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Bitcoin 26/01/21 04:28 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Why Bitcoin Price Remains At Risk for a Fresh Drop to $30K
Bitcoin price recovered above $34,000, but it struggled near $35,000 against the US Dollar. BTC is currently declining and it remains at a risk of more losses below $32K. Bitcoin struggled to gain mo...
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Other 26/01/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Massive Bearish Divergence Hints At First Major Chainlink Corrective Phase
Chainlink was among the first cryptocurrency to set a new all-time high in 2020, but given its absence during the 2017 peak was facing different circumstances and no overhead resistance. The altcoin w...
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Altcoins 25/01/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Ethereum Beats Bitcoin Performance Two Years Straight, What’s Next?
Ethereum only just broke its former all-time high, while Bitcoin left took that record back in 2020. However, an investment in the top-ranked altcoin at any point since the 2018 bottom, has resulted i...
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Bitcoin 25/01/21 20:34 by Adrian Klent
What Bitcoin Needs To Ignite A Mammoth Fresh Bullish Upsurge
Bitcoin bears may be losing their grip on the market, but a strong price momentum is necessary for a correction in price. Yesterday, Bitcoin began its consolidation above the $31,000 and $32,000 supp...
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Other 25/01/21 19:10 by Ponvang Bulus
Indian Central Bank Mulls Use of Central Bank Digital Currency For Payments
After many years of indifference, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is now considering the use of a digital fiat currency for the payment sector in the country, a recent report says. This is coming on ...
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Bitcoin 25/01/21 17:48 by Christopher Haruna Hamman
Experts Weigh In On The Possibility Of Bitcoin Facing A Monumental Crash This Year
The Bitcoin price upsurge has been a surprise to many people. Many are still anxious, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and think that the Bitcoin price will crash in 2021. A few experts shared wit...
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Bitcoin 25/01/21 17:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Could be Coiling Up for a Massive Push Higher as Bulls Take Control
Bitcoin’s recent underperformance against altcoins came to a swift end today, with bulls allowing the crypto to rocket higher while bears struggle to slow its ascent The cryptocurrency is now i...
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Bitcoin 25/01/21 14:55 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Heads Towards $35,000 as Biden Stimulus Hurts US Dollar
Bitcoin resumed its uptrend ahead of the New York session Monday as traders weighed their risk-on opportunities against the US President Joe Biden’s stimulus plans and its potential bearish impa...
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Bitcoin 25/01/21 13:08 by Samuel Wan
MicroStrategy Boss: No-One Can Take Your Bitcoin, Not Even The Taxman
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is singing the praises of Bitcoin once more. This time, Saylor talks approvingly of its convenience, as well as its capacity to keep all parties honest. But above all,...
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Bitcoin 25/01/21 10:50 by Adrian Klent
Bitcoin taps support at $33k, hints at a near-term upside breakout
Bitcoin has been recording losses for the past few days. The big bull shredded about $13,000 of its price, a bear pattern that was last seen in October of last year. Indicators are now hinting that t...
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Bitcoin 25/01/21 04:48 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Consolidates Below $33K, Why BTC Could Attempt Bullish Break
Bitcoin price is slowly recovering above $32,000 against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to face a strong selling interest near $33,500 and $34,000. Bitcoin seems to be consolidating above the $31,000 a...
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Bitcoin 24/01/21 18:09 by J. Mac Ghlionn
Bitcoin: Would Nietzsche Approve?
Welcome to the age of corporate socialism, where “we” socialize losses but privatize gains. In the words of David Cay Jonson, “Companies that have failed in the marketplace stick the taxpayers ...
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Bitcoin 24/01/21 17:44 by Jide Idowu
Grayscale Sweeped $1.27 Billion In BTC Off The Market In One Week
Despite the recent drop in the topmost cryptocurrency value by market cap, institutional traders, who have immensely been the asset’s driving force in recent times, haven’t slowed down in...
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Bitcoin 24/01/21 16:59 by Bernice Nyambura
A Supply of 2.1 Quadrillion Satoshis Disqualifies Bitcoin as a Scarce Resource- Says Peter Schiff
Bitcoin is not as scarce as commonly perceived, according to Bitcoin Critic and gold Investor Peter Schiff. Bitcoin has a maximum cap of 21 million, but each bitcoin can be subdivided into a further ...
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Bitcoin 24/01/21 06:18 by Aayush Jindal
Bitcoin Facing Uphill Task, Why BTC Could Drop To $30K Again
Bitcoin price is showing recovering signs above $32,000 against the US Dollar. BTC is facing an uphill task at $34,000 and it is likely to continue lower towards $30,000. Bitcoin is correcting higher...
