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JSE token is gone

Mining 2020/05/13 18:28 by Sunny Rain


Some of you heard about the JSE Token. JSE was a coin/token using the Ethereum Blockchain.
This was a project that allow people to mine with their computer and get some token.
In fact you did not mined JSE Token but MONERO and with that earnings you've been rewarded with JSE Token.

The concept was not bad and a lot of people using it, they was also offer a way for the website owners to add a little javascript to their website and make people (visitors) mine in background some monero to lets them earn some JSE TOKEN. The visitor was warned about it so it was in background but not hidden.

Mostly : JSE Team earned money with the monero mining that users did and then reward them with their token that was costless for them. Be aware that what they earn couldn't cover the time & resources spend to make this project alive.


What's happened?

"JSE CLOSING DOWN 21ST APRIL 2020" that's what we can read on their website. I told you : JSE is gone, guys !

So they are now closed because lack of liquidity and because the token did not really grow trhough the time... The project was started like 2 or 3 years ago and the jse token did not worth so much. In fact the token was not listed anywhere except on LATOKEN exchange.

I don't really know if LATOKEN team is behind the JSE Project but they failed on this project.


Do you have some JSE TOKEN?

Well... Today you did not have them anymore.. or at least they worth nothing... (Yeah, I know they worth nothing since the beginning, but now it's really zero).
They claim that they will buy back the JSE Token left but in fact, we did not see any buy back from them... The JSE Token was bought at 1 satoshi on his lasts days of live.. Probably bye some random users that was not aware about that? I don't know really but I think that the JSE Token team did not buy back anything, or at least, not so much !


Is that an exit scam?

Not at all, they tried to do something, they failed. End of story... Unfortunately.

Sometimes new projects doesn't works, sometimes they works well...But at least they tried something, and that's still something !
I hope nobody lose too much money on this story but .. let's try another project now !


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