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Other 15/06/21 21:47 by Livine Sanchez
The Many NFT Services Hoard’s Marketplace Offers
Renaissance people had the Mona Lisa, but today Millenials have non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Markets to buy and sell these valuable pieces are in demand. The Hoard Marketplace made a public announc...
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Other 12/04/21 19:43 by NewsBTC
Holdefi: A Unique Decentralized Lending Platform Shaping the Future of DeFi
The DeFi industry offering an alternative to traditional financial services is evolving at a rapid pace. There are few platforms that are using the latest advances in the blockchain space to create De...
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Other 11/02/21 10:28 by Thomas Delahunty
TrueFi’s Reveals Comprehensive New Roadmap as $50 million TVL Milestone Approaches
The TrueFi protocol has only been around for a couple of months and its arrival is already being felt across the DeFi landscape. Since the beginning of January, the platform has steadily been climbing...
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Other 11/12/20 11:45 by Livine Sanchez
What’s the Future of DeFi in 2021?
Will DeFi and Bitcoin lending survive in 2021? Is it here to stay or is it a passing fad?  There’s no question that DeFi took center stage in 2020. The prices of DeFi tokens went up by mult...
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Other 30/08/20 17:37 by Guest Author
Paradefi Network – The Defi Architect
Paradefi is a pool-based decentralized lending platform in which borrowers and lenders interact with each other based on a smart-contract algorithm. The Paradefi Foundation aimed at creating a non-cu...
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