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Bitcoin at $28000.... what is the next goal? HODL !

Bitcoin 2020/12/27 13:39 by ItsMe YouKnow

Dear, it's time ! it's time to HODL *!

Have you seen the recent price of bitcoin? I'm sure you did. Bitcoin hit $ 28,000. It would be great if you had some, bitcoin or even satoshi, .... In that case you should be asking yourself ... Isn't it a good time to sell bitcoin now?

I think the short answer is NO. But since no one can predict the future price of bitcoin ... maybe you shouldn't trust this advice ... To be honest, I'm not sure the price of bitcoin will continue to rise, but ... keep reading this.


The price of bitcoin is the highest price in its history. This means that a bitcoin is never worth so much in its entire life. Why is the value so high? Bitcoin has had a lot of good news recently. Paypal is finally adopting bitcoin. Other financial services have invested a lot of money in bitcoin. All of this news is making bitcoin more reliable for everyone. More people will invest in bitcoin. More people will want to see Bitcoin at a higher price. The USD value is reduced a bit (therefore bitcoin, other FIAT, hardware, .. is worth more USD than before) .... So ... if everyone wants to buy bitcoin and wants to see its price increase ... think that will do?

Yes, the price of bitcoin will likely continue to rise, but until what? I do not know. Maybe we need to hit a price that people will say "ok .. I made xx% with my investment ... It's time to take my profit now!" ... so what is the right amount? I think it will be close to an interesting and rounded price ... maybe 30,000 USD? maybe 50,000 USD? 100,000 USD?

All scenarios are possible, but if I have to bet on a price. I will say $ 40.0000.

It's a nice and rounded price. Twice the price of $ 20k Bitcoin hit in December 2017. So now we want to know when we will see that price. Again, this is more of a gamble than anything I know I will say within 5 months. So hopefully you will see the bitcoin price at $ 40,000 in May 2021.

Are you selling all of your bitcoin or satoshi in May 2021? Hope you don't. Even though I'm right and the price of bitcoin hit $ 40,000 in May before going down ... I'm not really sure it will go down that much.

  1. First; I don't think we'll ever see the price of bitcoin below $ 20,000 again.
  2. Second, I think bitcoin will hit $ 100,000 as well. Maybe in a few years but still ...

So as they have been saying for years : HODL.

At $ 100,000, it will probably be time to sell and use your profit to do something with it. If everything goes the way we want, you will be able to buy bitcoin again after the dip, but if we hit 100k, don't expect to buy back a bitcoin at 50k ...

Either way, if you don't have bitcoin, it's probably time to buy some ... (you should be able to hold them for years, to be sure you're making a profit). If you don't have the money to spend on it, use a tap and look for offerwalls; Sometimes there is a great deal that will pay you up to $ 100 in crypto.


Long live BITCOIN heart


*What's HODL? : hodl is slang in the cryptocurrency community for holding the cryptocurrency rather than selling it. It is often backronymed to "Hold On for Dear Life".


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