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Justin Sun talk about TRON 4.0

Crypto 2020/06/08 16:23 by Suny Rain

Justin Sun, who is that guy?

In a few words : Justin Sun is the founder of TRON.
He is really active in Twitter, mostly talking about TRON but he is still active in the developpement of the TRON project and his blockchain.


What is TRON?

You are kidding, right? TRON is an altcoin, offering the main coin (TRX) and token usage; like the Ethereum blockchain do with ETH and all of his tokens.

TRON is really fast, comparing to other coins. The TRON blockchain could confirm a transaction in a blink of an eye, to let you compare with some other coins, there is how fast is TRON... or how slow is BITCOIN...

2000 Transactions per seconds when the BTC blockchain can confirm in average 3 to 6 transactions per seconds...

TRON blockchain was officially activated his mainnet in June 2018. The current version of TRON is now the 3.7, named Odyssey, release on last march 17!
The Odyssey version is active since the 30 August 2018, so it's almost all the mainnet lifetime, almost 2 years. It's really the time of some big changes, and the name of this release could be "Great Voyage" !


TRON 4.0, here we go !


When the TRON 4.0 will be released?
- In few weeks, 7th of July, 2020.

It is small changes or it's a big update?
- This is not a small release, there is a lot of new features with this update ! Great things are coming !

What is the biggest new feature of this release?
- Probably the Smart Contract Privacy Protocol.

Can we see every changes of this release?
- You can always check the github sources, releases, commit, ... 



Justin tron posted a poll on Twitter recently, and asked people to tell which one is better : TRON 4.0 or Ethereum 2.0 ?

At the moment the results are the following : 51.9% for TRON 4.0 vs 48.1% for Ethereum 2.0.
As this poll was posted by Justin Tron himself, we could think that much of TRON lovers voted to this poll so... Maybe it's not a really good way to know which one is the better but all we can know, it's TRON 4.0 is a good update and we are glad to see that the TRON project is active and growing, day by day.

On coinmarketcap we can see that TRON (TRX) is the 16th position, on the TOP100 coins, when Bitcoin is in 1st position, of course and ETH in the second position.
At the moment, TRON have a circulating supply of 66682072191 TRX and as the TRX value is about $0,018022 USD is mean the total maket capitalization is : $1,201,725,302 USD. Over 1 billion US dollars. As we compared Bitcoin and Ethereum early, let's check about them also :
- BITCOIN MARKET CAP : 178 billions USD
- ETHEREUM MARKET CAP : 27 billions USD 
- TRON MARKET CAP : 1.2 billions USD.

Ok, TRON is still not at thoses levels but... Let me tell you the launched dates : 
- Bitcoin : 2009, 11 years ago.
- Ethereum : 2015, 5 years ago.
- Tron : 2018, 2 years ago.

As we know in crypto, evolutions could be exponantial.. so we will see how things are going...


If you still want to read more about the TRON 4.0, an open letter was posted yesterday about this TRON upgrade on medium : Great Voyage: TRON 4.0 Officially Launches on July 7th


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