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How to trade Bitcoin? BTC will worth $100,000.. Dream or reality?

Bitcoin 2019/12/11 18:48 by ItsMe YouKnow

How to trade Bitcoin?

BTC will worth $100,000.. Dream or reality?

You probably read a lot of thing about the value of the bitcoin. Bitcoin is worthless. Bitcoin worth millions. No one know the future but you can know that the bitcoin price at this current date is : ~ $7200.

Some expert are claiming that the Bitcoin value will rise a lot. Some others expert claim that bitcoin will goes back to the big zero...

So before starting my point of view, I expose that nobody can be sure of the Bitcoin value of tomorrow but we can have some guess.


How to know the bitcoin value?

It's a simple question but you can find the value at the home page of Crypto News Blog it's the current value of the bitcoin; it mean that people are exchanging a whole bitcoin for this amount of dollars.

How to know if it will go up or down?

This is the 1 billion question ! From the bitcoin exchange charts we can have a small guess. That's how many traders make good profits. You should be aware that it's also a complex thing, which requires good knowledges, informations, and sometimes some luck !

There is the current Bitcoin Chart with some traces... 

Bitcoin chart

You can see few lines that hit multiple times some bottom value... same for the higher prices. These are Resistance (bottom) and Support (top). From the chart we can guess what the value could goes to in the next weeks/months... Something like between $8,200 and $6,200.

Another good thing to check is the tendance... The value is going up or down? Again, from the chart image, It seems Bitcoin value is going down.

We can see the volume that could be a good sign that if the market is exchanging a lot of coins or not. At the moment it's pretty low comparing the history.

Now we can multiply the datas with all of our tools : the charts with the tools (resistance and support, RSI, Volume, Bollinger, Fibonacci, ... could be good for getting some trading tips), the recent news about bitcoin, and for some people it's the worst thing to follow : your feeling.

A good way to make some profit by trading, it's to define your buy value, sell value and stop value (the value -in loss- that you will sell if your trade is not going as you was thinking), then keep trading smalls pourcentage of your trading balance.

So from the informations we got at the moment, I think the bitcoin will reach 6,200 USD... It's my guess, I can not be sure about this but I can not see any 100 thousand dollars soon.... Sorry dreamers !


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