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Mining 02/07/21 14:56 by Eduardo Próspero
Controversial Bitcoin Mining Council Confirms “Sustainable Power Mix”
The Bitcoin Mining Council is back at it. The controversial initiative lead by Michael Saylor presented “the findings of its first quarterly survey focused on two important metrics: electricity ...
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Bitcoin 16/06/21 06:51 by Eduardo Próspero
Michael Saylor Clarifies His Company’s Bitcoin Strategy On US’s National TV
The dedication MicroStrategy’s CEO puts into Bitcoin raises questions even in the crypto sphere. Imagine how people in the traditional financial world feel. Michael Saylor joined CNBC’s &l...
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Bitcoin 05/04/21 11:43 by Olivia Brooke
Michael Saylor to Debate Canadian Billionaire and Gold Proponent Frank Giustra on Bitcoin
Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy who became a Bitcoin believer earlier last year, and has since championed Bitcoins’ adoption by continually buying the asset for his company and educat...
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Bitcoin 02/04/21 20:13 by Adrian Klent
MicroStrategy’s Saylor Doesn’t Seem To Be A Fan Of PayPal’s Bitcoin Payment system
American entrepreneur and CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, has vetoed the recent crypto payment method introduced by PayPal, highlighting major blemishes in the background. Taking to Twitter,...
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Bitcoin 26/03/21 02:00 by Tony Spilotro
Crypto Analyst Claims MicroStrategy Is “On The Ropes” Amidst Bitcoin Selloff
MicroStrategy and its head honcho Michael Saylor have become synonymous with Bitcoin, responsible for kicking off the corporate treasury reserve trend that’s transpired ever since. As a result o...
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Bitcoin 16/03/21 18:03 by Brenda Ngari
Billionaire Ray Dalio: U.S. Could Impose “Shocking” Tax Increases That’d Have Huge Consequences On Bitcoin
Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio is well known for his criticism of holding fiat money in the face of unprecedented money printing and runaway inflation. Now, Dalio asserts that bonds — or ...
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Bitcoin 21/12/20 15:00 by Erie Maxwell
Elon Musk’s Racy Bitcoin Meme Instigates Dialogue With Microstrategy’s CEO
This year has arguably been one of the most eventful years in the world of crypto. From the DeFi hype, which was reminiscent of the ICO boom to bitcoin hitting its all-time high, it has definitely be...
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Bitcoin 25/10/20 00:01 by Brenda Ngari
MicroStrategy CEO Calls Bitcoin The ‘World’s Best Collateral’, Says Company Will HODL Its BTC For 100 Years
Michael Saylor, the CEO of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, continues to publicly speak about bitcoin after his company made a mega $425 million bitcoin purchase. In a live interview on Wedn...
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Bitcoin 20/10/20 15:38 by Adrian Klent
Michael Saylor explains the ‘winning investment strategy’ perfected by Bitcoiners
One of the oldest investment strategies in the world of finance has been persistence. It is one of the oldest tradings and investing tactics among industry experts and in the world of digital currenc...
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Bitcoin 11/10/20 20:27 by Brenda Ngari
MicroStrategy CEO Says Bitcoin Works ‘If Your Investment Time Horizon Is One Century’ — Here’s Why
Nasdaq-listed business intelligence firm MicroStrategy made waves recently after announcing the purchase of a significant amount of bitcoin. The CEO of the company, Michael Saylor, who once believed ...
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Bitcoin 09/10/20 15:33 by Olivia Brooke
No Stimulus Check? Bitcoin Price Could Hit The Roof, Analyst Reckons
The excessive printing of fiat currencies in the United States to provide monthly stimulus aid for its citizens has since been in favor of Bitcoin, as traditional investors are transitioning from reg...
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Bitcoin 25/09/20 05:00 by Nick Chong
MicroStrategy CEO: Bitcoin Doesn’t Need to Be a Medium of Exchange
The biggest debate in the crypto space over recent years has been about if Bitcoin is a medium of exchange or not. Prominent individuals that have commented on the matter include Jack Dorsey, the chie...
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Bitcoin 19/09/20 11:27 by Adrian Klent
“Bitcoin Is A Solid Store Of Value”, MicroStrategy Founder Testifies
The founder of Microstrategy, “the largest independent publicly-traded business intelligence company,” as it brands itself, has recently made remarkable comments about Bitcoin’s ability...
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