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BHPA Inc. and RRMine Join Forces to Revolutionize the Bitcoin Mining Ecosystem

Mining 2020/01/10 12:28 by BitcoinPrbuzz
BHPA Inc. and RRMine Join Forces to Revolutionize the Bitcoin Mining Ecosystem

BHPA Inc. has inked a partnership deal with RRMine, in a bid to synergize strategic resources and promote globalization towards a more open, inclusive, balanced and mutually beneficial development.

With the proliferation of blockchain technology and digital assets into the global economy, hash power has become the driving force of the digital economy and BHPA and RRMine firmly believe that the future of the mining ecosystem is bright indeed.

Earlier in July 2019, BHPA and RRMine forged a formidable force in the hash power supply ecosystem and have achieved remarkable results since then.

Notably, the team believes that the new alliance between BHPA and RRMine will create more business opportunities for the masses, promote research and development and ultimately bring about best practices in energy utilization in the mining ecosystem.

Going forward, BHPA and RRMine plan to work together to develop the global hash power system that will make it possible for hash power to flow globally, thereby further promoting the development of the hash power industry.

About BHPA

BHPA Inc (OTC: BHPA) is taking advantage of its robust cloud hash power and big data processing systems to establish a highly functional and reliable cloud hash power service platform. 

BHP Advance Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BHPA, functions as a technology and service operator, providing crypto mining SaaS solutions powered by a highly secure blockchain algorithm and more.

BHP Advance has inked numerous partnership deals with leading cryptocurrency mining farms around the world, and the company’s primary objective remains to provide users with highly efficient cloud mining solutions capable of breaking new barriers.

This way, crypto mining firms, and market participants can transcend the defining limitations of time, power and technology.

RRMine, on the other hand, is a hash power asset management and trading firm with a global presence.

Established by SuperB Grace Limited, Hong Kong, RRMine provides its clients with transparent online services of hash power management, hash power delivery, and hash power transaction.

Email: info@bhpadvance.com

Website: https://bhpadvance.com 

RRMine: https://www.rmine.com/

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