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Other 10/07/21 12:14 by PR DESK
BigWin is Exploring Provably Fair Mechanisms Through NFT + Lottery
All game players desire a fair chance of winning, while transparency and fairness are the major problems. From a technical perspective, it’s understandable to doubt the fairness of online lotte...
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Other 10/06/21 18:28 by PR DESK
Nexo Commissions Armanino LLP to Provide Real-Time Attestations Over its Custodial Holdings
Nexo, the world’s largest and most trusted lending institution in the digital finance industry, announced it had commissioned Armanino LLP to provide real-time attestation over its custodial ho...
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Other 01/04/21 11:29 by NewsBTC
Is it a CLEVER Idea to Invest in CLVA?
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the hottest sectors now. There are literally hundreds of projects coming up with similar investment and earning models that make it hard for investors to differe...
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Crypto 09/09/20 13:59 by Guest Author
SaTT, the Advertising Solution on Blockchain Reaches Its Softcap in Record Time! – $3,360,000
The ongoing token sales of SaTT advertising ecosystem is a growing success and will shoot the advertising company into new heights. The core team announced today that they reached their softcap of $3,...
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Altcoins 03/09/20 17:15 by Samuel Wan
Singapore Exchange to Bring Regulated Bitcoin and Ethereum Cryptocurrency Indices to Asia
Singapore Exchange Ltd (SGX) has announced plans to launch two new cryptocurrency indices. The iEdge Bitcoin Index, and the iEdge Ethereum Index, will bring certified price referencing to the Asia reg...
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Crypto 19/08/20 20:18 by Guest Author
Let Traders Build Your Portfolio: Crypto’s First Copy Trading Platform Covesting Launches on PrimeXBT
Back in April of this year, PrimeXBT introduced the Covesting copy trading module beta in partnership with Europe-based software developer Covesting, bringing a level of competition, transparency, and...
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Other 19/08/20 11:28 by Guest Author
LuckyBit’s New Affiliate Programme Is a Great Passive Income Opportunity
In the world of crypto, there is a lot of hype and disillusion – vanishingly small exchange commissions and iGaming referral schemes with a total lack of transparency. LuckyBit is different. Sin...
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Altcoins 03/07/20 19:25 by Guest Author
OKEx Adds 10 New Charts to its skewAnalytics Dashboard, Increases Transparency
The global crypto spot exchange and derivatives trading platform, OKEx has taken its partnership with one of the trusted crypto derivatives market data platform Skew to the next level. According to a ...
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Other 26/06/20 16:43 by PR DESK
How I-PRO will bring transparency in the property ecosystem
There’s no denying the fact that property is a very exciting business prospect worldwide now. At a time where the risks of the stock market do not end, property emerges as an investment option that...
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Altcoins 14/05/20 13:15 by Guest Author
OKEx Dashboard Now Available on skewAnalytics
OKEx, the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced a new partnership with skew, a real-time data analytics provider for Bitcoin and Ether derivatives, Options, Futures and Perpetual swap...
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Altcoins 07/12/19 23:00 by Julio Gil-Pulgar
Blockchain To Ensure ‘Ethical Provenance of Gold’, Protect Miners Health
The global luxury jewelry industry and the mining industry are exploring blockchain technology to improve efficiency, tracking of materials, and enhancing transparency. Most importantly, the aim of us...
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