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Crypto 11/01/21 16:09 by Jide Idowu
Vitalik Buterin Proposes Social Wallet to Combat Crypto Theft
As crypto theft continues to be on the rise, there seems to be an imminent need to combat the chaos that faces the crypto market. Vitalik Buterin, the latest to speak about this matter, seems to h...
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Altcoins 20/11/20 04:00 by Nick Chong
Ethereum Foundation Vitalik Buterin Talks ETH Inflation Rate
Ethereum’s inflation rate has come under the microscope heavily over the past year as Bitcoin has undergone its halving. Many Bitcoin-focused investors in the space criticize the number of chang...
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Altcoins 09/11/20 04:00 by Nick Chong
Only 232 Addresses Have Deposited Ethereum in ETH2 Thus Far
There were fears that Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2 or Serenity) was going to be delayed once again. Danny Ryan, an Ethereum Foundation researcher, said in a podcast in the middle of October: “This librar...
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Altcoins 01/09/20 05:00 by Nick Chong
Ethereum Founder Vitalik Is Steering Clear of Yearn.finance Until It “Settles Down”
Decentralized finance (DeFi) has taken Ethereum by storm over recent months. This sector of the crypto and ETH economy has grown exponentially, both in terms of capital/dollar value and in terms of ac...
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Altcoins 04/08/20 23:40 by Bernice Nyambura
“Ethereum Is A Continuation Of Satoshi’s Vision”, Says Vitalik As Final Medalla Testnet For ETH 2.0 Launches
The Ethereum development team successfully launched the final Multiclient Medalla Testnet for Phase O (Beacon Chain), on 4th August and right on schedule. This follows a recent update by Ethereum ...
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Bitcoin 16/07/20 19:26 by Olivia Brooke
“Bitcoin is not the enemy, centralization is” – Bitcoiners remain bullish amid mainstream media attacks
Nearly 24 hours after the “big” cryptocurrency scam, tranquillity is slowly returning to Twitter and as new trends surface, the discussion is shifting from what can be titled as one of th...
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Altcoins 11/07/20 11:36 by Nick James
Vitalik Buterin Disagrees With ETH Researcher, Says Ethereum 2.0 Must Launch This Year
Ethereum 2.0 has been in the works for years, and the system seems to have had its fair share of issues as its launch has been postponed a few times. However, the Ethereum Foundation has, in the past...
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Altcoins 15/06/20 17:38 by Brenda Ngari
Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Lambastes The Stock-to-Flow Model That Predicts 6 Figures For BTC Price
The co-founder of the world’s second-largest blockchain Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, strongly disapproves of the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model that has drawn a lot of attention in the crypto space.  ...
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Altcoins 23/05/20 16:55 by Nick James
Vitalik Buterin on ETH Rivals: “Ethereum Has a Lot of Room to Succeed and Prosper”
Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin has been a popular figure in the crypto industry for years, and has been touted as one of the most influential players that have greatly contributed to the dev...
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Altcoins 27/02/20 16:20 by Brenda Ngari
Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin Slams Bitcoin (BTC) Price Predictions, Claims They Are ‘Post-Hoc Rationalized Bullshit’
Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin does not believe the notion that the occurrence of some events or price models can accurately predict whether the bitcoin price will go up or down in the future. In a ...
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Altcoins 17/12/19 11:25 by Ponvang Bulus
Crypto Community Reacts as Vitalik Reveals Ethereum Foundation Sold 70,000 ETH During 2017’s Bull Run
The 2017 bull market led many to sell their crypto holdings to make some profit. It seems though that not only retail investors took a piece of the Bullrun cake. Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buter...
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Altcoins 14/12/19 20:25 by JP Buntinx
Vitalik Buterin Convinced the Ethereum Foundation to Sell $100m o Ether in 2017
Any revelation in the cryptocurrency industry tends to create some shockwaves. Even if that revelation has to do with funds being sold many years ago. Vitalik Buterin provided some interesting insigh...
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Altcoins 14/12/19 10:16 by bitcoinist.com
Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum Foundation Made $100 Million by Selling ETH at ATH
According to a recent statement by Vitalik Buterin, he managed to convince the Ethereum Foundation to sell 70,000 ETH at the height of 2017’s parabolic run, resulting in a $100 million liquidity...
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