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Bitcoin 14/05/21 01:58 by Taylor Scott
MicroStrategy Discloses A $15M Bitcoin Purchase
When it comes to bitcoin, MicroStrategy is looking for more. This comes after buying over 20,000 BTC in the first quarter of the year, at an average cost of roughly $52K (for a total cost exceeding $1...
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Other 10/02/21 18:19 by J. Mac Ghlionn
An Immodest Proposal To Voluntarily Abolish The Acronym “FOMO”
In 1895, a leading French polymath by the name of Gustave Le Bon published ‘The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind‘, which is widely considered a seminal dissection of crowd psychology...
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Bitcoin 10/12/20 21:21 by Nick James
Circle CEO On Why The Biden Administration Will Likely Warm Up To Bitcoin
Circle CEO Thinks The Biden Administration Will Warm Up To Crypto And Probably Adopt A Crypto-Focused Growth Strategy The incoming White House administration will likely embrace the crypto technol...
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Bitcoin 10/07/20 18:24 by Adrian Klent
Peter Schiff Condemns Bitcoin For Lingering Below $10k Despite Its “Amazing Fundamentals”
Peter Schiff, the well known gold advocate has once again restated his doubts about Bitcoin’s price performance. Schiff who is famous for constantly discrediting and slandering Bitcoin despite ...
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Bitcoin 26/06/20 19:43 by Adrian Klent
Max Keiser Believes Bitcoin Price At $50,000 Will Trigger Gold Bug Peter Schiff to Panic-Buy
Popular reporter and Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser is predicting that some of the cryptocurrency’s most vocal critics will soon flip over and become some of crypto’s biggest pioneers. A ver...
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