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Altcoins 26/05/21 08:02 by eduardoprospero
Crypto Capital Manager: Ethereum and Bitcoin Selloff Was A “Bear Trap”
Was the recent crypto crash bound to happen? Or was it engineered? Is the bull market over for good? Or is the market gaining momentum, preparing for big movements? Your guess is as good as ours, but ...
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Other 13/05/21 11:49 by NewsBTC
The Future of Art Exhibitions: A Talk with the Team Behind NFT BAZL
Everyone knows about Miami’s famous Art Basel, but the NFT craze has opened the doors for a new kind of exhibition. Wealth management platform Elitium and blockchain investment firm GDA Capital ...
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Bitcoin 12/05/21 11:51 by eduardoprospero
Bitcoin Supply Lights Up With Activity Due To Trading Range Boredom
This three-months-and-counting consolidation period Bitcoin is in has many investors with the finger on the trigger. Even though we’re in the middle of an Altseason of sorts, mainly caused by th...
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Crypto 29/03/21 12:49 by NewsBTC
Traditional Finance and Crypto Are Converging – That’s a Very Good Sign
Cast your mind back to 2017 – or not even so far back, if we’re being honest. The thought of traditional finance working with crypto was anathema. Most cryptocurrency companies struggled t...
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Crypto 23/03/21 13:00 by Samuel Wan
New 2021 FATF Crypto Guidelines Labelled as Mass Warrantless Surveillance
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has released updated draft crypto guidelines. A review of the changes highlights recommendations to increase the mass surveillance of users. The greatest fear of...
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Crypto 03/11/20 13:07 by Gautham
Are STOs and Crowdfunding Making a Comeback? CoinMetro’s Kevin Murcko Answers
We recently had an opportunity to chat with Kevin Murcko, the CEO of CoinMetro — a leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. As a part of our conversation, we asked Kevin a few quest...
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Other 29/11/19 00:50 by Jamie Redman
Despite St. Louis Branch Warnings, New York Fed Pumps $108 Billion Into US Economy
On Wednesday, November 27, the U.S. Federal Reserve pumped $108 billion into the American economy using overnight repo tactics and 15-day repos. The central bank explained the move will stimulate more...
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Crypto 18/11/19 10:35 by Graham Smith
Governments Viewing Crypto as a Threat Will Be Left Behind
In recent commentary at a New York blockchain conference, IRS Criminal Investigation Chief John Fort said the agency is now turning its focus to crypto ATMs and kiosks, as well as American users of fo...
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