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Multi blockchain dApp CryptoZen.NINJA shakes up Defi aggregator space

Crypto 2021/05/28 13:08 by PR DESK
Multi blockchain dApp CryptoZen.NINJA shakes up Defi aggregator space

Blockchain offers a lot more than opportunities to mine and trade crypto. The innovation of decentralized applications is a perfect example. One of the most promising dApp is known as CryptoZen.NINJA. In this article, we’re going to discuss how it works and highlight some incredible features. Let’s take a look.

CryptoZen.NINJA is a dApp that connects different decentralized finance solutions and availing them to routine users. For example, suppose a person has never heard about crypto. In that case, they will find a piece of streamlined information in the app instead of being overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

The centralized finance space is at the mercy of banks and other intermediaries. These institutions sometimes can get hold of the users’ assets, leaving them more devastated. However, the future is bright for contemporary world investors since the CryptoZen dApp aims to reduce the need for intermediaries, giving users the freedom to manage and grow crypto.

The outstanding features of the Community mining program

Crypto mining is a lucrative activity. However, it’s a difficult task involving high energy consumption. This energy consumption may not be sustainable for the environment. There has been a need to have a sustainable community mining program, and that’s where CryptoZen.Ninja comes in.

CryptoZen’s mining programs are energy-efficient, thus eliminating the need to spend a lot of energy in mining. The dApp’s mining program is straightforward for mining enthusiasts. They don’t have to purchase a high-end CPU or establish a rig that consumes a lot of energy. The mining program allows users to gain NINJA once they carry out routine transactions.

The rewards from the mining community will be dispensed regularly. This will ensure that CryptoZen and the NINJA utility token remain valuable. Crypto mining tokens have a cap of 25%, while most of the other supply is locked. There is fixed cap of 1 billion CryptoZen.NINJA tokens, which means that there will never be more in existence.

CryptoZen.NINJA governance portal

Governance is a significant aspect of every cryptocurrency platform. CryptoZen seeks to give authority to the community and offer a reward for using the dApp through the governance portal. Users can vote, report bugs, or vote.

Users can find categories like bugs and fixes, future requests, and blockchain integrations. These features are split and designed in a way the community can operate with ease. The simple design makes the application special as it removes barriers for users without a background in tech.

The governance process involves getting popular inputs and actualizing them in the CryptoZen.Ninja dApp. It involves the voting, scheduling, development, and implementation stages. In the voting stage, the CryptoZen team collects input from the community then the voted bugs, proposals, or features are scheduled for development on the scheduling stage. All ideas arising from the voting and scheduling stages are then developed and implemented.

What’s better is that the process is showcased for everyone to comprehend and review. The main goal here is to give authority to the users. The more the community votes, the more the ideas proposal and features introduced. The dApp’s team will consider these proposals or bugs, and the implementation process is transparent.

The CryptoZen.Ninja’s rewards are offered weekly. About 10.000 tokens are allocated in a week, which is about 0.001% of the token supply amount. The tokens are distributed to the participants based on the following criteria.

  • Voting= 1x
  • Bugs=5x
  • Proposing=10x

 The participants who contribute most get to earn extra on an ad-hoc basis.

More blockchain solutions on the platform

The first integrated chains on CryptoZen are Ethereum and Binance. You might be wondering why other chains are yet to be incorporated. The BSC (Binance Smart Chain) powers smart contracts and are compatible with EVM (Ethereum virtual machine, making everything convenient.

The dApp will soon incorporate ETH2 solutions like xDai, a stable chain with cheap and fast transactions, and Polygon, a solution with layer 2 scaling and backed by Coinbase and Binance.

There is a Binance bridge project which aims at increasing interoperability across the blockchain. The project allows users to convert their crypto from and into Binance Smart chain and Binance Chain. CryptoZen.NINJA aims at combining various blockchain bridges in the future when the protocols mature and become convenient.

Rewarding daily crypto users

The rewards earned on the platform are known as NINJA. The reward system is a means to encourage people to use dApp daily. There are dApp, referral, and fee discounts.

The in-dApp tokens are rewarded to users for using the app for transactions and check-ins. This means that you can earn a token by simply receiving o sending crypto assets on the platform. The dApp allows you to access yield earning and other decentralized finance features.

The CryptoZen users can also earn tokens by inviting family and friends to the platform. Once a new user signs up with your referral link and begins operating the platform, you earn some rewards. This program aims to offer a referral solution to appreciate users who bring in new participants.

CryptoZen.Ninja users can get up to 80% discounts by holding the tokens on their wallets. The dApp gets funding to run the platform from transactional fees levied from transactions. The more users hold on to the NINJA tokens, the lesser the fees. Bear in mind that the highest you can earn as a platform fee discount is 80%, meaning that the lowest amount you can pay for the fees is 20% of the initial amount.

There are enough rewards for everyone at CryptoZen.Ninja, whether you’re a newbie or a tech guru.

The future of DeFi 

The dApp is permissionless, meaning that no one has control over your funds. The only thing users have to do is connect with their wallets, and they’ll gain complete control over their crypto assets. The decentralized technology in CryptoZen will be the way to go.

Third parties can’t gain access to your funds, thus offering the users a sense of security. The dApp is not only safe but also offers a faster platform to execute transactions. It might be what contemporary world investors have been waiting for. 

The Cryptozen.NINJA dApp is here to stay, and its subsequent developments might revolutionalize finance for the better.

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