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Ad-network : where you can advertise your website

Other 2020/06/02 13:05 by Sunny Rain

Ad-network : where can you advertise your website?

There is plenty of Ad-network in the crypto world.
We will try to list somes good crypto ad-network if you need to advertise your website - crypto related - you should read this.

Keep in mind some things : depending your needs, your website, the visibility you want, the budget you have... It could be a good think to advertise trhoug multiple ad-network.

The list is just a good start to give you some good and trustable ad-networks but you can try them for cheap (mostly) and then you will decide with the one you wish continue.
Do not forget to add some tracer tags to your ads links to track the ad-network, the campaign and the ROI (Return on Investment).


List of crypto adnetwork


This is a pretty recent and good ad-network that will let you advertise with banners, popup, or a simple text. They also offer some really cheap advertising with PTC ads (this is not a good quality trafic but the rate is so cheap)
Domain registered since 2018. Trustable : 8/10. Features : 9/10. Quality : 8/10. Support : 9/10. GLOBAL : 8,5/10


Another good ad-network. You can advertise banners or text with advanced stats.
Domain registered since 2014. Trustable : 7/10. Features : 9/10. Quality : 7/10. Support : 8/10. GLOBAL : 7,8/10


A trustable ad-network with a lot of features and possibilities. You can advertise your website in many ways and they are running on a lot of high quality websites. 
Domain registered since 2016. Trustable : 9/10. Features : 9/10. Quality : 9/10. Support : 9/10. GLOBAL : 9/10


This one is auto-proclaming "The first crypto advertising network in the market"; it's a well known ad-network in the crypto world and they offer banner or text ads. They are accepting almost all publishers website so the trafic quality is not the best.
Domain registered since 2012. Trustable : 8/10. Features : 8/10. Quality : 6/10. Support : 7/10. GLOBAL : 7,3/10


This is also another well known ad-network that you could consider. The support is pretty unreachable so if you need to get in touch for anything you are better to avoid this one even if it's still a trustable ad-network working well since years.
Domain registered since 2015. Trustable : 8/10. Features : 8/10. Quality : 7/10. Support : 4/10. GLOBAL : 6.8/10


It was a well known adnetwork in crypto but the website closed a couple weeks ago. 
Domain registered since 2012.  Trustable : 9/10. Features : 7/10. Quality : 9/10. Support : 6/10. GLOBAL : 7.8/10
The owner, Peter Bainbridge (Co-founder) said : 
Due to the recent bear market and other competition, CoinAd has been struggling recently to maintain profitability. It is with this in mind that we have decided to downscale the network and remove the vast majority of our publishers.
If you are due a payout this week you'll still get it, however we will not be re-adding anyone to the network at this time.
Apologies for the abruptness of this decision; we did not make this lightly as CoinAd has been a long-running network and has been great for everyone in the past.
As far as we know some of our competitors such as MellowAds are still going strong; I would recommend switching over to them in the meantime as they are among the best of the microbitcoin networks still going.

Notes are just showed as informations, all ad-networks listed here are globally GOOD !


This list could be also usefull if you own a website and want to get some earnings but be aware, you should get (for almost all of this ad-networks) get a Alexa rank under 100,000, some good-look unique website with quality content and of course : crypto related.

If you know some other good ad-networks, let us know in comments !


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