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Bitcoin 20/04/21 19:34 by Brenda Ngari
WeWork Now Accepts Payments In Bitcoin — And Will Hold The Crypto On Its Balance Sheet
WeWork becomes the latest company to begin accepting cryptocurrency for payments. The SoftBank-backed real estate giant announced on Tuesday that it will allow its customers to pay for fixed offices ...
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Crypto 20/04/21 19:22 by Livine Sanchez
Crypto Exchange AAX Introduces MPC Wallet To Its VIP And Institutional Investors
Security of digital assets remains among the top discussions in the cryptocurrency industry as exchanges and individuals keep losing their millions in digital assets to hackers and other third partie...
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Crypto 20/04/21 19:08 by NewsBTC
OpenOcean – Aggregating the Full Liquidity Across All Cryptocurrency Markets
User experience has been a longstanding problem in cryptocurrency. Early adopters have accepted many issues that just don’t exist in traditional financial markets, including friction with onboar...
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Crypto 20/04/21 17:39 by Brenda Ngari
PayPal Extends Cryptocurrency Trading To Its Venmo Mobile App
Online payments giant PayPal stirred the bulls in March when it unveiled a new service that allows users to pay for goods and services at approved merchants around the world with cryptocurrency. The ...
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Bitcoin 20/04/21 16:34 by Guest Author
Will Bitcoin Break $100,000 With Coinbase Going Public?
The crypto market has been ignited in the past weeks, as Bitcoin and Ether gained over 10% and XRP doubled in value. One reason for the frenzy is the direct listing of Coinbase on Nasdaq on Wednes...
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Altcoins 20/04/21 14:00 by Samuel Wan
Is Amazon About to Accept Dogecoin? The Payment Use Case Explored
A change.org petition requesting Amazon to accept Dogecoin for payment has reached over 140k signatures. The appeal was started four years, but the last two months have seen it pick up the pace, reach...
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Crypto 19/04/21 17:17 by PR DESK
TeraBlock to Build Crypto Exchange Powered by Machine Learning After Securing $2.4 Million Round by Leading Investors
TeraBlock, a machine learning-based trading platform, has announced the completion of a funding round with $2.4 million from leading investors. According to the press release, TeraBlock anticipates u...
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Altcoins 19/04/21 15:52 by Brenda Ngari
The Wall Street Journal Blasts SEC’s Lawsuit Against Ripple, Says It’s Hurting Investors
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has never been a stranger to uncertainty when it comes to regulation. And with the lawsuit filed against blockchain fintech firm Ripple, the...
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Crypto 19/04/21 15:33 by Tokoni Uti
TIME Magazine Now Accepts Crypto For Subscription Payments
The benefit of cryptocurrency being more publicly visible than ever before is that there are more companies that are hopping on the train and embracing cryptocurrency. This includes companies like Te...
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Crypto 17/04/21 21:37 by Arun Kumar Shrivastav
India Is Scoring Big On The Crypto Front Despite Looming Government Crackdown
In the past few days, there has been a rapid pace of developments on the cryptocurrency front in India. These developments make the cryptocurrency story in India queerer. Background Earlier thi...
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Bitcoin 15/04/21 21:56 by Brenda Ngari
Recent Bitcoin Pullback Provides Great Buying Opportunity Before Next Bullish Spike: Investment Fund Manager
Bitcoin broke out of a multi-week consolidation phase below $60K in the days just before the highly-awaited Coinbase listing and hit a new all-time high of $64,800 on Wednesday. The listing is viewed...
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Bitcoin 15/04/21 15:17 by Yashu Gola
Latest Bitcoin Dip Did Little In Offsetting “Wildly Bullish” Bias; Here’s Why
Bitcoin dropped immensely after setting up a record high of $64,896.75 as some traders decided to secure short-term profits. The correction nevertheless did little in offsetting the benchmark cryptocu...
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Altcoins 15/04/21 10:55 by Haider Jamal
As XRP Skyrockets, Ripple CTO David Schwartz Wants You To Consider Selling Some Crypto Holdings
David Schwartz, the Chief Technical Officer at Ripple Labs, has been giving some pretty positive investment advice, but it comes at an interesting time. Simply put, the CTO believes that if someo...
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Bitcoin 15/04/21 03:00 by Tony Spilotro
Coinbase COIN Debuts To A Bloody Bitcoin, But Bullish Structure Remains
Whether it was capital being moved from Bitcoin into COIN during its stock market debut or if it was a classic sell the news event, the top cryptocurrency is red on the day. Bulls were expected to ste...
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Bitcoin 14/04/21 21:35 by Tokoni Uti
Coinbase Successfully Becomes First Major Bitcoin-Focused Company To Test The U.S. Public Market
Coinbase, one of the biggest and most successful cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, made its trading debut on the NASDAQ on April 14, 2021. This marked one of the first-ever instances of a crypto...
