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BrightFinance.co – Trade Stocks, Forex, Options and Cryptocurrencies

Crypto 2020/03/30 14:52 by Livine Sanchez
BrightFinance.co - Trade Stocks, Forex, Options and Cryptocurrencies


There is so much hype about cryptocurrencies in current times. There may be a lot of tradable assets that can be seen in the financial market, but all thanks to Bitcoin attained so much height in 2017, Cryptocurrencies have garnered so much hype. The probabilities that veiled the cryptocurrencies are beginning to demystify, and there has been quite a buzz about the gains racked in by investors. This is a good omen, which has aroused a lot of people’s interests in cryptocurrencies. There is an increase in the number of cryptocurrencies in the past years, and this offers more options for exploration.

Brokers help to trade cryptocurrencies, and you have to be working with a broker or an exchange to even consider buying them. The number of brokers has increased exponentially in recent times, and there are more than enough traders to match them on every platform. Traders prefer platforms or brokers that provide the services that are more suitable to their trading experiences.

Traders often compare and contrast before choosing a broker to do their business. They seem always to ask, “what do they offer best?” Some brokers are only interested in offering the best services for budding traders, while other brokers are best suited for the more advanced traders. Some brokers manage to cater to the needs of both aspiring and experienced traders.

If you have an interest in brokers that are well suited for budding and the experienced traders, then the name for you is BrightFinance. This broker knows its job, and they do it properly. BrightFinance is designed to suit every type of trader and their needs. The experienced traders find the tools and platform that can allow them to explore their options and express their trading prowess while the amateur traders can learn all they need to learn to develop their writing skills.

BrightFinance deliberately concentrates on cryptocurrencies. They can choose to provide assets like commodities, foreign exchange, indices, stocks, and other tradable assets as they are authorized. They provide everything that the traders need to conduct their trading transactions in cryptocurrencies and make gains. They are not oblivious to the fact that they are well-known and preferred.


BrightFinance has been around for almost a decade, and in this time, they have studied and gathered the background experience in the investment industry. They have used this garnered experience to evolve into the broker that assists traders in achieving the best from their trading experience. BrightFinance is owned and administered by Capital Letter GmbH. Germany, Munich specifically, is where they are registered. A registered company cannot afford to engage in any malpractices or fraudulent activities. BrightFinance is registered, and this offers some guarantee to traders that they would not lose their money to fraudsters.

BrightFinance can provide CFD trading because they are authorized. Every experienced trader knows that CFD means Contract for Difference because this type of trading is prevalent, and there are no many significant risks.

You do not have to buy the asset in the CFD trading type. With cryptocurrencies in CFD, you only have to buy and sell contracts that you want to trade. BrightFinance is branched out, and they have a lot of offices in three various locations to make trades easier for trades. Catering to the international market prompted the establishment of offices in Wenlock, Cyprus, and the Dominican Republic.

This is a guarantee for traders as the reputation of the broker is at stake if they make any mistakes or fraudulent activities in the cryptocurrency investment trading. When a broker decides to branch out internationally, it means that they are appealing to a larger population of traders, and this is advantageous to both parties.


Good trading platform

Most experienced traders that have used the BrightFinance platform think that the best thing about the broker is that they have a perfect trading platform. Experienced traders do not hide this position, and they are always quick to say it if they are ever asked. The software which is used to manage the trades and the tools which are provided for the traders during the trading makes them have this opinion about the broker. If the tools for trading underperform or are not suitable for the traders, it will no longer matter what their other worthy attributes are because traders are on a platform first to do their trading.

Traders always have complaints about every other trading platform, especially when it is about their tools but they do not have this to say about BrightFinance. The broker has put in a lot of voluntary work to make sure that their customers do not have to complain about the same problems others have with other platforms.

Once the software and tools are updated regularly, you can be confident that you will not face any security issues. The struggles of using other trading platforms are eliminated when you choose the BrightFinance trading platform, which is web-based. You can use it from any browser, and the broker also supports the choice of mobile trading.

