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Bitcoin 05/06/20 15:52 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Can Be A Store Of Value But Can’t Be A Replacement For Current System: Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has acknowledged that bitcoin can indeed be a reliable store of value in a recent Twitter debate. Cuban, however, isn’t convinced about the pioneer asset’s poten...
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Crypto 18/05/20 19:30 by Tony Spilotro
Mark Cuban’s $4,000 Trickle Up Stimulus Could Provide Boost For Crypto
Mark Cuban is a self-made billionaire, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, investor, and one of the mainstays on the popular TV show Shark Tank. Although Cuban hasn’t always been the biggest supporte...
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Bitcoin 25/04/20 21:07 by Brenda Ngari
Despite Being A Serial Critic, Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Owns Some Bitcoin After All
Towards the end of last year, Tech billionaire Mark Cuban asserted that he would choose bananas over bitcoin as the former is more useful. When asked why he was so much against the top cryptocurrency...
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Bitcoin 18/04/20 13:12 by Marco Tulio
Bitcoin vs Basketball: Billionaires Mark Cuban And Tyler Winklevoss get into a Twitter fight
Yesterday morning the crypto billionaire Tyler Winklevoss tweeted a comment on an interview between Mark Cuban and Anthony Pompliano discussing the difficulties of using bitcoin. While Cuban argued t...
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Bitcoin 16/04/20 16:00 by Nick Chong
This One Financial Trend Will Make Bitcoin Succeed: Billionaire
While Bitcoin has embarked on a steep recovery since the $3,700 lows seen in March, some have still been questioning the value of cryptocurrency. Case in point: a hedge fund manager named Mark Dow rec...
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Bitcoin 16/04/20 10:51 by Marco Tulio
Bitcoin Depends On Fiat To Exist: Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban the billionaire entrepreneur and investor known for being a crypto skeptic, told Anthony Pompliano he could change his mind about BTC if it was easier to use and more widely adopted, becom...
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Bitcoin 11/12/19 17:00 by Jamie Redman
Market Update: Despite Uncertainty, BTC Longs Skyrocket
Digital currency prices have slumped again as the entire crypto market capitalization has dropped below $200 billion. At press time, most of the top digital assets are down a few percentages after gat...
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Bitcoin 10/12/19 23:02 by Rick D.
Industry Reacts to Mark Cuban’s ‘No Chance’ for Bitcoin Comments
American businessman and investor Mark Cuban believes that Bitcoin has “no chance” of becoming a reliable currency. Amongst other criticisms, the billionaire believes the digital asset is ...
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