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Altcoins 11/03/21 13:02 by Samuel Wan
Ripple Presses on Despite Losing MoneyGram Partnership, Will XRP React?
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said the firm is to wind down its partnership with MoneyGram. But they remain committed to eliminating payment friction inherent in global financial systems. Ripple re-twe...
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Crypto 17/07/20 16:29 by Livine Sanchez
NXT Blockchain Developer Takes Apollo to Court for Copying Its Code Without Attribution
Crypto is headed to the courts next month when lawyers for NXT developer Jelurida will present their case against copycat chain Apollo. A lengthy writ of summons outlining the case against Apollo cit...
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Altcoins 26/03/20 18:55 by Edwin Kinoti
Byron Reboot: Marking A New Era For The Cardano Blockchain
Cardano has announced that they will begin rolling out the Byron Reboot thanks to the accelerated development process. The Byron Reboot is a huge milestone for the Cardano blockchain and its implemen...
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Bitcoin 04/03/20 11:18 by Tolu
No Bitcoin Manipulation: Analyst Defends 2020 Price Surge of 57%
As the crypto market awaits the upcoming halving, there are naturally many thoughts about the Bitcoin market. Firstly, there are several predictions about what the halving will present for Bitcoin. W...
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Crypto 19/11/19 07:30 by Kevin Helms
Indian Supreme Court Wraps up Crypto Hearing for the Year
The Supreme Court of India called on for hearing on Monday the writ petitions challenging the banking restriction by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). After hearing from the RBI’s counsel, the co...
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