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Other 03/08/20 06:48 by Guest Author
OKEx Unveils Four New OKB Ecosystem Partners
The crypto exchange and trading giant OKEx has recently announced four new partnerships to expand the real-world usage of its adopted utility OKB token. The partnership with trading bot platforms Haas...
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Bitcoin 30/07/20 04:00 by Cole Petersen
Bitcoin Transaction Fees Surge as Demand for the Network Rockets Higher
Demand for the Bitcoin network is beginning to take off, with the crypto’s ongoing price rise being the likely suspect behind this sudden uptick. This has resulted in the cryptocurrency seeing a mas...
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Altcoins 26/07/20 00:17 by Brenda Ngari
The Total Value Locked In DeFi Markets Hits Whopping $4 Billion As Ethereum Price Explodes Past $300
Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) has taken the crypto world by storm in recent months as interest among investors continues to rise. The total value locked in the DeFi markets has grown at...
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Altcoins 23/07/20 09:30 by Vincent Mislos
Vitalik Buterin Wants to Reform Ethereum Transaction Fees, Campaigns for New Fee Model
Vitalik Buterin is looking at reforming the transaction fees in Ethereum so as not to impair the network security due to rising transaction fees. In Proof-of-Work, miners rely on transaction fees ...
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Altcoins 23/07/20 00:58 by Nick Chong
Ethereum at $243 Is “Hilarious,” Says Analyst as ETH2 and Staking Near
Since the start of the year, Ethereum has done rather well. Per data from TradingView, the leading altcoin is trading approximately 80% higher than the price it started 2020 at. Analysts expect ETH to...
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Mining 20/07/20 09:18 by PR DESK
Nominex and its fully ecosystem-integrated token are moving to phase 4 of DCO
The easiest way to enter the Blue Ocean world of Nominex is by participating in the hybrid token distribution model while the token price, which is steadily climbing, is still low (the price changes ...
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Altcoins 19/07/20 22:00 by Nick Chong
Even After Going Parabolic, Ethereum DeFi Tokens Have Room to Grow in China
Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens have been all the rage over recent weeks, with some literally rallying parabolically. Take the example of Aave’s LEND, which has gained in ex...
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Other 13/07/20 16:48 by Samuel Wan
Matic Network Gives a Glimpse Into How Big DeFi Staking Will Be
Crypto staking on the Matic mainnet went live just over two weeks ago. On launch, Matic co-founder and CEO, Sandeep Nailwa took to Twitter to boast of the incredible 150% annual yield available for ea...
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Altcoins 13/07/20 00:00 by Nick Chong
Ethereum May See Its Most Important Breakout Since 2018: All Eyes on $240
Out of the top-five cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has been the most bullish one over recent weeks. The cryptocurrency has pushed closer and closer to local highs as Bitcoin and XRP have stalled. Analysts...
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Altcoins 10/07/20 17:16 by Vincent Mislos
Ripple CTO David Schwartz Criticizes Bitcoin For Not Being Eco-Friendly Like XRP
Ripple CTO David Schwartz criticized Bitcoin in a new blog post that claims XRP’s consensus mechanism is more environmental-friendly than BTC’s proof-of-work (POW), which ‘consumes a lot of...
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Altcoins 10/07/20 13:00 by Yashu Gola
Explosive Defi, Stablecoin Activity Send Ethereum Fees Above Bitcoin
The median transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain have been above Bitcoin’s for over a month. Data aggregator Messari noted that an explosion of activities on Ethereum-backed decentralized...
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Bitcoin 09/07/20 01:18 by PR DESK
Consulting24 launches new site to compare the best options to buy Bitcoin
Consulting24 – one of Estonia’s leading consultancy companies – is proud to announce the launch of BuyBitcoin24.com website to make a wise decision. ...
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Altcoins 07/07/20 00:45 by Ponvang Bulus
Total Fees Paid On Ethereum Tops Bitcoin’s For 30 Days Straight. What This Means
Ethereum has consistently maintained higher total fees paid on the network than on the Bitcoin network for 30 days in a row, data from Glassnode shows. The fee volume has been above that of Bitcoin r...
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Bitcoin 02/07/20 23:11 by Olivia Brooke
Bitcoin Whales Back On The Pitch With Billion-Dollar Moves
A Bitcoin whale has reportedly transferred nearly $1 billion worth of Bitcoin to a Bitstamp account while paying less than $1 in fees. Revealing details from the transaction, a Bitcoin block bot reve...
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Other 01/07/20 17:11 by Livine Sanchez
Touching In On Yobit Exchange
There are few cryptocurrency exchanges that have managed to hold their heads high in the cryptocurrency industry. One of them is the Panama-based exchange, Yobit. Founded in 2014 by a group of Europe...