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Altcoins 23/01/21 19:38 by Cole Petersen
Here’s the Key Demand Zone Ethereum Might Test Before Surging Higher
Ethereum has seen some notable strength today despite Bitcoin’s lackluster price action This has allowed it to gain some serious ground on its BTC trading pair, and the crypto is on the cusp of...
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Bitcoin 23/01/21 15:53 by Adrian Klent
The entrance of 141 new Bitcoin whales indicates an inevitable bullish uptrend
Bitcoin’s continuous decline over the past week may be signaling a forthcoming bear market, but new data suggests otherwise. According to metrics from Glassnode on-chain analytics, 141 new whales h...
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Mining 23/01/21 14:49 by Bernice Nyambura
China’s Bitcoin Mining Industry Get Hits by Ongoing Global Chip Shortage
A severe global shortage of computer chips used to make bitcoin mining rigs has reduced the production capacity of the rigs in China, which has the world’s biggest BTC mining rigs manufacturing ind...
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Bitcoin 23/01/21 14:13 by Adrian Klent
These African Countries Are Most Bullish For Bitcoin In 2021
African countries cannot be ignored in any conversation centered around cryptocurrency adoption. Because many African countries suffer from a staggering economy, the heat of inflation is never too fa...
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Altcoins 22/01/21 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Ethereum Could See an Explosive Move Higher Following Massive 20% Surge
Ethereum has been trading as a higher beta asset to Bitcoin as of late, closely tracking the benchmark crypto but seeing more drastic movements Last night’s Bitcoin selloff proved to be somewha...
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Bitcoin 22/01/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bear Trend Begins To Take Hold In Bitcoin For First Time Since October 2020
Bitcoin price has now pulled back a full $13,000 from 2021 high to low. Yesterday’s massive bearish, red candle is one obvious sign that the trend is turning. However, a technical analysis tool ...
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Bitcoin 22/01/21 18:36 by Guest Author
Bitcoin of America is on the Rise: Expands to 600 plus ATMs
Ever since Bitcoin created a new record, the popular cryptocurrency is in great demand. As the cryptocurrency continues to gain mainstream adoption, it is essential to make it more accessible to anyon...
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Bitcoin 22/01/21 17:10 by Christopher Haruna Hamman
Experts Take On Cryptocurrencies That Could Upstage Bitcoin
It may seem way too early to predict which cryptocurrency will upstage Bitcoin. However, change is constant, and upstaging Bitcoin could also be the beginning of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies...
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Bitcoin 22/01/21 17:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Tests a Critical Resistance Following Overnight Rebound; What’s Next?
Bitcoin has seen some massive momentum throughout the morning that has allowed it to erase a good portion of the losses that came about due to yesterday’s plunge This selloff marked capitulatio...
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Bitcoin 22/01/21 09:20 by Adrian Klent
Should You Buy The Bitcoin Dip? Analysts Weigh In On Bear Market
Bitcoin broke many crucial support levels and ended up trading close to $28,500, from where it began correcting losses. On the upside, the $30,800 and $31,000 resistance levels are significant for co...
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Bitcoin 22/01/21 04:28 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Nosedives To $28.5K, Why Important Support Turned Resistance
Bitcoin price is down over 15% and it broke many supports near $32,000 against the US Dollar. BTC even traded close to $28.5K and it is currently correcting losses. Bitcoin started a strong decline b...
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Altcoins 22/01/21 01:01 by Tony Spilotro
Altcoin Expert: Buy Crypto That Holds Up During Bitcoin Breakdown
Bitcoin has plummeted by more than $11,000 from its recent FOMO-driven peak. Normally, the bearish momentum in the top cryptocurrency is enough to drag down the rest of the market, but select altcoins...
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Mining 21/01/21 23:00 by Cole Petersen
Ethereum Maintains Bullish Market Structure Despite Selloff; Rebound Imminent?
Ethereum has seen an intense selloff ever since its price reached highs of $1,450 just a few days ago The selling pressure here was rather intense and came about right as BTC started reversing its up...
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Bitcoin 21/01/21 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Evening Star: Reversal Pattern Could Sunset Bitcoin Price Action For Weeks
Bitcoin has now retraced as much as $11,000 and 27% from its 2021 peak, and while the current high might not be the top for this bull run, it could send price action headed downwards for a few weeks b...
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Bitcoin 21/01/21 14:36 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin En Route to $30,000 After Price Falls ~12% in a Day; Here’s Why
Bitcoin plunged roughly 12 percent on Thursday, breaking below critical support levels to target $30,000 for a potential pullback. The sell-off occurred despite a positive risk-on sentiment across the...
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