to judge the unfortunate and inaccurate message those tweets contained, but, what if Elon simply doesn’t know ...
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Crypto 26/05/21 13:53 by PR DESK
What does CoinCraddle intend to achieve?
Its main goal is to make crypto trading accessible to everyone, no matter how advanced the user is. According to the research conducted by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, there are n...
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Altcoins 26/05/21 09:59 by NewsBTC
ETH’s Slow Transaction Speed Makes Crypto Users to Choose XinFin
XinFin is a unique cryptocurrency with hybrid blockchain technology opted as a solution for crypto users. Ethereum is the first blockchain platform launched in 2015. It is the chief Altcoin among the ...
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Other 26/05/21 09:38 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Incoming Tezos-Based Music NFT Marketplace Has Backing Of Iconic Producer Quincy Jones
Legendary record producer and songwriter Quincy Jones has thrown his support behind a new NFT marketplace called OneOf. NFTs, non-fungible tokens, have become quite a thing this year as the technolog...
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Bitcoin 22/05/21 16:48 by Nick James
Elon Musk Returns To The Bitcoin Circle, Throws Weight Behind The Lightning Network
Days after causing the BTC price drop of the year, Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, is back into the fold, and this time, he’s all about Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Achieving truly decentral...
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Mining 21/05/21 19:25 by Lou Kavan Flavius
Bearish Rumble Intensifies As China Moves To Crack Down On Bitcoin Mining and Trading Activities
China appears to be ready to go to war with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies just about a month removed from changing its stance on digital assets. Earlier this week, it was reported that the count...
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Crypto 20/05/21 21:13 by Taylor Scott
U.S. Treasury Calls For IRS Reporting Of $10K+ Crypto Transfers
Continued political buzz is abundant lately around crypto, and today is no exception. In a initial report from Bloomberg this morning, the U.S. Treasury has shared intent to require businesses, and li...
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Crypto 20/05/21 10:40 by Livine Sanchez
Onboarding Crypto Earnings With ‘Free TON’
The pandemic has changed the rules of the game, not only for business but in fact, has affected everyone. The words quarantine and remote work have become commonplace in our everyday life. Those comp...
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Other 18/05/21 05:52 by NewsBTC
Best in the Business: Energy Efficiency Proving Major Drawcard for Fantom
One of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms utilized by crypto traders is leading the world in terms of energy efficiency, bringing some of the lowest kWh used per transaction available anywhere o...
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Altcoins 16/05/21 16:16 by Livine Sanchez
Invested In $DOGE? Here’s How To Do Your Crypto Taxes
As a result of the crypto market having grown at a staggering pace over the course of the last year or so, many individuals have been able to rake in handsome profits thanks to their digital currency...
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Other 13/05/21 19:26 by NewsBTC
DeFi Is About to Undergo a Radical Transformation
Though decentralized finance is one of the dominant uses for blockchain technology today, it can be easy to forget that the industry is still in its very earliest stages of development. After all, jus...
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Bitcoin 12/05/21 21:58 by Taylor Scott
MoneyGram Supporting Retail Bitcoin Buying In US
In partnership with Coinme, MoneyGram has announced today their intent to accept buying and selling of Bitcoin at over 12,000 US locations. The announcement also included the intent to expand support ...
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Bitcoin 12/05/21 19:30 by News BTC
Interview: CEO of OKEx Jay Hao and the Lightning Network Team on Platform’s Adoption of Bitcoin Layer-2 Scalability Solution
The leading global crypto exchange and derivatives trading platform OKEx recently announced support for Bitcoin’s scalability solution, Lightning Network. Regarding the new development, we had t...
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Crypto 12/05/21 14:50 by Guest Author
GIN Blockchain Releases Latest Version Of GIN Wallet
After months of in-depth development and testing, GIN Blockchain is proud to release the latest version of GIN Wallet, with the core functionality completely rewritten. This new wallet transforms the...
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Bitcoin 11/05/21 15:43 by NewsBTC
What Makes Bitcoin Such a Popular Payment Provider?
Bitcoin has been making headlines nearly every week this year. It started with the digital currency’s bullish run in January and February 2021 that culminated in an all-time high of $60,000. It&...
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