Most devices, regardless of their Operating Systems support accessing the broker’s trading platform from their browser from anywhere you are. This is ideal for traders that like to trade on the go. The software is a high-performance one, and it works fast. It is easy to use and navigate. There is necessarily no need to download anything for or on the platform.

BrightFinance takes the sole responsibility of managing and maintaining the platform. A trader has to just enjoy the use of the platform without worrying about the technical makeup. BrightFinance does not make use of the mobile application for the reason that everything is toned down, so the performance can be useful on mobile devices.

On mobile apps, the full features of the web-mode are not available so that the performance can still be high end. This is disadvantageous to the traders. Most other brokers offer their mobile application for only Android or iOS, and this can cause problems for traders that make use of different devices.

Quick and speedy trading is guaranteed on the trading platform of BrightFinance. Their web-based platform makes sure of that. They have a User-Friendly interface that anyone can navigate or browse even if you had no secure prior experience in trading. It is easy for amateurs to get a handle of the platform as it is responsive. There is the availability of tools for charting, indicators of price so that traders can make the most of their trading experience. Trades are shown in the current time to ensure accuracy.

Supported trading of cryptocurrencies

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, it took a lot of people time, traders especially to get comfortable with the digital currency. The cryptocurrency boom started not too long ago. There were a lot of unfamiliar features around cryptocurrencies that made it difficult for brokers to adopt it fully. It was hard for brokers to offer it as a tradable financial asset. This is, however, no longer the case as a lot of brokers and exchanges have taken it up entirely in the investment industry. Most brokers do not offer the option of trading a good number of the cryptocurrencies; instead, they provide a limited number.

BrightFinance supports the trade of these cryptocurrencies, and traders choose them for this reason over and over as it increases their chances. Cryptocurrencies are the new thing in the world, and traders are cashing in the possibilities of profits in this trade.

Unlike other platforms that limit their cryptocurrency options to Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Litecoin, this broker increased the possibilities of the tradable financial assets exponentially. Once registration is completed on the platform, it becomes possible for a trader to transact Bitcoin, Ripple, and even Digital Cash. You can explore all the possibilities with the increased variety. The risk of trading is mostly reduced when more options are introduced. You can profit from fluctuations in the varying prices of cryptocurrencies, and you can increase your gains. The above-mentioned names are only a scratch on the surface as there are a lot more of tradable cryptocurrencies that can be paired up to during trades for the maximum gains.

Absence of rigid trading conditions

Traders are interested in one thing, and that is to make as many returns as possible. There is no other reason they trade cryptocurrencies, especially. It is the business that pays them. Online brokers are chosen based on the possibility of profit that they can make from that platform. This should be put into consideration as it is essential to know the trading conditions of a broker that will allow you to make so much money.

Brokers are interested in making money for themselves as well, and it is essential to know if they intend to make this money at the expense of their traders. You do this to be sure that your interests are no conflicted with theirs, and traders put themselves first. When there is a conflict of interest, traders do not achieve their financial objectives, or when they do, it happens at a slow pace and with difficulty. Brokers can make it difficult for traders to achieve their aims by putting in place very steep charges on transactions like deposits and withdrawals. They could charge slowly for an inactive account and the maintenance of accounts.

Some platforms or brokers take a bite into your trade transactions through commissions. These commissions can deplete your gains. They also reduce the ratio of leverage for cryptocurrencies, and this will reduce the possibilities of the benefits that could be made. These unfair practices are not uncommon, but some brokers do not resort to rigid and inequitable practices on their platform to make money.

BrightFinance is one of the brokers that do not deal dirty with their traders. This broker has made a name for itself in the industry for not using rigid conditions in trading. Traders laud BrightFinance for the policies which are not shrouded to bite the traders in the ass. Their fairness to traders is why they cater to a lot of traders in different parts of the world. They do not manipulate traders nor take advantage of them.

