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Apple Pioneer Steve Wozniak On Bitcoin: ‘The Most Amazing Mathematical Miracle’ That’s Better Than Gold

Bitcoin 2021/07/09 13:40 by Brenda Ngari
Apple Pioneer Steve Wozniak On Bitcoin: ‘The Most Amazing Mathematical Miracle’ That’s Better Than Gold

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently declared that bitcoin is “the most amazing mathematical miracle”, reaffirming his belief in the future of the bellwether cryptocurrency despite not personally being a crypto investor.

He made the bombshell remarks during his presentation at the Jalisco Talent Land Digital 2021 conference, El Sol de México reported.

Woz: Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold For This One Simple Reason

For thousands of years, gold has been considered a safe haven for capital. Many gold buyers aim to protect themselves from a major economic disaster such as runaway inflation since it’s not vulnerable to extreme devaluation.

Bitcoin’s reputation as a store of value has been firmly entrenched in recent years, with many experts saying it can fulfill its promise as digital gold. Suffice to say, in an era of central bank monetary easing in the wake of a pandemic, having an algorithmic supply really matters to investors.

Wozniak rightly believes that bitcoin is way better than gold since the latter is not as scarce as we are made to believe. “We keep finding gold. One day, we will manufacture it in factories,” he said.

Wozniak Has Always Been A Crypto Fan

Notably, Wozniak has long been an outspoken bitcoin evangelist — a fact that has not changed since he decided to liquidate most of the crypto holdings that he had purchased so as to experiment with its use as a means of payment. Back in 2018, he hoped that bitcoin would one day supplant national currencies to become the world’s single currency. At the time, the Apple co-founder revealed that he was captivated by the idea that people from across the globe could share a single currency despite being geographically scattered. 

Last December, Wozniak unveiled a project called Efforce, a blockchain-based marketplace for the exchange of tokenized green energy. In particular, he created Efforce to “be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change.”

Efforce’s cryptocurrency token trading under the ticker WOZX — named after Wozniak — was initially listed on Singapore’s HBTC for trading before later debuting on Korea-based crypto exchange Bithumb.

Wozniak recently lost his lawsuit against social media giant YouTube over videos that used his image to promote a dubious bitcoin scam.

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