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Altcoins 29/06/20 20:00 by Nick Chong
Ethereum Fees Just Hit a Multi-Year High, But There Are Solutions
The past few weeks have seen Ether stall in terms of price action, with the cryptocurrency trading between $210-240. Not the same can be said about Ethereum’s underlying blockchain activity. Due...
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Altcoins 26/06/20 04:00 by Nick Chong
DeFi Effect: Scaling Debate Begins as Ethereum Fees Reach Two-Year Highs
Ethereum has seen a decentralized finance craze over recent weeks. Due to innovation, high returns on investments, and other attractive characteristics, DeFi has gone parabolic. Data from DeFiPulse s...
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Altcoins 24/06/20 12:00 by Nick Chong
On-Chain Data: Ethereum Is Rapidly Growing as DeFi Hype Spreads
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most other cryptocurrencies have largely stalled over the past few weeks. That’s in terms of price. But data shows that the two leading blockchains are seeing rapid growth...
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Altcoins 24/06/20 01:00 by Cole Petersen
Ethereum Competitors Bolstered by High Fees, But ETH‘s Outlook Remains Strong
There has been a boom in demand for Ethereum in recent times, with much of this stemming from the explosive growth of the DeFi sector. Although this demand has yet to result in any type of bullish pri...
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Bitcoin 15/06/20 14:51 by Nick James
The Cost Of Transacting With Bitcoin Has Dropped By Almost 90% Within A Month
The Bitcoin network is currently experiencing a significant fall in transaction fees, making it now way cheaper to send BTC than it was merely a month ago. At the moment, the average one can pay for ...
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Altcoins 13/06/20 03:00 by Priyeshu Garg
New Report: $2.5 Million Ethereum Fee is Neither Fat Fingers nor Money Laundering
The two Ethereum transactions where senders paid millions of dollars in fees for transactions worth as little as $130 are widely believed to be blackmail. According to research from analytics company ...
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Altcoins 12/06/20 22:28 by Brenda Ngari
Vitalik Buterin Says Mysterious High-Fee ETH Transactions May Be An Exchange Being Blackmailed
A few days ago, the ethereum network witnessed two transactions sent from the same address and with an abnormally high transaction fee. The first transaction involved $133 worth of ethereum and cost ...
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Altcoins 10/06/20 19:30 by Tony Spilotro
Why Did This Crypto User Spend $2.5 Million In Ethereum Fees To Send 0.5 ETH?
This morning, Ethereum network fees surged to over $2.6 million in a single hour. The spike in the metric was primarily due to one actor sending just 0.55 ETH, but paying over $2.5 million in USD valu...
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Altcoins 10/06/20 16:15 by Ponvang Bulus
Ethereum fees reach highest level ever seen as user pays $2.5 million to send $133
Ethereum transaction fees have reached the highest level at $2,631,127 following a single transaction in which $2.5 million was paid as fees. According to Glassnode, this far exceeds anything ever re...
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Mining 09/06/20 00:11 by John Kiguru
Ethereum HODLers Transcend Bitcoin’s Amid Imminent Launch of ETH 2.0 Staking Implementation
Recent data shows that Ethereum has surpassed Bitcoin in unique addresses created. The largest altcoin now leads Bitcoin and although the volume traded is still significantly lower than bitcoin, it s...
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Altcoins 08/06/20 16:15 by Priyeshu Garg
Daily Network Fees on Ethereum Reached $500,000, Leaving Bitcoin Way Behind
The daily network fees on the Ethereum network have reached almost $500,000 on Jun. 7 for the fourth time in the network’s history. The huge uptick in-network fees now mean that Ethereum has surpass...
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Altcoins 07/06/20 00:00 by Nick Chong
On-Chain Data Shows Ethereum Usage Has Rocketed, Boosting ETH’s Bull Case
Ethereum is still down by over 80% from its all-time high, but that hasn’t stopped cryptocurrency users from increasingly adopting the asset. Rafael Schultze-Kraft (@n3ocortex on Twitter...
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Altcoins 27/05/20 19:19 by Guest Author
Currency.com vs BitMEX – Can Regulated Tokenized Securities Compete with the King of Crypto Derivatives?
Having launched in 2014, BitMEX enjoyed many years as the only fish swimming in the cryptocurrency derivatives pond. However, in recent times, it has found itself surrounded by an increasing number of...
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Altcoins 26/05/20 19:37 by Marco Tulio
Ethereum Network Usage at All-Time High, When Will Its Price Follow Suit?
Daily gas usage on the Ethereum network is at its all-time high, indicating that the network is being used more than ever, according to data from Etherscan —a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform ...
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Bitcoin 24/05/20 17:11 by PR DESK
Maximize Profits on BTC Trading with Bexplus
After the bitcoin block reward halving on May 11, Glassnode.com statistics show the BTC hashrate is 90 EH/s or so on May 22. The overall SHA256 hashrate lost around 47 EH/s. Due to the electrical sho...
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