BrightFinance does not charge the inactivity fee that most other traders are quick to charge. There are no charges which traders do not know of that may be taken secretly from their funds. Only transactions involving cryptocurrencies are charged for withdrawals. The costs are so minute that it does not affect the trader’s funds significantly.

You do not pay for deposits into your BrightFiance account, and you will appreciate this zero charge when you realize that most other platforms take costs for the deposition of funds to the trader’s account. The jaw-dropping thing about BrightFinance is that it does not make any commission for executed trades. There are little or no brokers that are so generous in their dealings. A lot of traders are scared of the massive commissions that are charged by brokers, and they often run from these brokers, but they have no reason to do so with BrightFinance.

BrightFinance offers spreads that help them make some money from their brokerage. The spread provided points more to the difference in the cost of buying and the price of selling cryptocurrencies. The spreads are where BrightFinance makes their money, and their spreads are quite slim. Having one of the tightest spreads means that traders do not have to pay much money for trading. Your profits are still safe with you since you are not paying heavily for trading. The leverage is another place traders pay attention to, and BrightFinance offers an advantage of 1:5 against the 1:2 provided by most brokers in the crypto-trading business.

Leverages can be as high as 1:150 or more, and other brokers offer much more than BrightFinance is offering in terms of leverage. Cryptocurrencies are unstable, and even the littlest leverage is more than abundant to make so many profits. So the 1:5 provided by BrightFinance is sufficient to make enough money.

Problem-free withdrawals and deposits

It is almost expected by traders to have problems with their deposits and withdrawals. The bulk of reports and complaints that come from traders are always about the struggles of deposits and withdrawals. Traders deal with a lot of issues as regards to withdrawals and deposits. Cryptocurrencies are not like other financial assets, and in the trading business, they are unique. Cryptos are very volatile, and in a matter of tiny time, trends can change. So traders, for this reason, are quick to open trades and exit. When they exhaust their funds, BrightFinance has put in place measures to make sure deposits and withdrawals do not cause any hassles for the traders on their platform.

For the convenience of traders, BrightFinance has put in several checks to make sure deposits and withdrawals are easy for them. The methods include the use of bank wire transfers for people that are sticklers for security. There is also the payment method of Debit or Credit card if you want a quick deposit. The broker platform accepts the use of MasterCard and Visa. E-wallets are not exempted in the accepted methods. E-wallets are notorious for being fast. The options also extend to Neteller, Paypal, Paysafe, WebMoney, Qiwi, and other such payment methods.

These methods are effortless and fast. There are no charges for depositing funds.

As far as withdrawals are concerned, these methods are also very acceptable. The only difference is that there is a charge for withdrawal, which is different and dependent on the payment method you choose. Some payment methods are faster than the others, so it may take different times for it to happen. The one that makes the most time has to be the bank transfers and wires. Use of cards either debit or credit is the faster mode, but it more expensive.

Different account types

Brokers offer you various accounts with distinct packages that you get to pick from. The options to choose from may be minimal, and this stifles the needs of the traders. There are often two main types of accounts that brokers provide. Traders make so many choices that may not be suitable for their trading experience, and this affects them later on. BrightFinance offers more than two account types to suit the trading needs of their clients. The account types include;

  • Explorer: the deposit that is required to run this account is $250, and you have access to the standard features with this account.  
  • Basic: the requirement for this account is a deposit of $2,500, and you can have your private analyst and the features of the explorer account as well.
  • Silver: you need up to 10,000 to run this account type
  • Gold: requires a deposit of up to $25,000 to run the account.
  • Platinum: this is the highest account, and the deposit requirement for this account is $100,000, and the benefits are quite enormous.

The conclusion of our BrightFinance review here is that BrightFinance is a trader’s best friend and they are recommended for traders that want to make the most of trading.

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