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New ICO : Why you should join GoGoMonster and buy GGM Tron Token

Altcoins 2019/12/06 01:37 by ItsMe YouKnow

GGM TokenNew ICO/ITO : Why you should join GoGoMonster and buy GGM Tron Token 

GoGo.Monster Token issuing open for few days.


GoGoMonster LogoNew token GGM is released as the GoGo.Monster website (in pre-release version). GoGoMonster should be a website that will allow you to spent some time and earn some money. As the website is still not release in his final version, we can not say exactly what you will be able to do but for now, we can still have an idea with the ICO progress bars which is showing the funded features.


What does ICO/ITO stand for?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Initial Token Offering (ITO) mean that GoGo.Monster offer you to buy the GGM Token in exchange of your TRX (Tron) or BTC (Bitcoin).


Why should I join the project and exchange my TRX or BTC to GGM Token?

This is what we will try to explain. GGM Token is freshly new and if we are checking the Tron Blockchain, we will learn some things : 

  • GGM Token is a TRC10 Token, using the Tron Blockchain.

If you know the TRON blockchain, you'll know it's a good point. Tron allow you to make really cheap transaction for TRC10 (completely free in most cases)

  • GGM Token is cheap !! You can exchange 1 TRX for 10 GGM !

It's another good point. You can get more GoGoMonster Tokens with not so much TRX or Bitcoin. It's probably good as the token can increase easily his value.

  • GGM Token has a total supply of 10,000,000 Token

That's the best point in my opinion. This is a small amount and it is not possible to change it or increase the number of tokens. So this small total supply + the small value of this token offering ... will make a good investment. 

  • GGM Token seems nice and fun !

So the best part is that the investment could make you more rich than yesterday.... But another fun part it's with all of GGM Token bought, we are increasing the progress bars of features ! More GGM Tokens are exchanged, more features the final website GoGo.Monster will get ... Yeah, we should remember this is not a token without purpose... The GGM Token will be used on the website. 


GoGoMonster LogoNow we can say, another good part in this project : if you do not want to spent any single satoshi (or sun) : you can claim some free GGM with their Telegram Faucet Bot !


You should know more about this project now and I let you choose what you want to do :

- Invest / buy GGM with TRX or BTC (you can also use Tronlink) : https://gogo.monster/invest.php

- Claim some free crypto GGM on Telegram : @ggmfaucetbot


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