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Ledger Users can now Stake Their XTZ From a Hardware Wallet

Crypto 2019/12/10 19:21 by JP Buntinx

A lot of companies and service providers are rolling out staking support for Tezos. The latest company to do so is Ledger, as its Live software now lets users stake XTZ. 

Ledger is best known for providing hardware wallets to customers all over the world.

Ledger Enables Full Tezos Support

Their devices are both relatively cheap and extremely powerful, at least for the supported currencies.

In a recent blog update, the company unveiled how their Ledger Live toolkit has received a big update.

It already had support for 23 currencies and over 1,250 ERC20 tokens prior to this news.

The big change is how Ledger Live now supports Tezos as a currency.

Furthermore, users can keep their XTZ in the hardware wallet and begin staking coins for extra rewards.

By enabling this staking support, Tezos holders can receive rewards for securing the network through a hardware wallet.

This is very different from collecting rewards through supporting exchanges.

Those platforms do not provide the same level of security and convenience compared to Ledger’s solution.

Additionally, users have full control over their staking coins as well as the rewards they earn in the process. 

This will not be the final update Ledger makes to its core software either.

The company will keep building tools for other currencies, tokens, and assets accordingly.

There is a lot more to cryptocurrnecies than just the supported two dozen markets. 

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