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Bitcoin 24/11/20 11:39 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Hits $19K on Dimming Election Uncertainty and Weaker Dollar
Bitcoin rose above $19,000 on Tuesday after Donald Trump said his administration would assist President-elect Joe Biden’s transition to the White House, easing investors’ concerns about a ...
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Mining 24/11/20 09:48 by Brenda Ngari
Max Keiser: Institutions Will Purchase Bitcoin Directly From Miners And Box Out The Public As Price Reaches $1M
Amid the COVID-19 crisis, economies worldwide have shuddered and governments have been forced to introduce drastic measures to resuscitate the ailing economy. As a result of this uncertainty, bitcoin...
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Bitcoin 24/11/20 04:48 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Stuck In Range, Why BTC Remains At Risk of A Sharp Correction
Bitcoin price failed again to clear the $18,800 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC is trading in a range and it could correct lower sharply if there is a break below $18,200. Bitcoin is still trad...
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Altcoins 24/11/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Fibonacci Day: How To Use Math To Trade Bitcoin And Altcoins
Bitcoin price broke above its 2019 high, and after that, took off another $5,000. The reason why the level was so critical to confirming a reversal back into a bull market, was due to the resistance r...
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Bitcoin 23/11/20 23:16 by Guest Author
Trust in BTC analyst: the reasons for Bitcoin wave
The delights of a leap year eventually pushed Bitcoin. After responding rather sluggishly to the first wave of the coronavirus, during the second one, the course of the main cryptocurrency showed imp...
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Altcoins 23/11/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin And Dollar Dominance: Five Factors Behind The Current Altcoin Season
Bitcoin price is nearly trading at its former all-time high, and at a price point that feels unreachable for many to own a full coin, interest has again turned toward altcoins. BTC dominance has sunk ...
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Bitcoin 23/11/20 14:21 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Extends Rebound on AstraZeneca-Oxford Vaccine Results
Bitcoin rose Monday, putting itself back on track to retest its record high after promising results on a coronavirus vaccine reinforced hopes of an economic rebound next year. The spot BTC/USD exchang...
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Bitcoin 23/11/20 04:48 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Trades Below 100 SMA, Why BTC Could Face Short-term Dips
Bitcoin price failed to continue higher above $18,800 and corrected lower against the US Dollar. BTC is now trading below the 100 hourly SMA and showing a few bearish signs. Bitcoin is facing a stron...
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Bitcoin 23/11/20 00:00 by Nick Chong
If Bitcoin Followed Tesla’s Path, It Would Hit $125,000 in the Next Year
Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over the past few weeks, rallying from the $11,000 range to $18,700 as of this article’s writing. A comparison between BTC’s current rally and the rall...
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Bitcoin 22/11/20 06:00 by Nick Chong
Bitcoin Has a Higher Market Cap Than All Public Companies But 17
Bitcoin has seen a strong surge over recent weeks amid a muted background for the stock market. The price of the leading cryptocurrency has rocketed higher by approximately 70% in the past five weeks ...
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Bitcoin 22/11/20 05:28 by Aayush Jindal
Bitcoin Near Crucial Juncture: Why BTC Could Surge Above $18.8K
Bitcoin price traded to a new multi-month high close to $18,850 against the US Dollar. BTC is now consolidating gains (while ripple surged 35%) and preparing for the next major move. Bitcoin traded a...
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Bitcoin 20/11/20 20:22 by Bernice Nyambura
“I’m So Bullish On Bitcoin,” Grayscale CEO Says As Fund Targets 25-Years BTC Investment Trends
A few days after Grayscale announced management of 3% of total BTC in Supply, Founder and CEO of DCG, the parent company of Grayscale, Barry Silbert declared his bullish stance on Bitcoin. Silbert...
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Bitcoin 20/11/20 14:53 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin At Crossroads With Its Biggest Bearish Fundamental: US Treasury
Bitcoin was heading upwards on Friday in anticipation of closing another week in gains (including the weekend). The BTC/USD exchange rate continued its upside momentum as it jumped $18,000, a psycholo...
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Bitcoin 20/11/20 04:48 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Prints Bullish Pattern, Why Close Above $18.2K Could Be Game Changer
Bitcoin price remained stable above the $17,500 support against the US Dollar. BTC is showing bullish signs and a close above $18,200 could start a fresh surge. Bitcoin formed a support base near the...
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Altcoins 20/11/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Litecoin Rallies While Altcoins Flounder, Here What’s Behind The Show Of Strength
Bitcoin remains below its high set earlier in the week, but out of nowhere, Litecoin has surged an additional 13% today alone, capping off a 33% green week for the previously lagging altcoins. But why...
