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TRON Tokens - What are the differences between trc10 and trc20

Altcoins 2019/12/16 16:03 by ItsMe YouKnow

TRON Tokens - What are the differences between trc10 and trc20


TRON blockchain able to manage, for the moment, two different types of tokens : TRC10 and TRC20.

Both have advantages and disadvantages ...

Let's check them.




TRC10 requires 1024 TRX to create and only some information about the token.
The required information is : The token name and his abbreviation, the total supply and how much decimal is allowed, the token website.
You can also give to Tron users the opportunity to buy (/participate) your token for an amount of TRX, so you must provide the following information : Token price and date of allowing this exchange.
There is also a way to freeze (lock) your tokens for a while and another feature to offer an amount of your bandwidth to the tokens holders to make transact with your token.

TRC10 transactions are almost free. Some will cost 0.1 TRX (for new TRON address) and some (depending on the bandwidth offered by the token) will cost a few BW ... Around 250 BW points.

You can create your own token from your TRON node or from the Tronscan website.

Example of TRC10 Tokens : BTT, IDA, SEED, ...



TRC20 could be created for free. You just need a few BW & Energy points.
To create a TRC20 you firstly need to make a contract (you can find some contract on google), compile and deploy on the Tronscan website !
Finally, you will get a contract address that you will have to record on tronscan... Done, your TRC20 token is created !

Each TRC20 token transaction will cost BW and energy point and if you don't have enough BW or energy, TRX will be consumed. TRX will always be consumed for a new address.

Depending on your contract you can make your token more or less functional.

Example of TRC20 Tokens : WIN, TWX, USDT, ...



TRC10 is simple to create but costs 1024 TRX, has cheap transactions and good for basic usage.

TRC20 is more complex to create but free, the transactions are not cheap like TRC10 and offer more possibilities.

Both tokens use the TRON Blockchain, could be used to get/send/transfer like any other tokens, and could be stored on any TRON address next to your TRX.


Token Swap, Switch from TRC10 to TRC20 or switch from TRC20 to TRC10

There is a way to swap or switch our token from TRC10 to TRC20 or vice versa? No.. But Yes.
I mean, there is no native way for the TRON Blockchain to switch your token but there is still some ways to do it.
Example, I am not sure that all these can meet your needs :
- simply create a new token, buy all your old token and burn them.
- create a dedicated address and perform a process to trigger a conversion (ie: if you get 10 oldToken from xyz, send 10 newToken to xyz)
- just keep the two tokens active

What's the best? TRC10 or TRC20?

TRC10 is the best but TRC20 is the best too !
Depending your needs, there is no way to answer this question. You can check more on the differences on the TRON official docs and do not forget that you can always do some testing on the TRON SHASTA (testnet) !



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