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Altcoins 28/05/20 16:23 by Ali Martinez
Ethereum Whales Accumulate As Bullish Momentum Builds Up
Ethereum appears to have entered a stagnation phase without giving any clear signals of where it is heading next. Its price action has been mostly contained within a narrow trading range over the last...
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Bitcoin 27/05/20 15:13 by Adrian Klent
Bitcoin Whales Prop Up Crypto Markets As Bulls Regain $9,000
According to reports from the santiment data aggregator, Bitcoin whales have been on a Bitcoin accumulation spree since the Bitcoin price flipped and took a downturn six days ago. The data aggregator...
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Bitcoin 26/05/20 15:11 by Tolu
Bitcoin Whales Are Back to Accumulating Despite Price Plunge
Bitcoin has not performed as favorably as the community hoped it would, in recent times. The network’s third halving took place on May 11, and now, block rewards have dropped from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 ...
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Altcoins 12/05/20 05:00 by Ali Martinez
EOS Whales Are Accumulating on Every Dip; Bull Run Incoming?
EOS entered a corrective phase on Apr. 30 that has seen its price retrace over 27%. The smart contracts token went from trading at a high of $3.1 to hit a low of $2.3. Despite the significant bearish ...
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Bitcoin 10/05/20 09:04 by John Kiguru
Crypto Market Sheds $25 Billion With Bitcoin Losing 11%, What Triggered It?
The market after a strong week has made a huge retracement. In the last 24 hours, the market has wiped out over $25 billion. For many cryptocurrencies, this has seen them wipe out their weekly gains....
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Bitcoin 09/05/20 23:40 by Marco Tulio
Why Bitcoin Is Seeing Increased On-Chain Activity From Hodlers and Whales
The number of HODLers with large amounts of BTC is constantly increasing, as Bitcoin shows a bullish trend, according to a report by Glassnode. This increase in the number of BTC whales has been t...
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Bitcoin 08/05/20 01:28 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Just Surged to $10,000: Here’s What Analysts Think Comes Next
Just hours after our last market update, Bitcoin has topped $10,000. This is the first time the cryptocurrency has done this in over seven weeks. After holding $9,400 for all of Wednesday, the cryptoc...
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Bitcoin 07/05/20 09:25 by Lorenzo Stroe
Why Bitcoin Whales Have Been Solidly Accumulating Since January
Bitcoin has been in a long-term uptrend since March 12. The digital asset managed to recover and it’s solidly trading above $9,000. Bitcoin has been able to outperform traditional stocks and gold f...
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Bitcoin 07/05/20 04:30 by Ali Martinez
Here’s How Big BTC Whales Are Preparing For Bitcoin’s Halving
The transparency of blockchain technology can be used to determine investors’ sentiment towards a given asset. By evaluating what large Bitcoin holders are doing, for instance, it is possible to est...
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Bitcoin 29/04/20 23:37 by Marco Tulio
Bitcoin Whales May Not Be Capitulating Any Time Soon. Here’s Why
A big Bitcoin whale recently moved about 68,000 BTC ($599,879,000), from a wallet that had been inactive since 2015, demonstrating how several major players have stopped moving their BTCs for years, ...
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Bitcoin 26/04/20 20:57 by Jeff Fawkes
On-Chain Metrics Reveal Bitcoin Investors Are Buying The Dip In Anticipation For Halving Effect
The Glassnode analyst Matthias Bachmann claims that on-chain metrics show investors’ positive expectations. The third upcoming Bitcoin halving has attracted massive attention, with concerns abo...
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Bitcoin 22/04/20 19:30 by Tony Spilotro
Number of Bitcoin Whales Hits Previous Pre-Bull Run Level
Bitcoin‘s halving is less than three weeks away, and the anticipation of the massive price increase that is widely expected throughout the crypto market has potentially led to a sharp increase i...
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Bitcoin 10/04/20 16:30 by Tolu
Bitcoin Whale Numbers Hit 2-Year Record as Pre-Halving Accumulation Skyrockets
Preparation for Bitcoin’s next halving event expected in May seems to be in full swing as the number of Bitcoin whales at the moment, is much larger than it has been at any time in the last two yea...
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Bitcoin 10/04/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
Large Players are in Full Bitcoin Accumulation Mode as On-Chain Activity Grows
Bitcoin has seen some notable fundamental growth throughout the past week – according to on-chain data – which appears to have come about in tandem with the benchmark cryptocurrency’s climb into...
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Crypto 08/04/20 21:48 by News Desk
5 Reasons Why Crypto Will Get Through COVID-19 Outbreak
Since the novel coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic, the crypto space has been flooded with negative opinions about the future credibility of digital assets. As the disease has spared...
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Bitcoin 06/04/20 00:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Whales Play “Liquidation Games” as Analysts Eye Buyer Activity at Key Support
Bitcoin has seen some notable short-term movements throughout the past 24-hours, with bulls attempting to push the crypto past $7,000 at around this time yesterday before BTC once again faced a strong...
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Altcoins 12/03/20 09:31 by Brenda Ngari
Ethereum’s Nauseating Fall Fuelled By The Biggest ETH Whales Dumping Their Holdings, Research Says
Ethereum’s spectacular climb in the second month of 2020 allowed it to tap as high as $280 before the bears got in the driver’s seat. But despite the downturn, reports showed that top ethereum ho...
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Crypto 07/12/19 19:43 by Jamie Redman
While Markets Move Sideways, Crypto Whale Sightings Increase
While cryptocurrency markets have been moving sideways during the last few weeks, digital currency proponents have been observing large bitcoin whale movements. Transactions with tens of thousands of ...
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Bitcoin 29/11/19 14:22 by Christine Vasileva
Bitcoin (BTC) Futures Markets Hit $5B Daily Volume
The Bitcoin (BTC) market has evolved to include the simplest kind of derivative financial products – futures contracts. Those markets now reach $5 billion in daily volumes, taking a significant ...
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Bitcoin 27/11/19 19:51 by Christine Vasileva
Bitcoin Price Shoots Past $7200, as BTC Predictions Abound
Bitcoin price is returning to short-term volatility, with a rally above $7261. At this point, BTC sees various near and long term predictions. Bitcoin Price Rally Mode On The mood for BTC until now h...
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Bitcoin 25/11/19 10:09 by Emilio Janus
4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Continues to Crash
Bitcoin has continued its cataclysmic November, with price dropping further overnight to levels not seen since this May. Although it is little consolation, it never hurts to examine potential reasons...
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