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Bitcoin 19/11/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Why Bitcoin Dominance Suggests Alt Season Is Still Many Months Out
Bitcoin price is a mere $2,000 away currently from setting a new high and shocking the world that the cryptocurrency rose from the ashes like a Phoenix once again. The currently flaming hot cryptocurr...
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Altcoins 19/11/20 17:23 by Cole Petersen
Why This “Whale” Thinks Ethereum Could Soon Be “Better Digital Gold” than Bitcoin
Bitcoin and Ethereum are rarely compared beyond when discussing market structures and price trends, with their underlying fundamental values being wildly different. While Bitcoin is seen as a store of...
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Bitcoin 19/11/20 16:48 by Joseph Young
New Bitcoin Institutional Rally? Why BTC Just Blasted Past $18k Again
The price of Bitcoin surged past $18,000 once again, marking a sharp recovery from its earlier intraday drop to around $17,355. Behind the ongoing rally is a noticeable spike in the open interest of C...
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Bitcoin 19/11/20 14:57 by Brenda Ngari
Why Bitcoin Is Unlikely To Ever Experience Another March-Like 50% Price Drop
This year has undeniably turned out to be bitcoin’s year. Despite the coronavirus pandemonium, no asset class has served as a better hedge against inflation, an ideal safe haven than bitcoin. Moreo...
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Bitcoin 19/11/20 04:58 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Consolidating Gains, Why Close Below $17.5K Could Be Significant
Bitcoin price surged towards the $18,500 level before correcting lower against the US Dollar. BTC must stay above $17,500 for upside continuation in the near term. Bitcoin rallied further towards the...
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Bitcoin 19/11/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bitcoin Approaches Top Of Accumulation Zone, Parabolic Phase Begins With Breakout
Bitcoin every four years post-halving goes parabolic and rises to a new all-time high. The ebb and flow of these cycles each time attracts new money and participants to the cryptocurrency network and ...
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Bitcoin 19/11/20 00:59 by Nick Chong
Analyst Who Called March’s V-Shaped Reversal Says Bitcoin Dip Is Inevitable
Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over the past few days as the coin has continued to see vast buying interest. The coin pushed as high as $18,500 last evening, though quickly dipped back into the ...
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Bitcoin 18/11/20 22:00 by Cole Petersen
Here’s Why Bitcoin Won’t Ever See Another March-Style Selloff Event
Bitcoin has come a long way from where it was just under one year ago, with the March 12th selloff sending the cryptocurrency to lows of $3,800 – from which point it has seen exponential upside ...
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Bitcoin 18/11/20 21:00 by Tony Spilotro
Bulls In Control: Total Bitcoin Market Cap Achieves New All-Time High
Bitcoin still has some room to climb before setting a new all-time high in the price per BTC. However, the current market cap of Bitcoin is now currently larger and more valuable than it was back when...
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Crypto 18/11/20 15:15 by Samuel Wan
Analyst Predicts Crypto Altseason Coming Early Next Year
Strong moves from Bitcoin this week have rekted altcoins in the process. In the last 24-hours, the leading crypto posted +8% gains to $18.2k. With its current run of form, many analysts expect Bitcoin...
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Bitcoin 18/11/20 14:12 by Yashu Gola
3 On-Chain Metrics Show Why Bitcoin Price Could Hit $20K
Bitcoin inched towards $18,500 on Tuesday night. A sell-off occurred, and the cryptocurrency lost its support base of $18,000 in the early Wednesday hours. But ahead of the US session, it managed to s...
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Bitcoin 18/11/20 11:00 by Nick Chong
Mexican Billionaire Reveals He Put 10% of His Portfolio in Bitcoin
It’s totally fair to say that the institutional investors are finally entering the Bitcoin and crypto-asset markets. Bitcoin has seen a strong rally over the past few weeks and months. In the pa...
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Bitcoin 18/11/20 09:56 by Nick James
Game Of Thrones Actress Maisie Williams, AKA Arya Stark, Steps Into The Bitcoin World With A Bang
Apparently, the superstar actress from Game of Thrones (GoT), Maisie Williams, who went by the stage name Arya Stark, is trying her hand in the Bitcoin market. Earlier on November 16, Maisie took to ...
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Bitcoin 18/11/20 04:48 by Aayush Jindal
TA: Bitcoin Extends Rally, Why Bulls Remain In The Driver’s Seat
Bitcoin price rallied over 6% and it broke the $17,500 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC is consolidating gains and it seems like the bulls are aiming more upsides above $18,000. Bitcoin extended...
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Altcoins 18/11/20 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Despite Bullish Factors, Litecoin Suffers Brutal Rejection At Downtrend Resistance
Litecoin was one of this week’s biggest movers and shakers in crypto, beating even Bitcoin substantially. The bullish impulse took the altcoin to a year-long downtrend line against BTC but unfor...
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