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Bitcoin 14/04/21 19:42 by Haider Jamal
Regulators Can’t Ignore Bitcoin Anymore, Says Congressman Kevin McCarthy
As the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow, so too does the mainstream attention towards it. Bitcoin in particular has been praised by many whilst simultaneously drawing the ire of others. I...
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Altcoins 14/04/21 18:47 by Brenda Ngari
Dogecoin Becomes 10th Biggest Crypto By Market Cap After Stunning 76% Rally Today
Dogecoin investors are laughing all the way to the bank. The price of DOGE, the native cryptocurrency of the Dogecoin network, has been climbing higher over the past week and has risen an astounding ...
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Bitcoin 14/04/21 17:34 by Olivia Brooke
Bitcoin Bulls Propel More Upside Breakout As Watershed Event For The Crypto Industry Arrives
Bitcoin has just hit a new record high of $64,863 for the first time, opening doors for the week to get even more bullish for the benchmark cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Attaining New Highs Bitcoin&#...
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Crypto 13/04/21 22:17 by Haider Jamal
Binance Coin (BNB) Soaring At Breakneck Pace, But A Potential Price Crash Could Be Looming
Binance Coin (BNB), the Binance exchange native token that also drives the Binance Smart Chain, has reached a new high lately. At the moment, BSC is Ethereum’s only competitor among DeFi ventur...
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Altcoins 13/04/21 22:00 by Tony Spilotro
Coinbase Listing Sends Binance Coin (BNB), Exchange Tokens Soaring
There’s less than 24 hours standing in between now and the time San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is listed publicly for the first time. The shot heard ’round Wall Stree...
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Crypto 13/04/21 20:52 by Mark Hampton
What Are the Legal Challenges That Crypto Faces and the Way Out?
The popularity of the cryptocurrency space has catapulted to new levels in recent times. Apart from retail investors, institutional interest in the crypto space has grown massively. The next logical s...
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Bitcoin 13/04/21 15:54 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin Price To Hit $70,000 by April-End? This Analyst Thinks So
Bitcoin is preparing for a supersonic bull run towards $70,000 in April. So believes Nick Spanos, co-founder of Zap.org — a decentralized oracle data feed startup. In an email interview, the mar...
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Crypto 13/04/21 13:16 by Guest Author
Crypterium Wallet Offers Cheap, Fast, and Secure Means of Acquiring Digital Assets
As the cryptocurrency market grows exponentially due to both institutional and retail adoption, Crypterium wallet now offers users a cheap, fast, and secure means for purchasing digital assets includ...
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Bitcoin 12/04/21 17:49 by Yashu Gola
Bitcoin May Hit $100,000 Soon on “Wildly Bullish” Sentiment: Analyst
A flurry of optimistic updates hitting the Bitcoin market this Monday has prompted one analyst to see a speedier price rally towards $100,000. Dr. Jeff Rose, the founder/CIO of Vailshire Capital Manag...
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Crypto 12/04/21 10:58 by Olivia Brooke
What Crypto Asset Class At $2 Trillion Says About The Market
Crypto assets have continued to flex their dominance as the total market valuation spirals up to new highs. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the overall crypto market capitalization has thumped ...
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Altcoins 11/04/21 22:35 by Brenda Ngari
And The Best-Performing Cryptocurrency Of The Past Year Is… Cardano(ADA), With Incredible 3,290% Returns
Cardano (ADA) has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the last year. The cryptocurrency is up by over 3,200% and is outshining every other crypto-asset, including the flagship cryptocurrency, bitcoin. ...
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Bitcoin 11/04/21 21:19 by Haider Jamal
Maturation and Adoption of Bitcoin to Continue at a Rapid Pace
The head of Fidelity Digital Assets, Tom Jessop, recently affirmed that the adoption, as well as the maturation of cryptocurrencies alongside the inclusion of digital assets under a class of potentia...
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Bitcoin 10/04/21 22:00 by Reynaldo Marquez
How Bitcoin back above $60,000 could create a powerful upside move
After a consolidation phase spread over the last few weeks, Bitcoin is trading back above $60,000. With 3% gains in the daily chart, at the time of writing, and 2% profit in the weekly chart BTC still...
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Bitcoin 10/04/21 19:21 by Steven Msoh
This $17 Billion Hedge Fund Is Holding Bitcoin With Coinbase
New York-based hedge fund Third Point Management is the latest multi-billion dollar firm to reveal it has delved into the cryptocurrency industry. According to its latest filings with the securities ...
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Bitcoin 10/04/21 17:24 by Brenda Ngari
Bitcoin Just Soared Back Above $60k As Market Rally Accelerates — Here Are 4 Reasons Why
In a sudden move, the pioneer cryptocurrency price surged back above $60,000 on April 10 for the first time since mid-March. Bitcoin went on to rampage past $61,000 before retreating to approximately...
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