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Altcoins 13/10/20 11:21 by Brenda Ngari
Twitter Poll Proves A Majority Of Investors Still Remain Optimistic On XRP’s Long-Term Trend
The price of XRP has been mediocre, to say the least, over the past two years. Despite Ripple — the company that strongly promotes the cryptocurrency — inking countless deals in a bid to grow the...
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Altcoins 26/06/20 07:56 by Brenda Ngari
XRP Whales Are Seriously Accumulating – A Major Price Movement Inbound?
Large XRP holders are doubling down by adding more XRP coins to their bags. This comes even as the XRP price remains stuck in the crypto abyss. In recent months, XRP has fared terribly when compar...
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Altcoins 19/06/20 00:15 by Adrian Klent
Data Shows Most XRP Investors Are ‘Deeply In The Red’ – Why The Worst May Be Yet To Come
The world’s fourth-most valuable cryptocurrency, XRP, has been stuck in the doldrums for the past two years. While a majority of the other major cryptocurrencies have been able to recoup a majority...
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Altcoins 18/06/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
The Average XRP Investor is Down 86%; Why This Number Will Grow
XRP has been caught in the throes of an intense bear market throughout the past couple of years, and although many larger cryptocurrencies have been able to recover most of their losses, the embattled...
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